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3 Things I’ve Learned from 3 Years of Marriage

This morning, with her, having coffee.”  -Johnny Cash, when asked for his description of paradise.

I love that quote.  It’s probably one of my favorites.  I probably love it for several reasons, but most of all because Matt and I have coffee together every single morning.  It’s a simple thing, but it’s our thing.  Every couple has their thing, and we just really enjoy a good cup of coffee together.

Today we celebrate three years of wedded bliss.  I use the term, “wedded bliss” with true sincerity because it has been the best three years of my existence.  We are a normal couple who has had their ups and downs, but our ups far outweigh our downs.  We’ve put God first in our marriage since day one, which I believe is why we have such a happy marriage.

I love our anniversary because we talk about what we were doing at this time on our wedding day.  Everyone says that they want to relive our wedding day, but ours was so good that our wedding guests still tell us they want to do it all over again.  It was that good.  Here are a few shots from the best day of my life.

angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

matt and angela lanter wedding day hello gorgeous

Three Things I’ve Learned in Three Years of Marriage.  – Angela

  1. Don’t drop hints, communicate clearly what you want/need.  Men don’t do hints.
  2. Don’t speak out of anger, you’re not thinking clearly when you’re angry.  Cool down, then talk things over.
  3. Marriage is 100/100, not 50/50.  You have to give 100%, 100% of the time.

Three Things I’ve Learned in Three Years of Marriage. – Matt

  1. Procrastinate on buying gifts, then try your best to push said gift to the next holiday.
  2. Wait on all home projects and painting…  She’ll change her mind in two weeks anyway.
  3. Practice the art of selective hearing.  That way when you don’t want to do something, you can claim you didn’t hear her the first time.

Wedding photos taken by Iris and Light Photography.

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Saturday Six – 6.11

Happy Saturday y’all!  I’m finally getting back around to doing another Saturday Six post.  You seem to enjoy these posts, based on the comments that I’ve received and I enjoy putting them together.  So here’s a few things I’ve been into this past week:

Chanel Diamond CC Flap Bag Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

1. Bag Borrow or Steal.  I’ve always dreamed of owning my very own Chanel bag and Bag Borrow or Steal made that possible for me…  For the past 30 days.  I love the concept of this company because I just can’t pull the trigger (yet) on such a major purchase when I like to change out my handbags with basically every outfit I wear.  My first bag borrowed was the Chanel Diamond CC Flap Bag.  Every time I went to style this handbag over the past month, I got giddy because I remembered that I had such a classic beauty in my possession.  I immediately felt more expensive (duh) the second I put it on my shoulder.  The best part was that it only costs a fraction of the price (hello no commitment!) but you get to experience the fabulous feeling of carrying a designer bag.

More “Borrow” Designer Bags I Love:

organic spinach & feta pizza angela lanter hello gorgeous

2. Matt & I are on a mission to eat cleaner and healthier.  If you follow me on Snapchat, then you’ve been seeing all the healthy recipes I’ve been sharing lately.  I get more screenshots on my food/recipe snaps than anything else, so I know that a major bulk of my Gorgeous Fam also wants to eat healthier.  One of the things I grab every time I’m at the grocery store is this spinach and feta pizza.  It’s so delicious and super light on the tomato sauce, so less payback if you’re sensitive to acid.  I have several recipes coming to the blog soon, but in the mean time, keep checking back on my Snapchat for daily healthy bites and inspiration.

Pink Peonies Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

3. Peony Season is my favorite season.  It’s technically mid-April through mid-May here in Southern California, but we’re still happily reaping the benefits of my very favorite flower.  My wedding bouquet was mainly composed of white peonies.  🙂

Target Pineapple Candle Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

4. I’m crushing hard on this pineapple candle for summer.  I picked it up at Target about a month or so ago and I just love it.

Shop These Adorable Pineapple Candles:

5. Podcasts.  I love listening to audio books, so naturally I also enjoy podcasts.  This past week I’ve really been loving “This Is Your Life” with Michael Hyatt.  I love the nuggets of wisdom I pick up from his podcasts because I find it so applicable not only to everyday life, but also to my life as an entrepreneur.

6. Speaking of podcasts, I listened to a particular episode this past week that focused on the value/importance of being a good conversationalist.  It made me realize that I’m not a good listener, but I’m fantastic at talking…  The problem is that someone who loves to talk and not listen is not good at conversation generally.  I’m so glad I listened to this episode because it made me so aware of how I want to go into conversations from now on and how I want to focus on sharpening my listening skills.  People value a good listener.  Are you a good listener, or do you spend half the conversation thinking about what you’re going to say next (I do!)?

Leave a comment with your favorite podcast to listen to below!

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Saturday Six – 5.6

palm springs who what wear target ruffle dress angela lanter

palm springs who what wear target ruffle dress angela lanter

palm springs who what wear target ruffle dress angela lanter

Look at me, it’s Saturday and I’m actually publishing a Saturday Six post!  I got my big girl panties on and I’m ready to punch the world in its face today, y’all!  Being serious though, I’ve considered renaming this series because I can so rarely get it up in time.  Come to think of it, I can rarely do anything on time.  I like to say that I’m running on Angela time, Matt doesn’t think I’m funny.  He actually asked for one thing for Christmas last year: for me to actually be on time.  Maybe one day he’ll come to terms with the fact that being late is just who I am as a person.  Maybe not.

Enough babbling, Ang…  On to this week’s top 6!

  1. Peanut Butter Pie.  I made this recipe tonight and no joke it’s basically a Sonic Dream Blast in pie form.  This delicious treat in all it’s cool whip goodness is what my dreams are made of.
  2. These faux fur pillows.  They’re furry, they’re white(ish), they’re rub-my-face-on-them amazing.  I ordered two this week for my family room.
  3. Cleansing Oil.  I know, I know…  The idea of cleansing with oil seems so counterproductive.  I’ve heard it a thousand times and have even had that same thought myself.  But here’s the thing, I use cleansing oil as a pre-cleanser and there’s no looking back.  Using oil to break down and remove your makeup before cleansing with your regular cleanser ensures that you are removing all traces of makeup, dirt and residue from your day.  I highly recommend this cleansing oil from Laneige because it gets work done and smells amazing.
  4. Braids.  Because, duh.  I live for a good braid.
  5. Neck Massager.  I’ve talk about how prone I am to headaches and migraines in the past, and I find that the majority of my pain stems from stiffness in my neck and shoulders.  Matt bought me this heated neck massager for Christmas and it’s been a Godsend.  It is way more powerful than you would ever imagine.  It’s worth every penny in my book.
  6. Stagecoach.  Last weekend, we traveled back to the desert to experience our first ever Stagecoach Festival and we had a blast.  We sadly missed Sam Hunt by about an hour on Friday night (who I was most pumped about).  The Band Perry and Carrie Underwood put on amazing shows and reminded me that I’m totally a country girl at heart.  🙂

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