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maternity ASOS sweater angela lanter hello gorgeous

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maternity ASOS sweater angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity ASOS sweater angela lanter hello gorgeous

maternity ASOS sweater angela lanter hello gorgeous

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These photos are hitting me straight in the feels…  Man, I miss being pregnant!  I cherished every hormonal moment, body change and emotion from pregnancy.  The biggest change I didn’t really expect with having a baby was the lack of “me time.”  I went from being able to dictate every moment of my day to having this little person completely determine my schedule.  I’ve been trying to learn the definition of balance the past 8 weeks and wanted to share a few ways to sneak in some “me time” regardless of your busy life and schedule.

9 Ways to Make Time for Yourself:

  1. Take a hot bath.  I’m a huge advocate of bath time.  There’s no better way to wind down from a busy day than soaking in a hot bath and letting your troubles just melt away.  I love using epsom salts in my baths.
  2. Apply a face mask.  If you can squeeze in a bath, then this is the perfect time for a face maskYour skin is important, so make time to care for it.  I really love sheet masks.  Leave a comment below if you’d like me to do an updated spa night routine.
  3. Use essential oils.  We’ve been fans of essential oils for some time now and I can’t recommend them enough.  We even use them as a part of our nightly bedtime routine for MacKenlee.  I love to diffuse lavender oil in our bedroom and also add a few drops in my bath for a calming atmosphere.
  4. Schedule a massage.  Massages became a part of my weekly schedule during pregnancy and I’ve continued them throughout my postpartum healing.  My preference is a deep tissue massage to work out all of the knots.  I look at massage as a healing time for my body more so than a relaxing time.
  5. Sneak in a nap.  Even if you only have 15 minutes, a power nap can be enough to recharge your mind and body for the rest of your day.
  6. Plan a date night.  Whether it’s a date with your significant other or a girls night out, you need time to play.  So have a dinner out or catch that movie you’ve been wanting to see, but give yourself a night off to just have some fun.
  7. Go window shopping.  I love this idea for moms.  It’s a fun way to get some exercise with your babe and shop without the buyers remorse.  Break out the stroller or the carrier, grab yourself a coffee and take a little stroll.
  8. Pick up a good book.  One way I love to escape is my reading.  Whether that be an actual book or an audiobook, I just love a good page turner.  I just downloaded Francine Rivers’ new book, “The Masterpiece” and I can’t wait to dive into it!
  9. Exercise.  I love yoga because it’s great for the body and for the soul.  When I take a yoga class, I’m able to clear my mind and just focus on the poses and my breathing.  There are so many great yoga classes to choose from and you can find great free options on YouTube to do at home.


  1. These are great tips! It’s crazy how different your life becomes after having a baby. We don’t have a nice deep tub so my favorite thing is a hot shower. There were days my husband would get home from work and know it had been a long day because I would let him take the baby and head straight for my shower. I am loving doing face masks, so good for my skin which is extra dry after having a baby!

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. / 4:08 PM

    Girlll you just glowed while you were pregnant! I was so excited to see you go through that journey! I loved being pregnant as well and cherished every minute of it. I did have pretty easy pregnancies though. These are all great ways to make time for yourself. Its def hard to find balance between work, kids, relationship, and everything else, but it just takes time. xoxo

  3. Alexa
    / 5:41 PM

    I love essential oils as well! What are your favorite essential oil combos? Do you just diffuse oils for your daughter or do you apply topically?

  4. Brittany Blackburn
    / 6:42 PM

    Awesome tips, Angela! I’d love an updated spa night routine!

  5. Laura Stacy
    / 7:35 PM

    Well you can add to some “me time” I’ll be there soon. I will need to catch up on 6 weeks of being away from my little MacKenlee. I cannot wait to hold and kiss her. Love you Mom

  6. Mov
    / 11:06 AM

    Great ideas but you have to let us know how you find the time to do all these things. I’m guessing a babysitter?

  7. mania
    / 11:20 AM

    Thanks for sharing! I love your projects!!!

  8. Jailee
    / 2:36 AM

    Thank you for being far more eloquent than I.

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