Top 10 Nursery Do’s and Don’ts

Top 10 Nursery Do’s and Don’ts

Nursery Do's and Don'ts Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Top 10 Nursery Do’s and Don’ts

Thank you to Just Born for partnering with me to create this post.

When it comes to home decor, I’m not a pro. 

I’m indecisive. 

I’m unable to visualize pieces in a room unless they’re physically in that space. 

When it came to our nursery, it was as if I became a different person.  I knew exactly what I wanted…  Which colors, furniture style, overall look, etc.

Through trial and error, we were able to create the perfect nursery for our home and our baby girl.  Below, I’m sharing our top do’s and don’ts that we’ve learned along the way for designing your little one’s special space.


Nursery Do's and Don'ts Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Nursery Do's and Don'ts Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous \Nursery Do's and Don'ts Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Nursery Do's and Don'ts Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Nursery Do's and Don'ts Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous


10 Nursery Do’s and Don’ts

      1. DO keep safety in mind. 

There are so many things that we would normally decorate with that are no-no’s for babies.  Check out this blog post for more info.

      2. DON’T get too many opinions. 

This goes for pretty much every area of life…  Keep your circle of advisers very small. 

Too much noise only creates confusion, and confusion only creates crazy.  Ain’t nobody got time for crazy!

      3. DO make it pretty. 

Choose pieces that help to create a peaceful, calm and happy space. 

You and baby will be spending a lot of time in this room, so make it somewhere you want to be. 

Just Born offers a variety of pieces to create a beautiful nursery.  We love their Keepsake Collection Classic Vintage pieces for our nursery, as well as their Dream Collection Love blanket.  I can’t forget the new Just Born layette collection made with organic cotton, which will be available for purchase on Amazon in September.

      4. DON’T forget to keep it functional. 

Selecting pieces that are pretty, but also functional like our Just Born changing table cover, is essential.

      5. DO organize. 

An organized nursery makes your life so much easier.  When everything has a place and everything is in it’s place (when did I turn into my mom?!) life just flows better. 

Create an organization system early on then organize as you decorate and receive/buy new pieces.

      6. DON’T forget blackout curtains or shades. 

Nap time will be so much easier on mama if the room is darker.  Invest in blackout curtains and/or shades to keep the room as dark as possible for better baby sleep.

      7. DO invest in a glider. 

The only piece of furniture used more in the nursery than our crib and changing table is our glider.  Make sure it’s comfy because you’ll be spending a ton of time in it.

      8. DON’T be afraid to make returns. 

Just because it was a gift doesn’t mean that you have to keep it.  If you don’t love it, return it for something you’ll actually use.

      9. DO select a soft rug. 

Baby will be rolling around, crawling and eventually taking tumbles from those unsteady early steps.  Choose an area rug or carpeting that will be help cushion baby’s knees, hands and falls.

      10. DON’T go overly themed. 

Choose decor that will grow with baby so you don’t have to shell out a ton of cash too soon for another design.

Leave a comment below with any of your nursery design tips and tricks for other new mamas!



  1. / 6:43 PM

    These are all such great tips. I made the mistake of NOT investing in a glider. I thought I would be fine with a hand me down wooden rocking chair. Next baby I am getting a comfy glider!

  2. Lindsey
    / 12:34 PM

    Love these! I had my first baby 10 weeks ago and couldn’t agree more re: the glider. One more tip—DON’T put the changing table by a window if you’re having a boy (or if you’re like me and had a surprise delivery, which turned out to be a baby boy. 😊). We invested in beautiful, blackout curtains, but I can’t tell you how many times they’ve been peed on during diaper changes. 🙈 I always keep my hand there during changes and I pull the diaper back on after I first take it off since the cool air makes them want to pee, but he still manages to spring one on me (pun intended) every once in awhile. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • / 8:52 AM

      Oh no, lol!! We have a mirror over ours and baby girl won’t leave it alone!!

  3. Amy Jade
    / 6:27 PM

    Hello 🙂

    I was hoping you could tell me what glider you have for your nursery! Baby number 2 on the way and still nursing my 1st and the one I have just isn’t cutting it!

    Also do you have any tips on weaning ? My baby girl is 17 months and I have no clue where to start she won’t take any other milk other than breast milk. Still waking at 5:30am every day and multiple times in the night. Getting nervous how I’m going to stop nursing before baby number 2. May sound a little selfish but I also would like to have my boobs back for just a little bit lol this mama is tired!!!! Lol

    Any tips I would greatly appreciate. 💗

    Much love

    Amy Jade xo

    • / 6:09 PM

      Yes! My glider is from Monte Design and they make the BEST gliders. I have a video tour of the nursery coming soon, so stay tuned to my YouTube channel. Maybe you’ll get more ideas for baby #2. 🙂

      Oh man, I feel for ya, mama! I slowly dropped feedings one by one and started giving her cow’s milk around 13 months. She didn’t notice a difference at all. Best of luck!!

  4. / 1:16 AM

    Thanks for reminding me about not getting too many opinions from different people. My soon-to-be daughter is already adored by her aunts and uncles, so getting their ideas for the nursery room would be too stressful for me. I guess I’d just stick to having custom wooden name signs along with other simple decors on the wall.

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