9 Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear

9 Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear

Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

One thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent is that babies need stuff.  A whole lotta stuff.  These little ones ain’t cheap!  If you’re on a budget and about to become a new parent, it’s a time to be creative.  I wanted to share with you my top 9 ways to save money on baby gear.

Ways to Save Money on Baby Gear

  1. Baby Registry.  Chances are, your close family and friends are planning to throw you a shower since this is your first baby.  Be sure to register for gifts, so you will receive gifts that you really want. When registering, be smart and do your research.  Choose items that you know you’ll get good use out of and can use down the road should you wish to have another kid. Hold off buying baby gear until your showers are over.  Be sure to return the products you won’t use and exchange them for things you really do need.
  2. Shop Smart.  Compare prices and always check eBay.  Did you know that 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new and available with the “Buy It Now” option (no bidding necessary)?  So many products are available new in box and have free shipping. There are so many great baby deals like this Fisher-Price BeatBo (which MacKenlee loves, even though she’s young!)  You can snag awesome things like my Medela Breast Pump for 30% off, our Owlet Smart Sock for 28% off or even our 4Moms Mamaroo.  Did you know that eBay offers a Money Back Guarantee, Guaranteed Delivery and Price Match Guarantee?  All the more reason to shop their baby deals first!
  3. Stock Up Early.  While you’re pregnant, when you see a great deal on items like diapers, stock up!  Did you know the average newborn goes through ten diapers a day? TEN. Those diapers stack up quick, so getting a head start on buying them in various sizes will be seriously appreciated by your future self.  Tip: Don’t buy a ton of newborn products, you never know how big your little one will be at birth.
  4. Don’t Be Above Secondhand.  If you have a friend who is offering to pass down some gently used baby gear, take them up on it!  Chances are that their babe didn’t wear the clothes but a handful of times, if that, so why not at least check them out?
  5. Buy A Convertible Crib.  We chose a crib that converts to a toddler bed which is one less piece of furniture that we have to buy.
  6. Skip The Changing Table.  We also chose a dresser that will grow with MacKenlee and just added a removable topper to turn the dresser top into a changing table.
  7. Save clothes and gear for future kids.
  8. Donate Items You Won’t Reuse/Don’t Love.  And get a receipt for your donation!  That’s a great write-off come tax time.  Also, try selling the bigger ticket items at local consignment stores or even on Facebook Marketplace.
  9. Breastfeed.  Not every woman has the ability, but if you do, breastfeed as long as possible to cut out the costs of formula (not to mention all the other awesome benefits of breastfeeding.)  When it comes time for solids, consider making your own baby food.

What tips do you have for financially prepping for baby?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Thank you to eBay for partnering with me to create this post.

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  • casinotabloid.com

    I absolutely adore your blog posts! They’re so inspirational! I love what you do, and the things you post is exactly the kind of things I’m interested in.

  • https://www.barnesandnoble.com/b/clearance-50-off/baby-toddler-toys/_/N-2ophZ1hkv?2sid=bottom_right&sid=narvar&sourceId=narvar&st=EML

    Wanted to give you a heads up. Barnes and Nobles is having one of their yearly clearances. The in store price is actually cheaper than the online price(the above link will give you an idea of the stuff marked down). They have a lot of baby stuff marked down. Including baby play mats, lots of Melissa and Doug play sets as well as Branford Limited.

  • Matt and Angela,

    Hi! I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcasts. At first, I began listening to Hello Baby. I’m a first time mama to Levi, born in March 2017. I remember listening to some of the first episodes after your little MacKenlee (I hope I spelled that right!) was born, and thinking, “oh yeah, that’s what it was like having a newborn.” I became so accustomed to your new episode once a week that I was so sad the week when your computer crashed! To get me through, I started listening to the Hello Bump episodes.

    I’ve gotta tell you, I appreciate the heart in your podcasts. From one Jesus-loving mama to another, I love love LOVE when I see and hear evidence of God moments in your lives. It’s so encouraging!

    I find your podcasts very relatable, whether its an Ohio reference (I’m from near Wooster), or the perspective of Christian parenting, or just about the ups and downs of motherhood (/parenthood).

    So thanks again! Five stars from me on iTunes, you guys!

  • Jim Oneil

    I absolutely adore your blog posts. I really appreciate with this. They’re so inspirational. I love what you do, and the things you post is exactly the kind of things I’m interested in.I hope these ideas are helpful to me. If you had more insight i will greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the sharing such a helpful article with lots of information.

  • Thanks for the insight. My husband and I have recently started trying for baby on a tight budget and this was a lot of help. Nice to have someone break it down for me especially since im nervous enough as it is. Thanks! I have been loving your IG as well.

  • Amber reed

    Love your posts! For my 3 I saved with garage sales, second hand stores, and we used cloth diapers that I got in neutral colors(with a few fender specific ones). We also didn’t use a changing table but the tops of their dressers and passed whatever I could down to the next ones.

  • Great advice on getting stuff on a budget! But actually babies don’t need a lot of stuff. A few necessities (not as many as most people think) and caring parents and that’s it. Everything else it just extra and bonus. Just don’t want other parents thinking they need all this stuff and that they and their babies are missing out if they don’t have it.

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