DIY: Painting Foam Pumpkins White

DIY: Painting Foam Pumpkins White

Learn how to recreate these cutie DIY white pumpkins in this tutorial: Painting Foam Pumpkins.

If you know me, you know I love a good neutral.

And a good DIY project.

Fall is no exception.

Give me all the white and neutral pumpkins for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

When I picked up this bright orange jack-o’-lantern at a local grocery store here in Ohio, my mind immediately went to transforming it into a bright white decoration.  This was the perfect time to start painting foam pumpkins.



I snagged this light up foam pumpkin for $6.  I found another one at our flea market for only $2!

When painting foam pumpkins, you can either paint by hand or spray paint them.

I made the decision to paint by hand so Kenny could also help.

To be honest, spray painting will be a lot faster and look amazing.  It will give a super uniform appearance when painting foam pumpkins.

This is such an easy, family friendly project that costs basically nothing to do.

I used this white acrylic paint from Michael’s Craft Store that cost under $1 per bottle.  The acrylic paint went on so fast with a $0.50  sponge brush and dried super quickly.

I ended up putting about probably 4-5 coats of paint to cover them really well.

You can choose how you want to finish the stem.  I chose to mix a brown acrylic paint with white to get the perfect light brown shade.  You could also go with a white stem and made it look like a super chic ceramic all white jack-o’-lantern from Pottery Barn.

Here’s how it turned out…



Such a cute DIY project!  I’m planning to paint my $2 flea market find later today.



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Here’s a quick tutorial on how this project came to life.



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  • Jessica Armstrong

    The pumpkin turned out awesome!! Did you end up painting the flea market find!? Might need to check my local thrift stores!

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