Dining Room Makeover – NEW Chairs!

Dining Room Makeover – NEW Chairs!

I loved our dining room in LA.

The room was so bright and fresh with the light grey walls and bright white trim work and board and batten.



When we moved from LA to Nashville, we brought all of the furniture with us except the dining table.  The new owners bought the table with the house.

The chairs are all from Restoration Hardware:

The six side chairs are the Vintage French Square Cane Back chairs in weathered oak drifted and “Sand” Belgian linen.

The two end chairs are the Belgian Slipcovered Wingback Arm Chair in “Sand” Belgian linen.

Such a beautiful dining room.  Now looking at the photo above, the space feels more traditional and formal than we are.

We are not formal people.  We actually ate a meal in our dining room in LA a grand total of maybe three times over the course of almost four years.

Let’s take a look at our Nashville dining room before we moved into our house.



The kitchen and dining room above is now almost unrecognizable to me.

It’s a beautiful space, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just not us.  The brick backsplash, lanterns, turquoise traditional island, brown countertops and window treatments are all straight out of Country Living magazine.

Our house wasn’t just farmhouse style, it was farmhouse themed.  And this mama ain’t country enough for all that business.

We’ve changed most of the things we wanted to in the kitchen area so far.  We even added in glass features to the cabinetry along the right wall with lighting.

We still have a few items to check off of our to-do list:

  • New range hood.
  • Kitchen hardware: switching from black to gold.
  • Transom above pantry door (there was CHICKEN WIRE in there!)
  • Repainting cabinetry from “Creamy” to “Pure White”.

Here’s where we are so far…



New countertops, backsplash, light fixtures, paint on the walls and ceiling, glass panels in upper cabinetry and window treatment.

The dining space was just feeling too formal for our everyday life space.

We removed the rug and switched out the chairs and here’s where we are currently…



Our new chairs are all from Lara Cella Interiors, use coupon code: Angela10 for 10% off site wide!

I wanted to add the chairs to see if I wanted to keep the dining table but it has to go. 

We bought our oak table locally from PD’s in Franklin and it was a yellow oak color.  We hired someone to whitewash and give it a chippy finish and I’ve never been happy with it.  It’s a beautiful, solid table, but it feels so out of place in our home.

Once we find the right table, this white dining table will be up for sale. 

Our Restoration Hardware chairs are now for sale locally on Facebook.

We are waiting to choose a dining rug until we have a new table selected. 

I’m currently debating on whether I should add white curtain panels to the French doors leading out to the patio.  I feel like some texture there would really cozy up the space. 

1080 1920 Angela Lanter
  • Leah Davis

    Girl, you are so talented! The dining room looks so much more inviting, a little more southern, and overall beautiful since you put your design work on it. Your entire home, or what you’ve shared of it, is so comfortable and inviting.

  • It looks really great! A lot more open, fresh, and more chic than country! Curtain panels would look great too! I vote go for it! Also removing the rug under the table made it look so much more clean even if it was already clean lol if that make sense.

    • Angela Lanter

      It totally does, doesn’t it?! Such a difference!

  • Definitely better after so beautiful and welcoming! I’d totally hire you to design my house

  • Scarlett

    Love the after more way way better and I agree new table

  • I love the after so much! No rug and lower backs on the chairs really opens up the space! Light and bright for Spring, love it!!!

  • I like what you have done. It looks more rustic and unique.

  • Definitely add the curtain panels! It looks like in your space with your style I would go with a natural wood table with more modern lines for the base. I think that always pairs well with gold accents but still keeps the space warm and “clean.”

  • Noelle reynolds

    Love the after! So much brighter and seamless lines

  • I much prefer the new dining/ Kitchen area. However I still really like your dining room table. My mom has started doing chalk paint. There has been a few pieces in our house that are old. They look dull,plain, boring and don’t bring life!

    So one great way to still keep great antiques is to sand it down and chalk paint them! They look stunning. I can send you a dm and see some pieces that she has do e by hand. This isn’t a business or an ad.? Please don’t think that.

    I know that you might still want to get a new dining room table. I just know some really cool ways to use furniture or antique furniture and make it look BRAND new!

    This was an amazing blog post.

    Its Erinn.

  • 1ChefMommy

    It looks so good! I definitely prefer the “after” over the “before.” I’m not much for country farmhouse decor either.

  • I love the new look, but I did love the brick backsplash. But I get it if it felt “themed”. I love the darker beams too!

  • Tracy Meldrum

    Your new dining room chairs make it look like you have new Island chairs to! Makes them really pop. I had to do a double check! You could never see them before. Great selection. Everything is very cohesive! I do agree that your dining table doesn’t quite vibe with what your creating here. I think once you have a new table your pantry door won’t be as connected to the room either. Your pantry door and table kind of match or play off of each other but with changing one the other may stand out more. Excited to see where this goes! Love home decor. Thanks for sharing! Love following along

  • It was pretty before, but it’s gorgeous now!! I love the country feel it gives!

  • Love love the new chairs and like how having no rug seems to open up the area. Can’t wait to see what the new oven hoods going to be

  • Lisa Lee

    Love what you’ve done so far and the chairs. We need new ones and wondering where the end table chairs are from? I didn’t see it with a quick look at the website link. Good luck!

    • Angela Lanter

      They’re from Lara Cella. You can email her if you can’t find them on her site.

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