3 Things I’ve Learned from 3 Years of Marriage

3 Things I’ve Learned from 3 Years of Marriage

This morning, with her, having coffee.”  -Johnny Cash, when asked for his description of paradise.

I love that quote.  It’s probably one of my favorites.  I probably love it for several reasons, but most of all because Matt and I have coffee together every single morning.  It’s a simple thing, but it’s our thing.  Every couple has their thing, and we just really enjoy a good cup of coffee together.

Today we celebrate three years of wedded bliss.  I use the term, “wedded bliss” with true sincerity because it has been the best three years of my existence.  We are a normal couple who has had their ups and downs, but our ups far outweigh our downs.  We’ve put God first in our marriage since day one, which I believe is why we have such a happy marriage.

I love our anniversary because we talk about what we were doing at this time on our wedding day.  Everyone says that they want to relive our wedding day, but ours was so good that our wedding guests still tell us they want to do it all over again.  It was that good.  Here are a few shots from the best day of my life.

angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

Three Things I’ve Learned in Three Years of Marriage.  – Angela

  1. Don’t drop hints, communicate clearly what you want/need.  Men don’t do hints.
  2. Don’t speak out of anger, you’re not thinking clearly when you’re angry.  Cool down, then talk things over.
  3. Marriage is 100/100, not 50/50.  You have to give 100%, 100% of the time.

Three Things I’ve Learned in Three Years of Marriage. – Matt

  1. Procrastinate on buying gifts, then try your best to push said gift to the next holiday.
  2. Wait on all home projects and painting…  She’ll change her mind in two weeks anyway.
  3. Practice the art of selective hearing.  That way when you don’t want to do something, you can claim you didn’t hear her the first time.

Wedding photos taken by Iris and Light Photography.

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  • Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary Angela and Matt, 3 years wow and still loving every minute 🙂 your wedding photos are beautiful just like you both. All the best, your blogs are fantastic 🙂 May I share on my facebook page xxx

  • Catherine

    Happy Anniversary! The pictures from your wedding are so so beautiful. Loved the tips too! x

  • this one is the best “Practice the art of selective hearing” – my hubby have the same oppinion 😀

  • Happy Anniversary! What gorgeous pics from your wedding!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for sharing your wedding photos! They are gorgeous! Matt’s answers are hysterical! Hope you guys have a great day celebrating!!

  • I can’t even with this post!!! I think I may be obsessed! Can we be friends??!! Haha!

  • Richelle

    Fabulous pictures!
    Matt’s 3 things about marriage made my week!???????? happy anniversary!

  • Anonymous

    Happy anniversary Anglea and Matt! I hope you have many more years of married bliss xoxo

  • Reading your tips Angela for what you learned in 3 years of marriage really was an eye opener for me. I have a tendency to drop hints and speak out of anger occasionally. I will remember this for next time!! Happy Anniversary 🙂

  • Love this! My husband would say something sarcastic like yours did too! I always enjoy your posts and your snaps!

  • Matt’s tips made my day! You look stunning in your dress. Happy anniversary

  • I loved reading this!! I hope y’all had a wonderful anniversary! Those pictures are gorgeous! Y’all have the cutest little nephews!! 🙂

  • Bahahahaha Omg I loved Matt’s that’s pretty much exactly what I could see my boyfriend saying. I’m horrible with the hint dropping and he tells me all the time I need to just communicate clearly, I need to work on that I just feel like I hate having to point out everything lol.

  • Aw, I enjoyed this! And your 3 things you have learned line up with what I have learned in marriage..and what Matt said probably lines up with something my hubby would say ????

  • Merriann

    Happy belated anniversary.
    In 15 years of marriage this is what I have learned. This isn’t short but being a teacher I seem to get long winded sometimes.

    Take a few years to not have children. Wait a while and just enjoy thst time as a couple. We always knew we wanted children however God gave them to us later in our marriage. We had our first after we had been married 8 years and the second during our 12th year of marriage. We are so grateful we had that just us time.

    After you have children don’t forget to have alone time even if it is just spending time together after they are asleep. Yes there are days we are totally exhausted after the kids go to bed but we still take at least 1 to 2 hours to just have our time.

    This is what you said and i agree. Communication is the key. Be honest with each other . This avoids problems in the long run. Your spouse isn’t a mind reader. It is fine to be blunt (be careful what your saying when kids are around. )
    Don’t go to bed angry. We never do this. Honestly we rarely ever get upset with each other. Communication seems to prevent this.

    It is totally fine to buy your own birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts. While many disagree with this we have found it works for us.

    My kids pediatrician gave me the best advice last year. Don’t feel guilty about letting your kids go to the grandparents house for a few days . The relationship they have with the grandparents is an important one and the alone time is important for you and your spouse.

    My husband is my best friend. The friendship side is what gets you through the tough times. My dad died 2.5 years into our marriage due to colon cancer. My husband was so strong for me while my father was fighting .

    Last but not least don’t ever take each other for granted. Your not guaranteed tomorrow.

    • Angela Lanter

      I love your advice, Meriann! Such wisdom in your experience! 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary. best wishes for future,. thanks for sharing memories with us.

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