How To Make Your Home Feel Cozier – GTT

How To Make Your Home Feel Cozier – GTT

Most of us are spending a lot of extra time at home.  We are on week six of quarantine over here.  SIX.  Isn’t that tripping you out a little bit?  It is me.

In honor of all this extra home time, I thought today’s Girl Talk Tuesday should be ways to make your home feel inviting, happier, cozier and homier.  When you think of a cozy home, what do you think of?  I envision the homes from “Christmas in Connecticut,” “Something’s Gotta Give” and “It’s Complicated”.




Let’s be honest…  Flowers make people happy.  Whether it’s receiving a special flower delivery or buying a bunch of beautiful buds at the supermarket, the colorful petals make you smile.

I’ve recently gotten really into creating my own floral arrangements.  It’s a way to be creative that I never imagined I could possibly do on my own.  Here are a couple arrangements I have put together recently.


GTT: Ways Gardening Makes You Healthier GTT: Ways Gardening Makes You Healthier


It’s hard not to feel proud when you create something beautiful.  It’s even better when you have fun along the way.

Just looking at these photos makes me feel happier, and I’m guessing maybe you too.

Today, Matt and I had to run out and I had him stop on an empty country road filled with wildflowers.  This is what happened…


GTT: Ways Gardening Makes You Healthier


Naturally, I ran home and created little arrangements for a couple different rooms.  When you have a chance to spread some happy into different rooms of your house, you need to take it!


GTT: Ways Gardening Makes You Healthier




GTT: How To Make Your Home Feel Cozier


There’s something calming about a flickering flame.  Candles are a staple in my home.  I love the scent they bring and the glow they add when lit.  A few of my very favorite candles:





Music can be so soothing.  I have a “Calm” playlist on my Spotify that I created for dinnertime and other times when I want a little soft music playing.  Soft music and lit candles are often enough to make any room feel cozier.


fresh air


When the temperatures are even slightly warm, you better believe my windows and doors are open.  A cross-breeze helps air out any odors or germs.  Fresh air makes your home feel cleaner than it often is.


tidy up


Put away the clutter on your countertops.  That alone will make a huge impact on your kitchen and bathrooms.  Take a few minutes to run your vacuum.  Clean floors make me feel like I have my life together.


cook a meal


A home cooked meal makes everyone feel cozier.  The person making it feels good making a yummy meal and the smells of cooking food makes your home smell like a home.


add texture


Texture can be added be way of pillows, blankets, rugs or even window treatments.  One thing you are sure to find in every room of my house in most rooms in my house is baskets filled with various throw blankets.  Why?  Because soft, comfy pillows and blankets are sure to make any room feel cozier!  I’m wrapped up in a comfy Barefoot Dreams throw blanket as we speak.


GTT: How To Make Your Home Feel Cozier




If you have hardwoods, rugs are almost a necessity.  Rugs add warmth to a space.  I even use area rugs in our rooms with carpet to add an extra layer of comfort under foot.  Stacking area rugs is one of my favorite decor hacks.


GTT: How To Make Your Home Feel Cozier


bring the green


I know we talked about flowers already, but let’s not overlook greenery.  Plants in your home add an organic pop of color that is always welcoming.


There are tons of ways to make your home feel more cozy and inviting, these are just my top suggestions that I use in my own home.  How do you like to make your home feel more homey?


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  • I love this post! Such great ideas. I love the idea of wild flowers, never thought of that. Thank you Angela ❤️
    Random question, can you do a post on how you keep fit?? What exercises you do everyday and also what kind of diet? You make such wonderful food, how do you stay slim ?

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Rosa! I’m thinking about filming a video about my routine. 🙂

  • Brittany Blackburn

    I loved these tips, the blanket idea was so nice and put away orderly, I would’ve never thought of it! I’ve kind of always worried about opening my front door for fear of bugs creeping in, lol. Opening windows is a good idea! I will be putting all these into practice!

    • Angela Lanter

      If you have a screen door or window screens, you don’t have to worry about bugs!

  • Abby Diefenbaker

    I have been enjoying listening to your playlists and look forward to playing the “cozy” playlist in the background the next time I host a group of friends.. whenever that might be! I’m always searching for a good playlist of background songs and although I have found some on Spotify they never have the wide variety of artists like yours does. Thanks for sharing!

    • Angela Lanter

      Yay! I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying my playlists!

  • Thanks for the tips! I definitely want to add more real flowers to my home this year. I have some fake ones as decor, but like you said, there’s just something about flowers and how they make people happy! Thanks for the post, really enjoyed reading it 🙂

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