Oura Ring Vs. Fitbit

Oura Ring Vs. Fitbit

The Oura ring vs. Fitbit? This is a super common question on my Instagram once anyone notices that I’m wearing the Oura ring. So, do I love the Oura?

Before we dig into this post, I have an older blog post where I give an in-depth comparison of the Apple Watch vs. Fitbit. If you are on the fence about one of those two products, then check out that post as well.

Which is worth your money? Oura Ring Vs. Fitbit. Testing out viral fitness tracking devices to see how they measure up by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

Oura Ring Review

After having my Oura for over a year now, I have a full grasp on all of the pros and cons.

And honestly… I don’t have a single con for you. ?

So, let’s talk about the Pros.

Oura Ring Vs. Fitbit

HRV or Heart Rate Variability

What is HRV? It is where the amount of time between your heartbeats fluctuates slightly. Typically, HRV is measured by heart rate monitoring equipment such as an EKG.

I love that my smart ring has the capability to not only measure my HRV, but also my resting heart rate in addition to the heart rate tracking it does.

The ring also provides accurate live heart rate monitoring throughout the day, not just while you are sleeping.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

While you sleep, the oura shines red and infrared light into your finger to monitor your blood oxygen levels, or your peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2).

Which is worth your money? Oura Ring Vs. Fitbit. Testing out viral fitness tracking devices to see how they measure up! By lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

Automatic Activity Detection

Unlink the Fitbit Devices that I have used in the past, I don’t have to go in and turn on a program when I start an activity like walking, pilates, or even cleaning the house. The Oura automatically detects and measures not only my activity levels, but my active zone minutes, heart rate zone, and activity tracking in general.

After the activity is complete, when you open your app, it will show a prompt at the top of the screen asking you to label what it was that you were doing during your active window.

I also really love the activity goal aspect because my daily calorie burn goal changes based off of how well my body has recovered from the previous day’s work and calorie spend.

Sleep Tracking

My personal favorite feature of my smart ring is the sleep tracking. I love seeing all of the detailed information incuding sleep stages (deep sleep, REM, light sleep, and awake), wake ups, etc.

I have found that the Oura reporting for sleep tracking is the most accurate of all of the fitness trackers that I have personally tested.

So far, I have tested:

– Apple watch

– Whoop

– Various Fitbit devices, including the Fitbit Charge (and subscribed to Fitbit Premium)

Readiness Score

Another feature I really love about this particular fitness tracking device, is the readiness score.

I have found that my body almost 100% of the time feels in line with the numbers I get from the Oura sleep score, readiness score, activity score, and HRV numbers. It’s wild how accurate I have found this data to be.

Other Features

The longer I have had my ring, the more features have become available. Several newer features I’m really enjoying are:

  • Cycle Insights (gives your estimated period start window)
  • Body Clock (shows the midpoint of your sleep)
  • Daytime Stress Levels

How much does it cost?

The Oura ring is the priciest health tracking device that I have purchased, but hands down, the best one that I have tried.

I love the Oura ring so much that I bought one as a gift for both Matt and my mom.

The price per month is super reasonable, only costing $5.99 for the monthly subscription.

Battery Life

The Oura is more comparable to the Whoop in the battery life department than it is to the Apple Watch or the Fitbit. This ring requires a charge very infrequently in comparison. I typically charge mine while showering every couple of days, but it’s not required.

Honestly, I think realistically it only requires a full charge once per week or so.

Which is worth your money? Oura Ring Vs. Fitbit. Testing out viral fitness tracking devices to see how they measure up by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

Ring Style

I love the style of the ring. It’s super basic and goes with everything. To make mine a little more fashionable, I like to stack it with other rings.

Personally, I much prefer the look of the ring over any of the wrist trackers. It’s sleek and looks great with anything you wear.

I chose the Heritage ring in gold. The edges have worn slightly on my ring after almost two years of daily wear, which I think is to be expected.

Shop the Oura Ring selection here. Use my promo code: LANTER.

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