Toddler Clothes for Fall that you’ll be OBSESSED with!

Toddler Clothes for Fall that you’ll be OBSESSED with!

Toddler Clothes for Fall that you’ll be OBSESSED with!


I have more fun shopping for Kenny than I do myself.  She’s like my very own dress up doll, lol.  She loves getting new clothes, trying them on and running to daddy so he can make a fuss over how beautiful she is.❤️

This Fall, I’ve purchased a ton of the cutest pieces for Kenny Girl from Old Navy and they just so happen to be having a pretty major sale this weekend…. 40% off with promo code: THANKS.  I rounded up the pieces she has so you can shop for the little loves in your life.

Head’s up, I shop in both the girls and boys department for her.  So some of these picks are gender neutral.??



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  • Old navy has the best clothes for kids!

  • Erin Core

    Super cute outfits!! I love shopping at Old Navy for my son and myself. Always great deals and sales!!

  • Kenny has the best style ever! She’s the cutest thing ever! I love old navy. Always good deals!

  • Shauna Leht

    I love Old Navy! I miss dressing up my little girl so much. They grow up in a blink of an eye. ?

  • Nadya Voytovich

    Old Navy is my go to for my kids clothing too. Love their stuff and their sales are amazing. She’s so gorgeous, like her mama.

  • Lori Leung

    Love the cute toddler clothes. Maybe in a few years I can buy some for grandchildren.

  • Rosalinda

    Omg ? Kenny is the cutest!! She even knows how to pose ? gorgeous outfits ?

  • Oh my goodness!!! Kenny is adorable and you did some amazing finds there for her such a beautiful post and love the outfits and pics!

  • Stephanie Loverde

    Great fashion finds and I LOVE that you are using MacKenlee as a model for your blog. I hope you do another Halloween makeup video like you did last year and use Mackenlle again she was so stinking cute playing on her phone and was like “Pssh mom putting make up on me whatevs this phone is cooler!” LOL

    What on EARTH are you and Matt feeding MacKenlee that she looks so big and pretty? Seriously she looks more like a five year old than a two year old. She’ll probably be a tall girl! Hope she tries basketball lol.

    Random question: Is MacKenlee’s relationship with Ashoka better now that she’s older?

    Now that she’s older do you see more of Matt or you in looks? Sometimes I see a female version of Matt other times I see a combo of you two!

    • Angela Lanter

      She’s so great with Soka now. They get along so well! I think she’s a good mix of the both of us!

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