TV consumption is at an all-time high lately for most families with us all staying at home currently.  So why not compile the greatest list of movies to watch with family?!

What better time to compile a list of awesome family friendly movies from days past and present?

Y’all.  I couldn’t do this list on my own. 


Family Movies for Quarantine


So, I reached out to my girlfriends who all have 2 or more kiddos. 

Some of these movies are Matt & I’s personal favorites as well! #nostalgia

While we’re stuck at home, we might as well watch some good movies and introduce our Kenny girl to some classics.

I rounded up a ton of different titles that will hopefully give your family ideas for your next movie night. 

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can come back the next time you need some ideas.

If you have a blow up screen and movie projector, these would be fabulous for an outdoor family movie night.


movie night favorites



96 family friendly movies


List #1


Family Movies for Quarantine


The Sandlot- such a classic

Little Giants- only football movie I like, lol

Star Wars- this is a no-brainer in my house

Blank Check- every kid’s dream

Harry Potter- who doesn’t love HP?

Dunston Checks In- monkey meets Home Alone

Trolls- one of Kenny’s favorites

Rookie of the Year- every boy’s dream

Frozen- because don’t you want to sing, “Let It Go” for days?

Mary Poppins- so wholesome and fun

Moana- another fave of Kenny’s

Toy Story- Matt’s favorite

Lady & The Tramp (old or new)- I haven’t seen the new one yet

Hook- so, so good!

Flight of the Navigator- I’ve never seen this one!

Ratatouille- one of my favorite Disney movies

Hocus Pocus- our first Fall movie every season

Heidi- Shirley Temple Christmas favorite for us!

Honey I Shrunk the Kids- every 90’s kids has seen this one

Mrs. Doubtfire- just a fun one for the whole family

Little Women- the 90’s version is best

Up- so heartwarming

Sound of Music- a family favorite in our house

Zootopia- Kenny loves the music so much

Home Alone- (I’m partial to #1 or #2) how could you not watch these every Christmas?

Parent Trap- (Lindsey Lohan version is my fave)

Willy Wonka- (original please!)

Enchanted- Kenny watches this over and over again

E.T.- I forgot how sad this is

Princess Diaries- just watched part 1 yesterday

Anne of Green Gables- 90’s version is the best

Might Ducks- D2 is great too


List #2


Family Movies for Quarantine


Homeward Bound- so cute

B.F.G.- a little too scary right now for Kenny girl

Harry & the Hendersons- I used to watch this over and over again growing up

Neverending Story- I didn’t realize how bad the graphics were until I watched as an adult, lol.

Babe- so cute

Land Before Time- the original is the best

Wizard of Oz- too scary for Ken right now

Fievel- I loved this one when I was little

Dennis the Menace- so funny!

Free Willy- I’m not sure my heart could handle this, lol.

Muppet Movie- I’m the biggest Muppets fan

My Girl- so sad, but so good

Angels in the Outfield- another one of Matt’s faves

Adams Family- October must watch

Indiana Jones- adventure at it’s finest

Babysitters Club- loved this one as a kid

Karate Kid- my dad made me watch way too many times

Annie- the original is a classic

Game Plan- I laughed and laughed at this one

Richie Rich- another kid’s dream movie

Batteries Not Included- one of my 80’s faves

Fly Away Home- so cute

All Dogs Go To Heaven- I watched this one on repeat

Flinstones- I loved the live action movie

Casper- another live action I loved

Ice Age- so funny

Jurassic Park- a little too scary for me even now lol

Tuck Everlasting- Rory Gilmore and so underrated!

Brave Little Toaster- I loved this one and have had a heck of a time finding anyone streaming the original!

Mile & Otis- I remember loving this one

Kung Fu Panda- so funny

Lassie- a classic

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs- Matt loved this one


List #3



Ever After- the best Cinderella version in my opinion

Happy Feet- very cute, plus we love penguins

Little Rascals- one of Kenny’s faves

The Goonies- a little scary but cute

Fern Gully- I loved this 90’s classic

Greatest Showman- the best music!

