amazon hair must haves

amazon hair must haves

We just hosted an Amazon live with all of my favorite hair products and tools and somehow it turned into a full fledged tutorial about how to get your best ever beauty pageant hair.  And I loved every minute of it.

Hair was my first love.  I’ve always loved styling hair and getting creative with it.  Since becoming a mom, I have less time to experiment with styles and braids like I love to, but Kenny’s hair is getting long enough now to start having fun with.

In the video below, I’m sharing all of my hair must-haves for myself and for Kenny girl.

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  1. Melissa
    / 8:08 AM

    Hi. Watching your Amazon Hair Must Haves 2021. The hair mask did not show up as an item we have quick link to. Is there a way you could link that to the “shop this post” or link it in an email to me? I am also melissaknut12 on Instagram too. Its its helpful.

    I learn so much from you. Thank you for doing what you do. I am a simple girl. I really can’t do hair. I am 40 yrs old and have slowly learned things. Lol. Thank.

  2. Danielle
    / 6:53 AM

    Loved this! I definitely will check out that curling iron, great price. I have been lucky to have very thick hair but it did go thru a lot after having my daughter too. I also liked the hair dryer. You guys are so much fun to watch, except when Matt almost had my Alexa order stuff lol! Great job, appreciate all the info. Stay safe!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 7:35 AM

      Thanks for watching, Danielle!

  3. Mallary
    / 5:52 PM

    Always looking for new hair products to try! There’s a few that are my staples, but my hair gets so used to them that I like to take a break and try others.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 7:35 AM

      I do that too!

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