11 Unique Christmas Gifts Your Mom Will Love!

11 Unique Christmas Gifts Your Mom Will Love!

11 Unique Christmas Gifts Your Mom Will Love!


I’m tackling one of the most difficult people in your life to shop for first, your mama!!

This year I’m starting early because of Covid.  Holiday shopping looks different this year as I’m sure the holidays in general will.  Instead of the normal Christmas shopping craziness at the malls, most shopping will need to be online.

Here are some creative ideas for the mamas in your life!





My name necklace from Mel Spivak is one of my most asked about items recently.  It’s sterling silver and plated in either white, yellow gold or rose gold.  Kenny and I have matching necklaces and I absolutely love them!  My necklace is the 16″ length and Ken’s is the 14″ length.

Use my coupon code for 15% off: HelloGorgeous2020



Another personalized gift idea I love are these handwritten bracelets.  This Etsy shop takes your loved one’s handwriting and turns it into a piece of jewelry.  This is so special and would be an amazing gift for someone who lost a loved one this past year.

Handwritten recipes are a prized possession to me.  I framed recipes written out by my grandparents and they hung in our first home.  For a fun twist, you can turn your family handwritten recipes into a work of usable art with these cutting boards.




Barefoot Dreams is the ultimate in hygge.  Their products are so buttery soft and magical.  Read this post all about my favorite Barefoot Dreams dupes if the price point is too hefty for your budget this holiday season.  The super soft and cozy leopard print throw blanket, gray or white $38 bathrobe and cozy socks are all gifts that I would personally be thrilled to receive.

Grab this three set of Christmas fuzzy socks for under THREE DOLLARS!



Another awesome personalized gift idea is this pair of monogrammed slippers.  Only $35 and something your mama will use every day!





There are about a million options in the beauty world.  My top two ideas that I know my own mom would love:

Riki loves Riki makeup mirror.  I have one and love it.  It gets so bright and comes with a magnifying attachment.

Skin Gym Rose Quartx Facial Roller.  Adding a facial roller into your skincare regimen is easy to do and has so many benefits.




A gift I myself would die over?  A floral subscription.  How awesome is the idea of receiving regular floral arrangements?

You know I’m a crazy plant lady, so a beautifully potted plant is a great gift idea in my book.

For the art lover in your life, this paint by numbers floral picture is such a fun idea.


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1000 1500 Angela Lanter
  • This post is so helpful for planning Christmas gifts. I love the personalized bracelet idea! I had necklaces made for my grandma and myself with my great grandmas signature. For mine I was able to use the the “I love you, Great Grandma” from the last birthday card she sent me and it is one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry I own to this day.

  • I think the Barefoot Dreams socks are the perfect addition to add to any gift for any lady – grandmothers, moms, sisters, teachers, friends. I put the makeup mirror on my own wish list – haha. And I think my mother-in-law would die over a flower subscription! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  • Nadya Voytovich

    Love that personalized bracelet idea. This list is full of great ideas.

  • Gift guides are so helpful, especially for the hard to buy for people!Moms can be so hard to shop for! My sister and I also do something cozy like pjs or a robe as part of our moms gift. She loves to be cozy, but who doesn’t ?!??

    • Angela Lanter

      Cozy things are the best! You can’t go wrong with them!

  • I am going to have to find my mom’s handwriting, she passed away 13 years ago. I wasn’t sure I was going to look at this post, but I’m glad I did. Thanks Angela and now I’m on the hunt for something she wrote. I think I have a recipe in a cookbook she gave me.

    • Angela Lanter

      Both are such great ways to keep her legacy alive! 🙂

  • My mom would totally love these!
    Especially the fuzzy socks and slippers.

    I cannot wait to have a cozy Christmas!!

    Thanks for the tips Angela

  • This article was perfectly time for me cause I was only just thinking about what I could buy my mum for Christmas and I’m getting great thoughts and ideas from this article definitely going to use this article as a guide!

  • Erin Core

    Great gift ideas for Moms.

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