Saying Goodbye to our LA Home | Girl Talk Tuesday

Saying Goodbye to our LA Home | Girl Talk Tuesday

It’s time to write a new story.

Today we closed the sale of our LA house.  Just typing that out makes me feel all sorts of emotions.

When I walked into our LA house for the first time, it took my breath away.  It wasn’t my dream home, I never grew up thinking I’d ever own a home THAT gorgeous, it was more than I ever could’ve dreamed up.

We poured our hearts into making it ours.  We loved every second that we spent putting our personal touch on every room.

We watched fireworks from the rooftop on July 4th.

I told Matt he was going to be a daddy in that kitchen.

Kenny girl slept her first night at home in her bassinet next to us in that master bedroom.

She took her first steps in that playroom and said her first word in that living room.

Soka played more games of fetch than we could ever count in that backyard.

We hosted pool parties.  Watched so many movies.  We hung out in the hot tub and laughed countless times with our LA family.

This house was a refuge for us in all the craziness that LA can be.  It was our family home.  But now, it’s time to say goodbye. We are beginning a new chapter in a new home and as sad as I am to leave my dream house behind, I’m so excited for the adventures that await us in Nashville.  I’m feeling all of the emotions today as I remember all the amazing memories that we made in our home.

I know there are so many new memories still to be made.  I just really, really loved that house.  If I could pick it up and move it to Nashville, I would.  Here’s a closer look at our home.

Saying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA Home

As much as I’ll miss this beautiful house, I’m so excited to turn our attention to our new Nashville home.  So many are asking about our living situation, so I wanted to clear it up in this post.  We have officially sold our house in LA.  We will be renting a new place in LA, but we have bought a new house in Nashville.  We are splitting our time between Nashville and LA moving forward. 

Why Nashville?  Well, we have always wanted to live in the South.  When we visited earlier this summer, we just fell in love with the area, so it felt like the right place for move for our family.  We really want to raise MacKenlee in a more normal place.  LA is great for many reasons, but there are things we don’t like about it, especially for raising our family.

As for the townhouse in Ohio, we will be keeping that as long as Matt continues to film in Toronto.  It’s so nice to have our own place when we’re home in Ohio.  It makes such a difference to have your own bed and your baby have her own room when you’re spending a lot of time somewhere.

We’re in a particularly busy season of life right now.  I’m a lost less sentimental about moving, houses and most “things” that a lot of people.  I will absolutely miss our house in LA, but it’s just four walls.  My husband and Kenny girl…  They’re my home.


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  • Your home is stunning!! And it is so hard to move out of that home where your baby had so many firsts. God bless you all in your new home and may you fill it with many happy memories!

  • Hi Angela. Just wanted to wish you all the best in your new home adventure. Home is where the heart is. ?

    • Nancy Parker

      Leaving the home where your first child had all their first us hard but you always carry the memories❤❤

  • It really is the most gorgeous home and I love how you decorated it! Onwards & Upwards…best wishes girl!

  • You did such a great job decorating the LA house! I am excited to see your progress on your new home! Congrats to you and Matt and the next chapter ! ?

  • That house is amazing! I know Nashville will be just as amazing and you’ll have more amazing memories!

  • Such a beautiful home!!! Love everything about it!! But excited for y’all as you move forward!!

  • It was a beautiful house, but you have so many gorgeous pictures of it to look back on! You are 100% right when you say it’s just four walls. Nashville will be wonderful for you all!!

    • I love this so much!! Cheers to making new memories!!

  • Stefhanie Sarai Argueta

    Love it beautiful post, so happy for you guys. May God continue to bless you and your family always and Guide your journey through all this and make it easier somehow. Can not wait how the new house comes along. Wishing you the best.

    Also kinda excited since Nashville is not that far from Atlanta which makes me happy to have you and your family as “neighbors”. Welcome!!!

    Sending my love 🙂 <3

  • Tayler Mccollum

    I love this and I love all of your posts on Instagram, and I hope that all of you enjoy Nashville ❤️

  • Home GOALS!! This is amazing.

