A Glimpse Inside our Home

A Glimpse Inside our Home

I give sneak peeks of my home via SnapChat all the time, but I haven’t posted a true home decor blog post before.  It’s mostly because I feel like my home is never finished.  As soon as I get one area or project done, I have another one already in mind to start.  I think that’s just part of being a homeowner, constantly wanting to change and decorate your home.

My personal decor style is French Country meets Beach (or Seaside) Cottage.  I know that technically wouldn’t fall under a specific design label, but those two styles are what I gravitate towards every time.  I love a room that’s light, bright and airy, which is why you’ll see neutrals all over my home.

I’ve personally struggled over home decor because it’s definitely not my forte.  I want so badly to be this awesome interior designer, but it doesn’t come natural to me at all.  I know what I like when I see it, but I pretty much need to see everything all put together in one place to know that I like it.  I’m a very visual person.  That’s why I basically live on Pinterest when I’m working on anything for my home.  Pinterest helps me by allowing me to search specific paint colors, room types, furniture pieces, etc. and see how others have styled them, so I can gather inspiration.

First up is our formal living room or sitting room.  I never know exactly what to call this room, other than my “pretty room”.  It used to have “The Bachelor” couch (the rounded high back couch you see in the Bachelor mansion) and it felt very dark.  Bringing in the off white sofa and rug brightened the room up so much that I didn’t even feel like I needed to paint it anymore.

My favorite part of this room is the coffee table that Matt made for me.  He’s just about the most handy guy I’ve ever met.

angela lanter living room home tour hello gorgeous

angela lanter living room home tour hello gorgeous

angela lanter living room home tour hello gorgeous

Sofa (sold out; similar linked); super similar sofa  //  Homegoods throw pillows; similar style throw pillows  //  Furry Throw Blanket  //  coffee table (Matt made/Proud wifey moment!)  //  Homegoods Area Rug; similar shag rug  //  Striped Curtains (Used 4 panels, 2 on each end of windows)  //  Mirrored Damask Panel  //  Homegoods Floral Arrangement; similar floral  //  White Wood Candle Holders

Shop These Home Pieces:

I’ve been on the hunt for new counter stools for close to a year and finally settled on this gorgeous design from Pier1.  I love the studded detail and the natural fabric color.  My walls look super blu-grey in this photo due to the lighting, but they’re actually a lovely lavender-grey shade.

Pier 1 Counter Stools Kitchen angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Corrine Counter Stools – Linen

I love quick fixes that don’t break the bank to refresh your home as the seasons change.  Switching out pillow covers is my favorite way to shift a room quickly from season to season.  I added these off-white pillows/covers to our family room to brighten the room up for summertime.  Soka loves these faux fur pillow covers so much…  I can barely keep her off of them.

Another quick tip that I try to always keep on hand is fresh flowers.  There’s just something about a vase full of fresh, beautiful flowers that just make a room feel happier.

pottery barn furry pillows angela lanter hello gorgeous

Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow Cover  //  Knit Throw Pillows

I (obviously) love my blog’s name, Hello Gorgeous.  Any time I find something that says Hello Gorgeous, or something similar, I have to buy it.  It’s just sorta my thing.  Some people collect tea cups (which I’d like to take up some day!), others collect records, some collect Hummel figurines…  I like Gorgeous things.

Our guest room is currently my main focus project wise.  I showed on Snapchat last night that we painted the walls and ceiling “Crushed Ice” from Sherwin Williams.  Our guest room is currently what houses my closet and all of my clothes.  Here’s a shot of my jewelry armoire with my wedding reception heels on display.

good morning gorgeous hobby lobby angela lanter hello gorgeous

My sweet subscriber, Rebekah, recently sent me this beautiful Hello Gorgeous jewelry dish and I’m just totally obsessed!

white jewelry armoire angela lanter hello gorgeous

white jewelry armoire angela lanter hello gorgeous

white jewelry armoire angela lanter hello gorgeous

White Jewelry Armoire  //  Mannequin Necklace Stand  //  Badgley Mischka Gloria Sandals (sold out)  //  Hello Gorgeous Jewelry Box (similar)

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For those of you who didn’t catch my snaps of the guest room last night, here’s a before pic (after we finished painting) so you can see what it looks like currently.  Next we’ll be painting the furniture and adding some other new pieces.

guest bedroom angela lanter hello gorgeous

As you can see, the room is super plain right now.  I have a full board on Pinterest dedicated to guest bedroom inspiration, so if you see something that you think I’d like, feel free to send it my way!  Our bedroom furniture is from Crate & Barrel, bedding is from Ikea and Hello Gorgeous pillow is from my friend’s mom’s boutique, Vintage Charm.