Horton Hears a Who- so cute and funny

Paddington- Kenny surprisingly loved this one when she was really little

Inside Out- a great lesson on emotions

Tangled- one I love to watch too

Oliver & Company- my favorite Disney movie as a kid

Cinderella- so many versions and all so cute

Another Cinderella Story- I loved this one

Hachi- so heartwarming, especially if you’re a dog lover

Cheaper by the Dozen- made me laugh so hard!

Sing- very cute and great songs

Heavy Weights- 90’s summer movie

Ella Enchanted- So cute!

Meet the Titans- for my football lovers

Little Princess- I love the 90’s version even more than the Shirley Temple version

Invincible- I’ve never seen this one

Ultimate Gift- sad but great story

Shrek- I laugh every time this is on

Big Fat Liar- I remember really loving this one

Overboard- Goldie Hawn is a fave in our house

Cinderella Story- my favorite Cinderella movie after Ever After

Stuart Little- loved these books growing up

Romana & Beezus- I’ve never seen this one but loved the books

Thumbelina- cute 90’s animated movie

RV- very funny!

Yours, Mine & Ours- super similar to Cheaper By The Dozen

Secret Garden- loved this 90’s movie


How fun is this list?!

So many of these are fond favorites from my own or Matt’s childhood.

Actually, this list makes me feel so nostalgic. 

Quite a few of these movies have recently been remade.  But if they’re on this list, chances are that I’m referring to the original version and not the remake, like Anne of Green Gables.

Also, every single Shirley Temple movie ever made should be on this list because her movies are just the cutest.  And oh so clean to boot.

They don’t make kid or family centered movies now like they did back in the 80’s and 90’s, that’s for darn sure.



Do you need even more movie ideas?

Here’s my list of cozy movies to watch during the Fall.

My favorite romantic movie list.

My top 10 favorite classic Christmas movie list.

Comment below with your favorite family movies.  We love finding new movies to watch with family and share with our sweet girl.

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1000 1500 Angela Lanter
  • Brittany Blackburn

    Milo and Otis! Babysitter’s Club! One of my co-workers, pre-quarantine, is engaged to Travis, who was Spanky in Little Rascals! Y’alls braids and bows are so cute!

  • Parent Trap and Princess Diaries ??
    Need to watch these now!

  • Star Wars, Tangled, Enchanted SO many!!! Literally watched parent trap recently
    Last night I watched the new Pixar movie Onwards on Disneyplus that was a sweet movie funny too

    • Angela Lanter

      We tried to watch Onward but Kenny just wasn’t having it.

  • Love this! So many great nostalgia movies! We just watched flight of the navigator the other night! Can’t wait to watch a few new ones and old ones with our kiddos. We literally have a movie night almost every night right now …

  • Lori Leung

    Love RV, the big rolling turd, lol. Love all movies with Robin Williams.

  • Emmalee Styles

    Wow so many memories in this list and so many movies I’d forgotten about! I was just thinking about Casper last night… I had Devon Sawa’s poster on my wall! I feel so old haha.

  • Laura Cordis

    Love to see some lesser known greats on there. “Batteries Not Included”, “Harry and the Hendersons”, Fight of the navigator”!! All so great. “The brave little toaster” brings back so many memories from when I was little. Oh, and “The Never-ending Story”, I Loved it so much I dressed as the Child like empress for Halloween one year.
    I also have a special place in my heart for the classic version of “overboard”, I napped on it as an infant when my family was visiting my Uncle who was in the Coast Guard.
    I didn’t see “Star Wars Ewok Adventures” or “Ewok’s Battle for Endor”. Or “Cloak and Dagger” you should check those oldie but goodies out!!

  • Aubrianne

    I wished you had a lot more movies because I enjoyed looking up the movies you put out even if I watched most of them

    • Angela Lanter

      I have more movie suggestions here on the blog! Just search “movies”.

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