  • Your LA home was so beautiful! You will make you Nashville home just as beautiful. You have amazing style.

  • Ang!! This is beautiful. The houses are too but your words. Sums up exactly how I feel about our first home.

  • Kelly C.

    First, your LA home was GORGEOUS! And looks so cozy! I’m excited to see all the awesome things you do with your new home! Changing of chapters in life can be so hard. Praying for you as you make this transition! You’re a trooper!

  • Michelle D

    Love love love your LA Home, but like you said – Where Matt & Kenni are, thats home. Love that you both chose to raise Kenni in a more relaxed atmosphere. ❤️

  • Drewsambitions

    I remember seeing parts of it and watched you organize and give me inspiration and ideas which i actually used here at my house. Watching you guys set up a room to do the podcast.
    But i totally feel you, ive had to move away many times being a military child and letting go of things we start to love. But im so excited for your new move, your new ideas and your growth.

  • You leaving the L.A. house for good makes ME sad! I’ve loved what you’ve showed us of it, so I guess I’m being sentimental for you. ?

  • McKena Wallentine

    Your LA home is BEAUTIFUL! I would love to see exterior pictures as well ? So excited for your adventures in Nashville!

    • Michele F.

      All so beautiful!! You are one talented person!!
      You well make so much memories in the new place you call home now. Plus that little girl has both of you to call home where ever you choose to live!! Lots of love to your new Adventure!!

  • Celeste S.

    Wow, What an amazing house for sure and that closet!!! ?

  • Your dining room is #goals! Absolutely stunning. Moving on from a place with so many wonderful memories is definitely one of the harder parts of life (I say this having left Nashville for grad school a couple years ago and can very much relate – I LOVE Nashville), but I’m sure y’all will create many new faves in Nashville. Such a great city, enjoy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Angela I love this post so much! Your LA home was beautiful, but your statement about home being where your family is was just everything! I pray God blesses you on this new adventure! ❤️

  • Susan Bochnak

    MacKenlee will have such a beautiful childhood in Nashville. It is such a warm and friendly place. She is such a lucky little girl to have two wonderful parents who love her so very much! ???

  • First of all I am super impressed that you posted this amidst your move! Well done! Second, I love your view on home being with your fam and that a house is just 4 walls. Thanks for sharing your heart and I am looking forward to watching you make this Nashville house gorgeous!

  • Thank you for sharing your life with us. I’m excited to see what God has in store for y’all in Nashville!

  • Was waiting to read this post. Thanks for sharing. Your LA home was beautiful. Love the decor. What part of LA did you live in? Looks pretty quiet.

  • Amy Snyder

    So many big changes! But all for such great new beginnings and new adventures!
    Your LA home was stunning and you will have all the memories from there ❤️

  • Mayra Hernandez

    That’s a gorgeous home! but like you say your hubby and daughter are your home?can’t wait to see more pictures of your new home in Nashville, I’m pretty sure you are going to make it look beautiful you definitely have a touch of decorating…. Sending you many blessings for you and your family

  • Making new memories along the way will be a lifetime to Reminisce on. As a GG I cannot wait to see what you guys do to your Tennessee home ? let your journey began xo

  • Love the beautiful LA home but you are ? correct! Home is where your family is! You will love Nashville!! Did you find PD’s today???

  • We just moved our toddlers (2 and 4) from the only house they ever knew as well. We went from Florida to Texas and I had ALL THE FEELS selling that house. It was my everything house as well. I grew up in Brooklyn, in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with 2 other sisters so owning my own house where I was able to give my kids their own room was everything. We have been in Dallas 3 weeks now and living in a rental until our new house is complete. It’s hard mama, but you’re doing what’s best for your family and that’s all we can do is to remind ourselves that. And these new more permanent roots will have so many more memories and love as well!!! Congrats on new beginnings <3

  • Michelle

    You’ll make new memories in your new home. Moving is always difficult but doing it for your little family makes all worth it. Congrats on your new place and can’t wait to see it when it’s all complete.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. I remember leaving the my sweet girls first house and how sad I was. I took a picture of the front of it to show her. So thank you for being so honest!! And I am glad that you are so honest and real!! Much love to you from another Ohio mom and daughter.

