11 Products from Amazon that will get Your Home Ready for Fall

11 Products from Amazon that will get Your Home Ready for Fall

11 Products from Amazon that will get Your Home Ready for Fall


If you’re out shopping this weekend you’ll most likely notice that Fall home decor is hard to come by.  This year, the Fall decor was gobbled up so fast, it left my head spinning.  Not to fear though, I took to my (digital) home away from home, Amazon, and rounded up a few of my favorite Fall pieces for your home.  The majority of these products are pretty basic, so they’ll go with any decor style.  Some of these items I already own or went ahead and ordered for myself today.



  1. I love decorating my home with strands of wooden beads.  I have them in multiple rooms throughout my house.  It’s a great way to add a little texture on your coffee table, nightstands, etc.
  2. If you love the glow from candle’s but have little ones or pets that would possibly knock them over, these battery operated candles are fab.  The remote makes them so easier to control when you have them on shelves or mixed in with other decor.
  3. I’ve heard wonderful things about Homesick candles.  Fright Night Football has fall written all over it.
  4. A few weeks ago, I went on the hunt for small white pumpkins and came up empty handed.  Amazon was the only place I could find them.  I love the small white pumpkins I ordered and will be using them for fall seasons to come.
  5. After we moved to Nashville and threw all of my excess throw pillows into a pile, I realized I had a problem (dishes are my other issue).  Moving forward, I’m trying hard to purchase pillow covers, which are so much easier to store than full pillows.  That way I can switch out my throw pillows whenever I get the urge to do so.  I love these buffalo check throw pillow covers for fall!
  6. Twinkle lights are a must in our home.  We love these strands of fairy lights because they’re battery operated and so great for a ton of different decor projects.  I use them in Kenny’s nursery around her name sign, on on dining table mixed in with the centerpiece, around our leaning mirrors, etc.  These are also remote controlled which is so nice.
  7. Greenery is a must for every room in the house.  I love this cute little trio.  They’d be perfect for a cozy corner in your home.
  8. Antelope is my favorite print at the moment.  I want it in every room of the house.  Matt will not allow that, but he did allow me to do a runner in a soft neutral color up our main staircase and I LOVE it.  These pillow covers are so good.
  9. Layering rugs is such a mood.  I layer rugs every chance I get, even at my front door.  I had this same door mat duo at my front door in year’s past, but now it’s finally sold as a set.🙌🏼
  10. I may or may not have ordered this throw blanket in navy today.  Yep, I did.  I can’t wait for it to arrive in all of it’s pom pom glory.
  11. Planters can be dang expensive.  I love this crock planter duo because it’s just begging for a beautiful bunch of mums to be placed inside.


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  1. Erin Core
    / 3:12 PM

    Love the checkered pillow covers! Those white pumpkins are cute!! Amazon always has amazing products!!

  2. Mallary
    / 3:27 PM

    You are so amazing at decorating! The white pumpkins are so cute! You can’t go wrong with candles and twinkle lights!

  3. Sydnee Marchese
    / 7:55 PM

    Love these girl! Thank you for sharing! Phil will be so excited for me to order more lol!

  4. Katie
    / 10:52 AM

    Added those pillows to my wishlist!

  5. Nadya Voytovich
    / 11:38 AM

    Very cute collection. That navy throw is beautiful!

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