30 Movies to Watch Before Thanksgiving

30 Movies to Watch Before Thanksgiving

It’s not quite Christmastime, but Halloween is over…  So what to watch??  Here’s a list of 30 movies to watch before Thanksgiving.

Because, let’s be honest, once Thanksgiving hits, it’s all things Christmas on tv.



I personally already started watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music here and there, but I’m also down to still dabble in some great Fall themed movies.

Putting together this list was a labor of love, let me tell you.

I racked and racked my brain for all the Thanksgiving scenes I could remember that didn’t involve a turkey on Joey’s head (where my Friends fans at?!)

After I exhausted the few brain cells I have left, I googled and searched and Pinterested (is that even a word?) until I was blue in the face.  Below is the list I came up with.

I tried my darnedest to not repeat every single movie from this list I wrote last Autumn.


movies to watch before Thanksgiving

  1. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  2. Nobody’s Fool
  3. You’ve Got Mail
  4. Grumpy Old Men
  5. Rudy
  6. Curly Sue
  7. Nightmare Before Christmas
  8. Funny Farm
  9. Planes, Trains And Automobiles
  10. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?
  11. The Blind Side
  12. Something To Talk About
  13. Fly Away Home
  14. The Other Sister
  15. Giant
  16. Legends Of The Fall
  17. Holiday Inn
  18. Miracle On 34th Street
  19. Stepmom
  20. Object Of My Affection
  21. Anne Of Green Gables
  22. Little Women
  23. When Harry Met Sally
  24. Baby Boom
  25. On Golden Pond
  26. Runaway Bride
  27. Steel Magnolias
  28. Mystic Pizza
  29. Dead Poets Society
  30. All That Heaven Allows



I have personally watched all but MAYBE two or three of these movies.  The movies that I haven’t seen, you better believe they are now on my must watch list.

Especially All That Heaven Allows.

I can’t believe that I’ve never seen that one.?

Also, in case you missed it, Matt and I recently bought a new Jeep for Ohio.  Isn’t she pretty?




She’s a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara.

I really wanted a white Jeep originally, but Matt won out with the Hunter Green in Nashville.

But our Ohio Jeep, she’s my baby.  

And the best part?  She’s a 6 speed.  I learned how to drive on a manual (my Pawpaw’s truck) and my first car was stick shift, so having a manual transmission is just so fun for us.




What do you think?  Do you like our green Jeep or White Jeep better?  Comment below and let me know!


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900 1126 Angela Lanter
  • Krissy Renee

    I like your white Jeep better, but I am baised. I love white cars and my dream jeep will be happening in the next two years!

  • Nadya Voytovich

    White all the way!! It gives me all the “Clueless” feels and I wanted one just like Cher so bad while in high school.

  • Love the white jeep over the green one. You should watch Love At The Christmas Table, I enjoyed it.

  • Catherine

    I love the white Jeep! Reminds me of Daisy Duke and her jeep?

  • I hope one day to experience one Thanksgiving because seeing it through my TV looks so much fun and do much delicious food and LOVE the friend’s reference I totally got that reference nice!!!
    Quite some interesting movies there – definitely agree about Miracle on 34th Street and nightmare before Christmas for sure! – hoping to start watching Christmas movies and shows soon
    Anne of Green Gables LOVE!!! curious have you see the show on Netflix 3 seasons I think and it’s SO good I really wanted more it was so amazing!!!
    love this list – got some more movies to check out

    • Angela Lanter

      I haven’t but I’ll check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Erinn Sequeira

    These are such great movies. I have only seen a few. This will also be on top watch list! ❤?? I love Thanksgiving.
    Its not such a big thing in South Africa though. I much prefer the white Jeep though! ?❤?

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