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  • Jillian Burroughs

    Oh my goodness Angela, what a stunning family room, I love the mocha brown color on the wall and what a gorgeous coffee table Matt made!!!

    Soka is absolutely adorable ???? I agree the studs on the chairs give them so much character ???????????? so excited to see the guest room when it is complete. I am in the process of decorating our sun room. My husband and I decided on an ocean theme.
    Happy 3 years, happy anniversary and as always God bless ????

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks so much Jillian! The living room was already painted that color when we moved in. 🙂

      I found a lovely chair with studs to match the counter stools at Pottery Barn that I just HAVE to have.

      I love the ocean theme!!

  • Anonymous

    Chris and I saw Mongolian fux fur pillows in Majorca when we were there in April, so we hope to add them to our wedding list or hopefully before as we want to buy a new place next year. I really like the mirror as well Angela 🙂 I have my heart set on a Walk-in wardrobe with hopefully a shower room very close by or adjacent 🙂 to the bedroom. My future sister in law designs all their houses (3 have 3 in Majorca) which they let family and friends holiday in. And now 3 homes in Oxford, England. Claire’s husband Pete works for Taylor Wimpey Homes so is in a fantastic position to do all that with home investing and Claire manages to furnish all the houses well.

    The rooms look lovely and best of luck with continuing your furnishing projects 🙂 xxxx

    • Angela Lanter

      Faux fur pillows are such a fun touch to any room!

  • Michelle

    Hi Angela!! I am totally the same way you are with the interior design and being a visual person. I actually wanted to be an interior designer when I was younger but sadly I can’t draw and like you said, it unfortunately doesn’t come natural. But I love looking at houses and seeing the finished product. I know what I like when I see it too but just as a whole picture. I am a big neutral person as well. I think it’s easier to decorate for holidays and looks nicer. I love the table Matt made and absolutely in love with that wall panel you have!!! Thanks for sharing pics of your home! And of course Happy Anniversary!! Do you have more pics from your wedding that you will share?

  • Ashley C.

    Your home is beautiful! You have amazing taste. I love the french country/rustic look. Your living room is amazing. When Matt decides to build another coffee table I’ll buy it. HAHA Clearly he is talented in many ways.

    • Angela Lanter

      Thanks Ashley!! I know, right?! He could go into the furniture business!

  • Merriann

    My guest room currently holds 10. ..10 gallon containers of vera bradley. I am vera bradley obsessed. I swear by her bags. They are all washable and very girly (with the exception of the microfiber and leather. Theses can be wiped down with a wet cloth ) .
    Not including the over flow of mine and my daughters clothes. So it will soon be time to redecorate. Luckily my mil and mom are great at it.
    I did both my daughters and sons bedrooms in crate and barrel. While it can be a little more expensive there stuff holds up forever so it is well worth the money.

    Angela I am currently in Chattooga, tn. My husband has a conference here and while I miss my kids ( I have checked on them 3 times today alone) I am so glad to be here to have some me time and us alone time. 15 years married and strong. ..
    Again thank you for your advice on the charles by Charles david shoes. You remind me that at 40 i can still be attractive and classy at the sane time.
    Thank you for also taking the time to reply. I don’t follow blogs except for yours. The reason I follow yours is because you are down to earth and post things that the average person can afford.

    • Angela Lanter

      haha!! My cousin, Jenny, would totally relate to your Vera Bradley addiction! And she lives in Chattanooga, believe it or not! My mom’s side is from SE Tennessee so I grew up visiting there every year. 🙂

      Our guest bedroom furniture is Crate & Barrel (the last photo) but we’re going to attempt painting it instead of buying new furniture. I’ll be posting photos to show how it turns out!!

  • I love your simplistic style!

  • Lovely, Angela. Needless to say, love the pillows.

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