The ONLY Valentine’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Need

The ONLY Valentine’s Day Gift Guide You’ll Need

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  I know this because my hubby made dinner reservations (that he was planning to surprise me with!) and the confirmation accidentally came to my email address.  Whoops!  What a sweet gesture though. 🙂


Today, I jokingly asked Matt what he was buying me for Valentine’s Day, then realized that neither of us have a clue what to get each other.  I know that this is a super common complaint for my friends and my readers.  What better topic to attack today?


1. Super luxurious bed sheets… On a major budget!  This set (in size Queen) is currently on sale for $21.  Matt and I love these sheets so much that we have them on every bed we own.  And why wouldn’t we when they’re so affordable?!

2.  A naughty game is something your hubby will 1000% love to play with you.  There are a bunch of different game options to check out here.  The Talk Flirt Dare game may or may not be in my shopping cart. ?



3.  In this digital age, our photos are at our fingertips.  One gift I think everyone will love is a digital photo frame that displays any of your photos that you send from your phone.


4.  One of my favorite traditions that Matt and I had (and I wish we’d bring back!) was a dry erase board in our kitchen that said, “I love you because…”  Then we would take turns filling in the line with what we love about each other.  It was like a belly full of butterflies every time I walked into the kitchen and saw a new message.  I love the idea of a letter board for daily love notes to help keep the flame alive.

5.  Want your spouse to have no excuse to not wear their wedding ring to work or the gym?  Then a Qalo silicon ring is the answer.  Matt loves his so much, he pretty much never wears his metal ring now.



6.  There’s nothing like a great massage.  Problem is, massage on demand isn’t realistic for most people.  We bought the Hyperbolt last year and it’s seriously been a game changer.  It’s got more power than anyone would consider comfortable, but it gets to those deep aches and pains quickly.  Throw on some CBD cream after use for a double whammy.

7.  Who doesn’t want a deeper connection with their spouse?  Answer: everybody wants to feel connected to their significant other.  A fun way to do this is a couples journal.  This is another one that I want to buy for us to try too.


your turn…


What unique gift ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day?  Comment below and share the wealth with your fellow GGs!

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