Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 4 & 5

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Hopefully, you have been joining us on this pregnancy journey via Hello Bump Podcast!  Last week we chatted about episodes 2 and 3.  I recapped the feelings I experienced in weeks 6, 7 and 8 of my first trimester.

This week we covered week 9 in episode 4 and week 10 in episode 5.  For those of you with iPhones, you can easily download and listen to our shows using the Podcasts app via iTunes.  If you have an Android, we are also available on the Stitcher app.  And if you don’t have either, you can listen to the episodes directly from my blog posts.

Episode 4: Week 9 “Vaginal Cannon and Tasting Breastmilk” has me exploring body image and my own sex drive during pregnancy.  I don’t think I can get much more personal with y’all at this point…  Oh but I will in the very near future, just you wait.  LOL!  In this episode, we also talk about Matt’s blood work results and his gene mutations.  After going through this process, it leaves me wondering if everyone does this Counsyl testing and if it just gives parents reason for unnecessary concern?  I know it’s great for recognizing true genetic issues, but when it’s not something potentially life threatening, is it worth the fear we experience waiting for the genetic counselor to determine our risks?

Another topic from week 9 that still plagues me to this very day is the illusive “Listeria” threat.  I’ve seen several women whose doctors have said that they’ve never in their career treated a patient for listeria.  It makes me also wonder if we’re overly cautious about the foods we eat?  Can you tell that this mama just REALLY wants a hot dog right now?!

Episode 5: Week 10 “The Name Game” has us chatting about all the different methods for guessing the gender.  I want to know…  Have any of you had luck or found one theory over the other to be more effective?  I’ve seen a lot of believers in the Ramzi Theory, the heart rate count and the forehead slope.  Wondering what y’all think about these!

The task of naming our baby has been the most daunting to date.  Here’s the problem: no matter what name you choose, there will always be someone in your life who doesn’t like it for one reason or another.  As of now, we don’t plan on releasing the baby’s name until after the birth.  We receive enough feedback from family and close friends, so we don’t need to invite additional feedback on the name into our lives, ya know?  I honestly think that keeping the name a secret until the birth is the smartest way to go, that way you don’t have any opinion’s weighting in.  I believe that your child is God’s very personal gift to you.  He only tasks the parents with the privilege of selecting a name, yet so many people feel that it is their right to give opinions about it.  Naming your baby is a very personal, very special thing, so I think you should keep it that way.


This past weekend, Matt felt like I really popped.  So now that I have a true bump, I’m struggling to dress myself.  NOTHING FITS ME, Y’ALL.  I know, I know…  This is normal and totally a part of it.  But again, I’m just being totally human and fessing up to how I’ve been feeling this week.  I did some new maternity pieces in today so I’m excited to have some new things to style the bump with!

Here’s a couple of looks I’ve put together this week:

Angela Lanter maternity casual outfit pregnancy 18 weeks pregnant hello gorgeous

J. Crew Chambray Shirt  //  Striped Tee (similar)  //  Paige Ankle Skinny Jeans  //  Black Strappy Heels (similar)

Angela Lanter maternity casual outfit pregnancy 18 weeks pregnant hello gorgeous

C&C California Tee Shirt Dress (similar)  //  BP. Plaid Cotton Shirt  //  Tory Burch Miller Sandals

A Sneak Peek into our Guest Bedroom

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There’s only one room almost finished in our house so far and it’s my beauty room.  I’m filming a beauty room/studio reveal next week, so stay tuned because you’re going to DIE over the organization and decor!  In case you missed it, here is my beauty room/studio tour from our old house.  I kept my Ikea cabinets and desk, but with the addition of the Pax system (I’ve shown sneak peeks on Instagram Stories) we’ll probably be repurposing the tall Alex drawers.

Today I wanted to show a sneak peek of our main guest bedroom.  This room was on the top of my list to finish when we moved in.  We unfortunately haven’t spent much time at all in our new home since we had to move to Atlanta right away.  When we got home, I found out I was pregnant and the sickness began so I didn’t have the energy to work much on our house decor.  Now that I’m feeling better, I’m starting to put the house together.  Today I’m going to show you a couple photos from our guest bedroom.  I’ll do a full reveal of the room once we get the bedding and artwork purchased and in place.

Many of you will remember the nightstands that we had in the guest room at our old house (see this blog post).  I wanted to buy new nightstands to go with the new Pottery Barn upholstered headboard we bought.  Matt asked if I could give him a chance to paint or stain or old Crate & Barrel nightstands first, so I thought why not?  He did such an amazing job with our coffee table so I knew he’d come up with something beautiful for our nightstands.  Here is the finished product:

guest bedroom sneak peek angela lanter hello gorgeous hello home

I love the way that they turned out!  We still need to replace the drawer pulls, and I’m leaning towards some I recently saw at Anthropologie.

