Healthy Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff

Healthy Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff

I came across a recipe for Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff over at The Shrinking Jeans Blog, which I found via Pinterest. Beef Stroganoff is a regular on the menu here at my house, so I was excited to find a much healthier option. It’s 4 WW points without the pasta! I love to make organic choices whenever possible, so I always try to use organic meats, dairy, canned goods & produce.
The recipe is definitely worth a try. It’s not as good as beef stroganoff made with full fat sour cream (and also not as fattening either!) But it’s still rather tasty and so simple that you just have to try give it a try!


– 1 lb. of chicken breast (already in the crock pot in the above photo!)
– 1 can of 98% fat free Cream of Mushroom Soup
– 1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix
– 16 oz. of fat free sour cream
– Egg noodles
Put your chicken in the crock pot. Mix all other ingredients together in a bowl. Add some fresh ground pepper. Cook on low 4-6 hours. Check the internal temperature of your chicken to know when it’s done. I cooked mine on low for about 1.5 hours then on high for another 1.5 hours. Remove your chicken from the crockpot and shred it. You can use forks, I prefer to shred it in my mixer- so easy!
Mix your shredded chicken back into your stroganoff sauce. Instead of using your typical egg noodles, I used whole grain noodles.. I didn’t really notice a difference. So much healthier!
Here’s the finished product! Enjoy!


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  • georgina

    OOh looks delicious. In the UK we don't have 'onion soup mix' so will have to substitute that with some kind of stock but will stick to the basic recipe. Always on the look out for new slow cooker (crock pot) recipes 🙂 x

    • Angela Stacy

      I found this copycat Lipton Onion Soup Mix recipe:

      Hope this helps! I use this mix for so many great recipes! Thanks for reading!

    • georgina

      Thank you, looks great and simple. Now I just need to find somewhere that sells 'instant minced onion'! It amazes me how our shops stock such different stuff to yours! Lol x

    • Angela Stacy

      I'm wondering if powdered onion would do the trick? We have that in our spice section at our grocery stores..

  • Kelsey Almond

    Thank you, this looks yummy! I use wheat noodles in every pasta dish I make, and you can't go wrong with a crockpot meal! And I LOVE the backsplash in the first pic…so pretty!

    • Angela Stacy

      Thanks! I always try to use wheat pasta too.. I have to trick my fiance into eating it though because he's convinced it doesn't taste as good as regular pasta haha! Thanks for reading!

  • Tracey Kruse

    You are absolutely adorable! I love your fashion sense and your home decor! I've already taken your advice and purchased some of your favorite things! Can you please tell me where you got your white soup & salad bowls? I love, love them!
    Thanks so much!
    Tracey in Maine

    • Angela Stacy

      Awesome! The white dishes are from Macy's.. It's just their regular dish line I believe. I'm actually looking to replace them because the plates are too big to fit into the dishwasher and it's so frustrating! Thanks for reading!

  • Heather Ziegler

    Could you just throw it all into the crock pot together? Chicken, noodles then the liquid ingredients? I appears you just cooked the chicken in the crock pot?

  • Anonymous

    i'm a newbie to crockpot cooking….what did you put in with the chicken??

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