GTT: How To Rest In The Busy Season

GTT: How To Rest In The Busy Season

GTT: How To Rest In A Busy Season

GTT: How To Rest In A Busy Season GTT: How To Rest In A Busy Season GTT: How To Rest In A Busy Season GTT: How To Rest In A Busy Season GTT: How To Rest In A Busy Season



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Is it just me, or does life seem to get busier (and crazier) with each passing day?  Most nights, when headed to bed, my mind is still spinning, my to-do list is still long, my inbox is still full…  Everything is still…  So.  Busy.

As I’m writing this post, I’m two days behind my (self induced) writing deadline and sitting at my computer at 10pm wishing for normalcy.  And yet, here I am trying to play catch up on my never ending list of daily/weekly/monthly to-do’s.  I’m not writing these words to complain.  Quite the opposite.  You see, I love writing.  I love opening my laptop and pouring out my words, thoughts and heart into a post for other women to enjoy.  I’m writing this to allow you in on the imperfectness of my life.  I’m calling out, “All aboard the Hot Mess Express!”  If you’re on that same ride with me, then keep reading sister.  I’m about to school myself (and possibly you too) about what life is supposed to look like.

Life isn’t supposed to be lived at 100 MPH.  Time is fleeting.  We will never get back the time we’ve already spent.  My question is, are you stewarding your time wisely?  If your answer is no, girlfriend, you are not alone.  I’m standing right along side of you, scratching my head and trying to understand how it’s already 10pm and where in Hades this day went.  Here’s the problem with me, I know that time management is my issue, and yet here we are.

Are you surviving or thriving?   One of my favorite takeaways from “Magnolia Story” was when Joanna realized that she was merely surviving instead of thriving in her life.  I had the ultimate ah-ha moment when reading those words.  I know I’m currently in survival moment, along with so many other mamas in this world.

So, how do we change this cycle?  Where do we begin?  That’s easy.  We say one of the most universally understood words: no.  If you’re in a crazy season of life like me, then you most likely are over-committed and are under-delivering, right?  Since there is no possible way to add more hours to the day (trust me, I’ve tried) our only option is to minimize our commitments.  If you’re a chronic people-pleaser like I am, this will not be easy.  But nothing worth having ever is easy.  And reclaiming your sanity, time and peace is worth it.

So here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to take a look at our calendar for the next week and schedule in time for yourself each day.  No exceptions.  We would never back out of time scheduled with someone who was counting on us, but each day we’ll break promises to ourselves, crazy how that works.  The buck stops here.  We need to make ourselves a priority moving forward.  Your time each day is just that, your time.  Schedule whatever it is that you enjoy…  A nap, massage, reading, whatever it is, make it enjoyable.  But do not break your commitment to yourself.  You can’t serve others well if you aren’t well yourself.

Another thing we’re going to start doing?  Making a bedtime.  Oh, and actually sticking to that bedtime.  Lady, you need your precious eight hours.  Whatever you have going on will be there in the morning.

Rest: what is it?  Rest is ceasing work; rest is relaxation.  We can’t give 100% at anything is we’re exhausted.  I can’t be the best mom, wife, entrepreneur that God created me to be if I’m burnt out.

I recently decided to schedule out my days, scheduling specific jobs, tasks and chores for specific days.  Two of my days are rest days.  Just in case you need a reminder like I often do, here’s what the Bible has to say about rest:

It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep. Psalm 127:2

Basically, work while it is day, but when night comes it’s time to sleep.  Funny how I chose that scripture for this post, right?  That’s the great things about being open and honest with you, is it gives me an opportunity to examine my own behavior.  I’m able to see the areas of my life that need some help.  That’s why I’m giving myself two rest days a week.  Will I actually rest both days?  No, but I’ll purpose to slow down and enjoy those days instead of packing in the one million items on my to-do list that week.

Self-care is key.  If you’re not caring for your health, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.  The days I take 10 minutes to do yoga are my better days.  I’m caring for my mind, body and spirit when I take time to do something for me.  No one else can care for you, you have to help yourself.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you are going to take the challenge this week with me to schedule time for yourself every day.  Now I’m heading to bed…  But first, pumping and Season 5 of Downton Abbey. 🙂



  1. Brittany Blackburn
    / 3:25 PM

    Yes, I will take this challenge with you! I love writing down what I do/when I do it, then seeing where my day goes & deciding if I need to make adjustments. I recently started doing 5 things a day just for me. They range from doing a face mask before bedtime to waking up 45 minutes earlier to drink coffee & have a quiet morning. It’s not as perfect as it sounds though. I did well for about 2 weeks, then I didn’t. Today, I threw away my August calendar because I didn’t want to be reminded of my failures (I wrote them down & checked them off)! Lol! Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we expect perfection? I’m starting my 5 again in September, or tomorrow (as my mama would like)! We’re in this together, girlfriend!

    • / 2:40 PM

      It sounds like you are great at time management! Just because you lose track, doesn’t mean you can’t just pick it back up. 🙂

      • Brittany Blackburn
        / 6:48 PM

        Thank you!

  2. Emily
    / 4:10 PM

    Girl… this was EXACTLY what I needed to hear in this moment and season of my life. Isn’t it crazy how God places people and things in our lives exactly when we need them?! This month, I started teaching as a first-year teacher and it is so HARD to find any time for myself. I’m a chronic people-pleaser too. But I find that the days I force myself to do those few minutes of yoga, and read just a chapter of a book for myself each night, I am so much better off for it. Thank you for speaking some truth into my life! This was a great reminder of how important it is to take care of yourself in order to take care of others. Thanks, Angela!

    • / 10:06 AM

      Hi Emily! I’m so happy you fund encouragement in this post! If I can encourage even one woman, I feel like I’m doing my job. 🙂

  3. / 5:03 PM

    Wow, do I relate to this post. Thanks for the reminder & that great verse. I definitely needed to hear these words today…

  4. Chelsea Mammet
    / 7:32 PM

    YES! Love this so much. I’m a kids Pastor at a BIG church and I’ve never been in a role quite like this. I LOVE the verse the Lord lead you to here. So good! I’ve been talking with my volunteers and pushing for them to rest, as I’m running to keep up meeting and encouraging them ALL (hundreds of them). 😉 The Holy Spirit was like, stop and look in the mirror- it’s for you first. Thanks for sharing Angela! Just recently found your blog, your YouTube and social media. Loving it! So encouraging, girl! Keep it up.

    • / 10:08 AM

      Thank you, Chelsea! I’m so happy this encouraged you! What an incredible job you have!! Sounds like you’re killing it. Now just take some of your own advice. 🙂

  5. Linda
    / 7:58 PM

    Hi Angela,
    You are so spot on. I need to do this so I can be a better wife, mother and colleague!

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