Easy Slow Cooker Taco Soup for Fall | Free Download

Easy Slow Cooker Taco Soup for Fall | Free Download

I’m the type of cook that makes meals based on what I already have in my kitchen cabinets and fridge.  Last week I had a pound of ground turkey that needed to be used so I got to searching my cabinets.  I found a bag of black beans and thought… SOUP’S UP!

I soaked my black beans overnight, then used them in this recipe.  I much prefer using bagged beans over canned beans to cut down on sodium and preservatives.

Another thing I haven’t purchased in a long time is regular taco seasoning.  I either make my own taco seasoning or buy organic.  Why?  Some non-organic spice mixes contain MSG.  NO THANKS!  The other thing I want to avoid is maltodextrin.  I’ll let you do your own research on it, but it’s just something I’m not comfortable feeding my family.

For measurement sake, one taco seasoning packet contains two tablespoons of seasoning.

This recipe is incredibly easy and one that no one could possibly mess up.  It’s great for these cooler Fall days and can be made totally organic.  I add an additional 2-3 cups of water in my soup to make it less stew-like, but I’ll leave it up to you as to the consistency you want.

Do not drain your canned tomatoes or beans, you want that extra liquid for your broth.  My last batch, I added one cup of brown rice, which was a great addition.  The rice absorbed so much of the liquid that I ended up adding more chicken broth.

Easy & Delicious Slow Cooker Taco Soup

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  • Brittany Blackburn

    This was one of the recipes I showed you in my freezer! Very similar, I added egg noodles, Rotel and used beef broth not chicken. I’ll try your version now!

  • I loved it! I made it last night and it was so good! I added cilantro and salsa verde ?

    • Angela Lanter

      Yum!! Fresh cilantro is such a great way to spice up a recipe!

  • How much chicken broth and onion powder do you put in?

    • Angela Lanter

      I never measure my onion powder… I just sprinkle it on till it’s fragrant. I’m not a measurement type of cook, which makes writing down my recipes REALLY difficult, lol! I’d say try 1/2 tbsp to start.

      As for broth, I used one full box of organic chicken broth. I think mine had 32 oz. 🙂

  • Melissa Duarte

    Do you drain the beans or tomatoes??

    • Angela Lanter

      Nope! You want as much extra liquid as possible. I added a cup of rice to my last batch, so that extra liquid was absolutely needed!

  • Ria Read

    Sounds like the perfect meal for the cold and crisp weather we are having here in the UK at the moment!

    I will be trying this at the weekend in my crockpot!


  • I’m the same type of cook. haha) I love such soups with beans so much because they must be very nutritious having such a high level of protein. Sometimes, when I have more time and decide to cook this soup, I make some kind of meatballs. I add a lot of dill, parsley, fresh coriander, and onion to meat ground. But for this soup, they must be thrown into a pan of boiling water. So I just boil other ingredients first.
    Thank you for the recipe, I would like to try it! Sure, my family will love it!

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