Mother’s Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Actually LOVE

Mother’s Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Actually LOVE

Gifts is one of my top love languages.  I get so excited to give gifts.  It’s such a personal experience that can give such joy.  Mother’s Day is right around the corner…  It’s next Sunday!


Mother's Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Actually LOVE Mother's Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Actually LOVE


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There are about a million bloggers creating about a million gift guides, so I’m honored that you decided to stop by my little corner on the internet to check out my ideas. 🙂

I wanted to give you some unique and fun gift suggestions so I went to the pro herself… My mom.  I also asked my mama girlfriends what they would like to receive for Mother’s Day this year.  I got some great feedback!  Let’s dive right into gifts that your mom will actually love and not hide away in a closet as soon as you leave.



Mother's Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Actually LOVE


mother’s day gift ideas


If your mom needs to relax…  I’m currently taking Equilibria CBD and they came out with a limited edition Mother’s Day box.  I received one this week and I cannot wait to take my very first CBD bath!

If your mama likes to be outdoors…  Whether she likes to garden or hang out on the beach, a cute sun hat will be appreciated.

If your mother like ambiance…  A great smelling, beautiful candle is a wonderful gift for any occasion.  These pretty pink candles are up to 38% off.

If your mom has a green thumb…  I love my vertical garden.  It’s totally turned me into a crazy plant lady.  And guess what?  I ain’t mad about it.  If your mom has a green thumb, then she’ll seriously love this tower garden.  Use coupon code: HELLOGORGEOUS for $10 off.

If your mama likes to be cozy…  I’m convinced that Barefoot Dreams is actually made from angel hair.  It’s so stinkin soft!  Both Jen and I have this throw blanket and it’s just about the best thing since sliced bread.  Grab one for the mothers in your life for 50% off!  PS- Amazon has a super soft throw blanket for $16 that I love.  It makes an awesome gift!

If your mama likes greenery…  Such a cute gift idea.  If I received this little succulent planter, I would use it as my patio table centerpiece.

If your mom likes gardening…  I want this plant lady planter so bad!  Combine with this seed gift pack set and a stylish pair of gardening gloves for the cutest little gardening gift basket.

If your mom loves to bake…  I use my Kitchenaid mixer almost as often as I use my stove.  It’s easily one of my best kitchen investments.

If your mom loves coffee…  Then she’ll love you for this giftA luxurious coffeemaker is every coffee drinkers dream gift.

If your mama loves skincare…  Then a Clarisonic will be very appreciated.  This brush set is currently on sale for 38% OFF!

If your mom loves fresh flowers…  Please send her a bouquet of peonies.  Peonies were my wedding flowers and I can’t get enough of them.  It’s currently peony season, so your sure to get a stunning arrangement.

If your mom likes her drinks HOT…  The Ember mug is perfect.  This smart mug is one of my husband’s favorite gifts he’s received.

If your mama likes bathtime…  A beautiful bathtub tray is ideal.  Such a fun way to class up your bathtub and make it feel very spa-like.  This tray is on my very own wish list below.

If your mom likes clean products…  This Drunk Elephant skincare set will be a hit.  I love everything DE makes!  Buy during the Spring sale to catch them at a better price.

If your mama likes to sleep…  And who doesn’t?  Then I have two great PJ options for you.  My ultimate PJ destination is hands down Soma.  Their pajamas feel like butter on your skin.  No matter how many times my Soma PJs get washed, they never lose their softness.  But if Soma is out of your price range, check out this cute polka dot set I found at Target. for under $25.  Plus, they come with a matching eye mask.

If your mom likes to cook…  Buy her a gift card for Home Chef.  Then make sure you’re invited to the meal because that ish is GOOD!  This isn’t sponsored, we just truly love Home Chef so much that we order their meals three nights a week.  I love to cook, so this helps me step outside of my comfort zone and teaches me how to use ingredients I wouldn’t normally buy.


In case you were wondering, here’s a look at my Mother’s Day wish list that I gave to Matt…

Weekly floral deliveryKeeping fresh flowers in the house is so important to me.  They brighten up a room and make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of their happy little petals.  I asked Matt to subscribe to a weekly floral delivery to have them delivered straight to our door.

Bathroom vanity:  I asked Matt to build me a small vanity area in our master bathroom so I have somewhere to sit down and do my hair and makeup.

Bathtub tray:  I love baths.  Having a tray to make my bathtub prettier would be such a treat!

Flowers for our yard:  I’d love a few more peonies and several ranunculus in my back yard.  These are my two favorite flowers EVER.