Next up is my console table.  We have a big blank wall in the guest room that separates the bathroom and the closet.  I saw this photo on Pinterest and thought that table would be exactly what I need to go with my pair of Restoration Hardware Toscane stools.  I already had a large blue canvas painting on the wall, the only thing missing was a table.  My problem was I couldn’t find this table or one similar anywhere.  I took to Etsy and stumbled across the custom furniture store, Old Pine, and I fell in love with their work.  Old Pine makes the most gorgeous pieces from reclaimed wood and I knew that they would be able to make a table for my guest room that would be absolutely perfect for the space!  I sent the Old Pine team this inspiration photo and they went straight to work.  They drew up a sample of the table they would build and kept in communication with me throughout the entire process.  I was blown away when we saw the finished piece.  It was so gorgeous and it fit the space perfectly!  Here’s a photo of the Old Pine table:

guest bedroom sneak peek angela lanter hello gorgeous hello home

The stools fit perfectly under the table!  The table is distressed white and the quality is incredible.  Please check out Old Pine if you are in the market for any custom furniture pieces or if you’re looking for a reclaimed wood piece for your home.

I just purchased the most gorgeous bedding for this bedroom while vacationing in 30A last week.  I can’t wait to get the bedding all together to show y’all.  I’m an all-white bed girl, but I wanted to bring a fresh color into this room.  I’m so excited about what the finished product will look like!

If you’re eyeing the Restoration Hardware Toscane stools, but don’t like their $395 price tag ($296 for members), then I’ve done a little detective work for you.  Overstock makes this stool, which is available for $276.  Personally, I’d rather have the RH version, as I think the Overstock version doesn’t look like it’s as nice of quality.  Wayfair makes a lookalike stool that comes in multiple colors and is reviewed very well by customers.  The Wayfair Weybossett Ottoman is only $178 and looks very similar to the Toscane, with the exception of the attached cushion on top.  I think this is a great budget-friendly option.

Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 2 & 3

150 150 Angela Lanter

One week ago today, we officially announced that our lives are changing forever.  Baby L is on the way and the excitement has only built for us with each passing day.  Our first official baby package arrived this morning from Little Me and I opened it this morning on my Insta-stories.  My heart basically exploded over all of the tiny, adorable pieces!

Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 2 & 3 angela and matt lanter hello gorgeous

Now that I’m fully into my second trimester, I’m feeling the baby move which is such a rewarding experience.  I shared on Monday’s episode of Hello Bump the guilt I felt at 6 weeks because I didn’t have this overwhelming sense of love for our baby yet.  Those feelings were obviously very human and I think many women don’t feel like they can verbalize them, if they also have those feelings.  At 6 weeks, I didn’t feel pregnant…  Instead, I felt like I had a bad case of the flu.  I was overall pretty miserable.  If I’m being 100% transparent with you, I was feeling a bit depressed for the first time I can really remember in my life.  I was down about feeling so sick and knowing that there were all these changes coming…  Changes with my body, with our lives and in our marriage.  Please don’t take my honesty as me saying that I wasn’t ecstatic about becoming a mom.  I’ve never for one second regretted this pregnancy.  It was as if my physical condition was taking a toll on my mental and emotional states, making me feel depressed.

Those sad feelings only lasted a few short days, but I wanted to take a moment and be very real and very raw with you here in case there were any other women who are experiencing sad moments in the beginning of their pregnancy.  If that is or was you, girlfriend you are not alone!  To me, these feelings are totally normal.  We’re going through so many changes in our bodies and seeing how different our lives are going to look in just less than a year.  Again, in my opinion, these feelings and thoughts are totally normal, especially for us first timers.

Click below to listen to Episode #2 – “Not My Uterus” of Hello Bump Podcast.  Or click here to listen via iTunes.


Today, we released Episode #3 of Hello Bump which covers weeks 7 and 8 of my pregnancy.  In this episode we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see an ultrasound for the first time.  We share our feelings about that doctor’s appointment as well as a clip of Baby L’s galloping little pulse (so sweet I could cry all over again!)  We talk more about my symptoms, give you WAY too much info about my bodily functions and talk about my OBGYN putting me on anti-nausea medication, Diclegis.  Personally, I’m having so much fun going back and listening to our experiences and thoughts again.  It’s such a fun way for Matt and I to relive this experience with each other with every new episode we publish!

We also talk about the genetics blood test I went through and the mutations that were found in my genes.  This was a bit of a freak out moment for me at first until I dug in and found out what my mutations were and what they meant.

While we’re talking about this episode, do any of you have this crazy fear of vomiting like I do?  It’s a very real fear that gives me serious anxiety when I start to feel nauseous.  Let me know in the comments section below!  Also, let me know if your husband had pregnancy symptoms along with you.

Click below to listen to Episode #3 – “Don’t Come Home without Donuts” of Hello Bump Podcast.  Or click here to listen via iTunes.


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Photography by Jon Volk.
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