7 Thin and/or Fine Hair Hacks | Girl Talk Tuesday

7 Thin and/or Fine Hair Hacks | Girl Talk Tuesday

You know me…  

I love attacking issues that others don’t really talk about.  

Today, that issue is thin and/or fine hair. 

thin fine hair hacks angela lanter hello gorgeous


If you read my birth control Girl Talk Tuesday post, then you’ll remember that I specifically talked about hair loss.  

I’ve always had fine hair (super fine hair if we’re being honest here) but a lot of it, as my hairdressers would always tell me.


thin fine hair hacks angela lanter hello gorgeous


But after coming off birth control, my hair loss was a real problem.  

My hair is visibly thinner around my face.  

Every time I wash my hair, I lose handfuls of it.  It can be not only frustrating but embarrassing.


thin fine hair hacks angela lanter hello gorgeous


Wearing: Lush Cross Front Blouse and AG Legging Jeans

In true Angela form, I’m not going to just sit here and take it.  

I’ve decided to try different hacks for hair loss and fine hair in general over the years, so I wanted to share a few of the hacks that have worked for me.

I’m always looking for hacks to get thin and fine hair looking fuller and thicker.


Hacks for Thin and/or Fine Hair:

  1. Include Biotin in your daily supplements.  When I was in high school, my eyelashes fell out on one eye.  Talk about cute senior photos…  I was so mortified, but there was nothing I could do, except apply false lashes daily.  After visiting the doctor, he determined that a stressful family situation was the culprit, and then suggested Biotin.  I’ve been taking this beauty B vitamin ever since.
  2. Add volume with layers.  If you have thin hair, volume can be hard to come by.  Adding layers into your haircut can create the appearance of fuller hair.
  3. Take the NIOXIN 30 Day Challenge.  I’m currently taking the NIOXIN 30 Day Challenge and sharing the results on my YouTube Channel.  I posted my first video showing the before of my hair and after 30 days of use I will be posting another video to show my results.  If you’re not familiar with NIOXIN, watch my video to learn more! You can also get a prepaid reward, with a qualifying NIOXIN purchase, here: www.NIOXINRewards.com.  Visit here to take the online consultation to find out which system is best for your hair needs.

  4. Don’t apply too many hair products.  The more products you use, the heavier your hair becomes.  The heavier your hair is, the more limp and lifeless your hair will looks.  Heavy hair will not equate voluminous looking hair.  Be smart in choosing the right types of products for your hair.

  5. Don’t be afraid to tease.  I’ve always been a teaser.  I love backcombing to add a little oomph to my hairdo.  In order to prevent damage to your hair, only backcomb in one direction and use a light hand.
  6. Invest in clip-in extensions.  If you’re in a situation where you need a quick fix (like a wedding or special event) a couple tracks of hair extensions can make a huge difference.  I don’t wear mine every day, but when I have a special event that I want my hair to look extra voluminous for, clip-in’s do the trick in a pinch.
  7. Keep your hair healthy.  If your hair already looks a little limp, then dry, brittle ends aren’t going to help the situation.  Keep up on your maintenance hair trims to keep your ends looking healthy.

What are some of your thin or fine hair hacks?  

Leave a comment below and let me know!  Also, let me know if you’re taking the NIOXIN 30 Day Challenge with me!

Photography by Kara Coleen.

Thank you to NIOXIN for partnering with me to create this blog post.

Tips and Hacks for Thin Hair
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  • I think for me adding multiple colors in my hair helps add depth which makes it look fuller too!

  • Anne Uhlir

    Thank-you so much for this blog post! Unfortunately due to some medical issues I have had quite a bit of hair loss over the last few years which has made my hair my biggest source of insecurity. I hate to wash my hair because it comes out in handfuls which is just heartbreaking. I really appreciate you talking about this because it makes me feel like I am not the only one. I needed the reminder to maintain my hair with trims because I usually am so afraid to do anything to it for fears of making it worse. My biggest tips are teasing for volume and using a root coverup spray for thin/spare spots. Hugs from Indiana!! Love you Angela!!