  • Melissa Hohenstein

    This is such a sweet blog! I teared up a bit reading all your memories in your LA home. Soon enough your Nashville home will be just as great! It will be so much fun decorating!

  • Taylor Demski Cantwell

    Such a beautiful home but you all are going to make the same beautiful memories and make your mark in your new place in Nashville. As you said home is wherever you’re with Matt & MacKenlee! So excited for your new chapter and can’t wait to follow along/support your sweet family. Sending love and prayers as you continue to unpack 🙂

    • congrats on the new beginnings! Think about all the great memories yet to come in your new home.

  • Courtney Jacobs

    This is so beautiful, Ang. I just can’t believe how different that house looks since we came to your wedding! You made it sooooo stunning. I’m so excited for this next chapter for your precious family. Love following your love story! God is so faithful. Also, make more babies. Kenny girl is absolutely gorgeous.

  • I love that you put your girl as a priority!! Nashville is AMAZING!!! Very much HOME to me! You’ll LOVE it!!❤

  • Em @

    The house was gorgeous a Angela, but I’m sure you’ll make your next one just as gorgeous and serene. Good luck on your next chapter!

  • I love Tennessee and all its southern charm. My family and I enjoy hiking in the Smoky Mountains with all the waterfall trails and Gods creatures. I saw my first black bear in the park, so amazing just stay 50 yards away or more.

  • Wow!! I knew your home was beautiful from other picture and stories you have posed, but it’s so nice to see those pictures. However, I think your Nashville home is amazing too! You are completely right that it is the people that make it a home. Best wishes for your new adventure! ?

  • How funny! I’m in the process of getting my house ready to go up for sale because we’re going to be moving to Nashville. We’ll be going into an apartment until our house is built. It’s amazing out there!

  • OMG, That Closet is to amazing!!!!

  • Gorgeous home, and I love the sentiments you expressed, but please, find a new editor, soon. There are always so many mistakes -we all make them in writing- but it just reads negatively; not to mention juvenile, when it’s in a newsletter.
    I don’t mean to be harsh, but as an English major, it borders on irritation to read the errors, especially when this is part of your brand.

  • Thank you so much for sharing with us. I’m so excited for you and your family as you start a new adventure!! Looking forward to seeing photo s of your new home. I’m sure it will be beautiful!! ?

  • Adelaide

    May the blessings and memories made never leave your heart or mind and may the many blessings and memories to come, in Nashville, be even greater!

  • Samantha Holmes

    Awe Ang!! ?? have my eyes all watery here that last line just right in the heart! It’s a bitter sweat feeling leaving behind a big part of your life but it will always be right there with you in your memories and in your heart, Kenny’s got a lot more first coming and they will be in that home just imagine when she’s all grown up walking down those stairs in her beautiful prom dress to her handsome date. When one chapter closes an even better one opens. Plus you know your gunna so much fun making this place your own ! I can’t wait to see what you do with it! All my love ❤️❤️

  • Vanessa Roberts

    It is a gorgeous home, but I know you will make the Nashville house look just as amazing! And you are completely right…your home is where your family is! So excited for you all and the new adventures you will have in Nashville!

  • I understand you, you leave a beautiful house with a lot of memories but the good thing is that you find another gorgeous house where you will have new memories and you can imagine a new decoration for your new house so it is really great!!
    Good luck to unpacking everything ??

  • Kaye-Leigh

    Such a gorgeous house!

  • Your ? percent right home is where ever Matt & Kenny girl are!!! Your new home is gonna be amazing!!! Best wishes….

  • Sydni Alexandra

    Hi Angela, good luck with your move. Nashville will be amazing!! I look forward to seeing your Nashville decor! 🙂

  • Brittany Blackburn

    A gorgeous home you left in LA but a gorgeous home you will make in Nashville. So excited to be on this new adventure with y’all!

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