GTT: My Favorite Bras After Breastfeeding

GTT: My Favorite Bras After Breastfeeding

It’s been a hot minute since we talked about bras.  Since breastfeeding, my boobs are completely different.  The bras that were my favorite before baby are now no longer in rotation.  Although my bra size is still the same as it was before pregnancy, my boobs seem smaller.

It’s been a job rebuilding my lingerie drawer.  I’ve tried on more bras the past few months than I can remember ever before.  The biggest change I’ve noticed has been my need to be comfortable.  I used to only wear push-up bras, wanting all the extra padding known to mankind.  Now, I could care less about padding.  If it’s comfortable and looks good with what I’m wearing, that’s all that matters to me.


my everyday bra

GTT: My Favorite Bras

Everyday bras are the most important bras.  We spend more time wearing our undergarments than any other article of clothing.  When it comes to my everyday undies, you better believe they gotta be comfy.  I have been wearing the Spanx Bra-llelujah for the past month and it’s easily the most comfy one I’ve ever worn.  The straps are wide and not adjustable, so no uncomfortable pieces of plastic poking you in the skin.  I have the wireless version and it’s my first time wearing wireless.  Not sure I can ever go back!  It’s also my first front-closure piece.  The Bra-llelujah is regularly $68 but is marked down to $44 as a part of the Nordstrom sale.  Run, don’t walk.  I’m promising you that you’ll LOVE it!


my backup bra

GTT: My Favorite Bras

You gotta have a back-up pair of certain things: sneakers, PJs, bed sheets and bras.  Introducing The Base from Harper Wilde.  This is my first product from Harper Wilde, and y’all, I’m a fan.  The fabric is soft and the fit is comfy.  Need I say more?


my strapless bra

GTT: My Favorite Bras

I’m picky about undies in general, but I’m especially picky when it comes to strapless bras.  It’s so hard finding one that fits right, stays up without needing pulled up 100 times, doesn’t have wire poking through your ribcage…  The list goes on and on.  I finally found the dream strapless: Up For Anything by Spanx.  I’m wearing this as we speak, or rather, as I type, and I cannot tell the difference between it and a regular bra.  Strapless never stay in place like this one does.  Worth every single penny and then some, I’m promising you!


my backless bra

GTT: My Favorite Bras

My need for a strapless bra is way more than I thought it was until I got to Ohio and realized I left my chicken cutlets (that’s what Matt calls them, lol!) at home in LA.  I ordered a new adhesive bra from Amazon and after one wear, it was in the trash.  Off to Target I went, to get my trusty sticky bra.  You just can’t play when it comes to these things.


my sports bras

GTT: My Favorite Bras

I have several favorites in this category, mostly because I live my life in athletic wear.  My current faves are: Under Armour Rush Sports Bra, Outdoor Voices and Fabletics Seamless Sports Bra (only $12!!)


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  • Rebekah Reece

    YESSSS!!! After breastfeeding boobs are totally different lol. Definitely gonna check this out! THANK YOU!

  • 1chefmommy

    Mine actually did shrink after breastfeeding. I was a C before babies, an F while breastfeeding, and an A after weaning. ? I had to buy all new bras (and sadly donated my pre-baby ones that I was holding onto).
    I’ve never tried the Spanx bras, but now I’ll have to check them out. Thanks Angela!

    • Angela Lanter

      It’s not fair how much they shrink after breastfeeding!

  • Lori Leung

    Bras are always a challenge to buy for me. After my second boy my left boob is bigger than the right. What is up with that? I don’t like wired bras because they cut into my ribs. They are so expensive, so I always get them on sale. My husband looks at the credit card bill and says are they made of gold ??.

    • Angela Lanter

      Having one larger breast is so much more common than you may think. Next time you are bra shopping, try on my favorite Spanx bra without underwire, it’s seriously incredible!

  • Jessica Elkins

    Angela! You have to try The Freedom Bra! See what you think about it. I’ve just ordered mine but have a friend that says they are life changing!

  • I can testify that the Spanx strapless bra is literally the best strapless bra out there. It stays put and is comfortable.

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Nice! My favorite bras are Lane Bryant!

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