    • Angela Lanter

      Wishing you better health, Anne!! xoxoxo

    • I’m on low dose Naltrexone for my hair loss due to auto immune issues.

  • Thank you! What clip ins do you use? They are kind of intimidating to me but I have always wanted to try. Thanks, Heather

    • Angela Lanter

      I have several brands! I like Laced Hair Extensions a lot but my favorite are a unknown brand I bought at my local beauty supply store for my wedding!

  • Sydney Watson

    For many years I took Nutri- Ox vitamins from Sally’s Beauty Supply and they did the trick, but I stopped taking them when I developed an intestinal issue unrelated to the vitamins. Need to start back. They are $13.00 for a bottle.

    I also use Kenra Dry Texture spray after my hair is dry. It smells amazing and does what the title says, “gives texture” to my wimpy hair.

  • I’ve started the Nioxin 30 day challenge but noticed that it really dried out my hair. I’m still using the scalp treatment because I’ve noticed new growth around the hairline. I’ve struggled with breakage for years now and hope this works. Thanks for your post it really helped to get up and do something about it rather than just being miserable and having my hair pulled back all of the time!

    • Angela Lanter

      I haven’t noticed dry hair personally, but I’m using the deep conditioner at least once a week on my ends. Have you tried that product yet?

  • I also have thin hair but a lot of it. I always HAVE to do long layers on my hair and it sure makes a big difference! Plus it’s low maintenance which I love. I sometimes don’t use conditioner after washing my hair and instead I use a little bit of a leave in conditioner after he shower. I notice a bit more volume as I’m not using as many products ?.

    • Angela Lanter

      Leave-in conditioner is a great alternative, especially during the summer months!

  • I blow dry my hair upside down and finish with a cool button on the dryer. It turns out kind of wild so I tame it with a dryer brush.

    • Angela Lanter

      Me too! Drying upside down really helps create some volume!

  • Shirley Turner

    Thanks for publishing this! I’ve been cursed with thin & fine hair. I often complain of having “no hair”. I follow every “trick” known to woman! I use volumizing products: root lifter &/or moose. I blow dry my hair with roller brush, I have layers in my hair. I use shampoo with no sulfates. The few suggestions I have: the shorter your hair is, the fuller it appears to be. Hair extensions are a girls best friend. I did the fusion kind & absolutely loved them. They last about 5-6 months. (They’re glued in) Dry shampoo is good if you don’t get a cheap kind. Get salon quality for your hair. Honestly, my hair is very important to me (since I barely have any) so don’t be cheap with any hair care products. I suggest going to Ulta Beauty or a Salon. For other Ladies cursed like me: Go to a Hairstylist with your type of hair! She knows exactly what you’re going through! She/He can help in the areas that we can’t explain to the Ladies blessed with lots of beautiful, long, thick hair! My Stylist still helps me YEARS later. Good luck to you all! I feel your pain! xoxo <3

  • Amy Woodilla

    Biotin works best for me! Nails, skin & hair improvement roughly a month after starting a regime. Tend to take October thru April to assist in the winter months to avoid dry, brittle everything! Glad someone else finds this to be true as well!! Make sure if you have other underlying health issues that you discuss with your Drs.

  • Beverly Andrews

    I wash my hair at night and towel dry it. I put on Biosilk and go to bed. The next morn. I rewet my hair with a spray bottle, apply my mouse and blow dry with a round brush. My hair is thin and has always been. Do it this way just seems to allow me to work with it being a little more course. I also switch shampoo and conditioner every 6 months.

    • Angela Lanter

      Smart! I use my clip-in extensions when I need a bit of oomph!

  • What is a good leave in conditioner?

  • Cindy Campbell

    Aquage Uplifting foam works great for volume that doesn’t weigh down my fine hair – game changer!

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