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  1. Maridyth
    / 8:02 PM

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been on my husband about Mother’s Day coming up but i need to get on it about my own mother 🤦🏼‍♀️

  2. Julie McCarter
    / 8:08 PM

    These are great ideas! I love the sun hat and seeds idea!! My mom loves being outside in her garden… this would be perfect and I would have not thought of that! Great post!!

    • / 8:39 PM

      Put together a little gardening basket for her! You can make it so cute. 🙂

  3. Katie
    / 8:16 PM

    These are all great ideas. I really like that you included splurge items, but also more budget-friendly alternatives too! 😊💗

  4. Kelsie
    / 8:31 PM

    Love these ideas. The tower garden is on my list to buy myself for mother’s day haha. My mom loves to garden, I didn’t inherit the green thumb so I’m working on that. She loves unique gifts and these are perfect. The sun hat is sold out right now but I’m definitely throwing it in her mother’s day basket .
    Thank you!

    • / 8:41 PM

      Same here! I come from a long line of gardeners, but didn’t get the natural gift… So I’m learning all I can! The tower has been so easy to take care of and such a joy for me.

      • Rosalinda
        / 3:11 AM

        Such amazing ideas Angela! Thank you once again. I’m from the UK so Mother’s day was back in March but I will be saving these ideas for my mums birthday that’s coming up! 😘

  5. Veronika
    / 10:03 PM

    I love these ideas 🙂 I often get my mum her favorite perfume. She only likes Davidoff Cool Water and has been wearing it forever. So if I get a hint it’s running out, I get it. There is always some gift giving time coming right? Also she loves orchirds and plants in general. She buys bad cheap ones from store and saves them. And they bloom for her like no other. I wish I inherited that 🙂

    • / 8:42 PM

      Thanks, Veronika! I just bought my first orchid yesterday! Hoping I can keep it alive!

  6. Kelly Cabana
    / 12:02 AM

    Nice! Thank you for putting this together! For myself, plants all the way! We’re working on our yard and I’ve added some knockout roses and one hydrangea plant, BUT some peonies and more hydrangeas are on my wish list!

  7. Leonie
    / 1:46 AM

    So many good ideas! And also thank you
    for the reminder it’s almost Mother’s Day! 🙂

  8. Becca Fox
    / 8:25 AM

    These are great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! ❤️

  9. Melissa
    / 9:21 AM

    Wonderful ideas! I really want that garden tower!

    • / 8:46 PM

      My vertical garden has been such a joy during the past month!

  10. Gemma
    / 5:10 AM

    It was Mother’s Day a few weeks back here in the UK. My Mama wanted a house plant so we went to our local garden cafe – Urban Jungle – we had lunch and ended up picking out matching house plants which k treated us too ❤️

  11. Erin
    / 11:17 AM

    Thanks for the ideas for Mother’s Day great options.

  12. Brittany Blackburn
    / 6:52 PM

    Great ideas!

    / 10:45 PM

    Fantastic ideas. I am living in a different province then my mother (actually my whole family) I live on the west coast, Vancouver, and my family live on the east coast. I usually buy online and get delivered straight to their house (to help with shipping costs) so i have to get a touch creative ! This year I got chocolate from Beta5 Chocolates … which is the #1 chocolatier of Vancouver and top 10 in north america. To say their chocolate are the BOMB is an understatement. LOL
    I also phoned a local florist that personally knows my mom for years and years, and ordered a custom arrangement. they choose everything, so its a surprise to me when she gets it too. kind of exciting. I told the florist my mothers favourite flower is “may flower” whatever that is, (i dont know the real name, but its a local ditch flower on the east coast) and if they could order that, it would be lovely.. Do you know what the florist said? If they couldnt order any in, he would go out in a ditch in the country and hand pick it for me. for mothers day. one of their busiest days of the year, i imagine. what customer service, i couldnt believe it!!!
    My mom is an avid vegetable gardener. she has a huge 8×20 foot garden in her backyard. Your seed gift basket idea is absolutely genius… Ill be writing that down in my iphone notes for next year 🙂

      / 10:48 PM

      Also, the Ember mug has been on my personal wish list for 3 years. I NEED THAT MUG…lol

    • / 8:51 AM

      How have I never heard of this chocolate company before?!
      That is so sweet! They need to be your florist for life!!

  14. Nadya
    / 8:35 PM

    Such great ideas! And I love that you touch all kinds of different gift ideas, not just sticking to one theme! Thank you!!

  15. / 1:56 AM

    Why have I never thought of a seed gift pack before? Thank you! My mum is going to have a lot of fun planting them 🙂

    • / 11:57 AM

      Great for Father’s Day too for anyone whose dad likes to garden 🙂

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