DRUGSTORE Mascara BEATS High End!??

DRUGSTORE Mascara BEATS High End!??

In my latest YouTube video, I’m testing out two fiber mascaras: Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara vs L’Oreal Paris Voluminous X Fiber Mascara.

If you recall, I initially filmed a video reviewing Thrive Mascara because I was being bombarded with Facebooks ads for it every time I logged onto my Facebook feed.  Watch that first impression video here.

Ever since I filmed that Thrive mascara review, I have been exclusively using that mascara.  I love it so much.

While browsing the makeup section at Walmart for my Allure Best of Beauty video, I stumbled across the L’Oreal X Fiber mascara.  I read the packaging and got to wondering how it would compare to my beloved Thrive.

Watch the video below to see me test Thrive one on eye and L’Oreal on the other.  I think you’ll be surprised with the results.





Thrive mascara is $24 + shipping.  That’s around the same price as Bobbi Brown, YSL, Dior, etc.  L’Oreal X Fiber is $9.97 with free next day delivery.


After watching the video, which do you think is the better formula?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

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