Styling My Sezane Cardigan Collection

Styling My Sezane Cardigan Collection

My current fashion obsession? My Sézane cardigan collection.

If you have never heard of the brand Sezane, prepare to be ruined for all other brands.

Granted, I’m especially obsessed because the brand is inspired by Paris, which is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s the city that Matt proposed to me in. ❤️

Overall, I would describe it as “Parisian style” or a classic French clothing brand.

Sezane has so much to offer, but I gravitate towards their knitwear (their cardigans specifically).

For Mother’s Day, I actually asked for a gift card to choose a new piece to add to my Spring wardrobe from them.

Here’s a look at my current Sezane cardigan collection.

My Sezane cardigan collection. Wearing the sezane gaspard cardigan by fashion blogger Angela Lanter.

Gaspard Cardigan

The first purchase I made from Sezane was one year ago. I bought the iconic Gaspard cardigan in “Ecru”, which is an off-white shade.

It is easily one of my most worn pieces in my closet. This Sezane cardigan can be worn traditionally with the buttons in the front or backwards for a different look altogether.

Don’t miss all the details on this classic cardi:

  • Super soft material
  • Made from mohair and baby alpaca
  • Mother of pearl buttons
  • Ribbed knit

I do find that their sweaters run large, so consider sizing down. I wear a XS and sometimes feel that they are too large on me.

My Sezane cardigan collection. Wearing the sezane Louis cardigan by fashion blogger Angela Lanter.

Louis Cardigan

My next purchase was the Louis cardigan in black.

This sweater is positively gorgeous. There are so many lovey details such as the frills on cuffs, frills on the neckline, slightly puffed sleeves, and a semi-sheer patterned knit.

The sweater is made from merino wool and pairs so well with a ton of different bottoms.

Wearing size XS, does run large.

Emile Cardigan

With my first two sweaters being thinner materials, I decided my next purchase should be a chunky knit style.

I ordered the Emile cardigan in “Ecru” and sized up to a Small.

This sweater is heaven. It’s so soft and cozy, I wish I could buy one for every single woman in my life.

It’s an alpaca wool jumper with slightly puffed sleeves. I find that this one runs smaller, but has an oversized fit.

Angelie Cardigan

Recently, I ordered the Angelie cardigan in “Light Beige” but haven’t yet had a chance to wear it.

This sweater has the classic style of the Gaspard, but with more snazz.

I love the feminine details around the collar and front.

Barry Cardigan

Clearly, I have a type. I also just ordered the sweater above, the Barry cardigan, in “Light Beige”.

Essentially, the Barry is the v-neck version of the Gaspard. The only other real difference is the mother of pearl buttons have been replaced by tone-on-tone buttons.

It’s a fabulous classic sweater. I wanted a second Gaspard to keep in Ohio, so I decided to switch it up and instead go with the Barry. And, guess what? #noregrets

Are the Sezane cardigan sweaters worth the price?

In one word? Yes.

Listen, I get it. Sezane is pricey. But I have literally never in my life worn a better quality, better fitting sweater, than my sweaters from Sezane.

Have you found a Sezane cardigan dupe?

Actually, yes, I have found a fabulous dupe!

My favorite collection from Kohl’s, the LC Lauren Conrad collection, released this striped button layering cardigan and it’s so similar to the Gaspard.

I have this dupe and it’s really fabulous. If you want to create the ultimate Paris girl look, and don’t want to spend the money on Sezane, then grab this sweater for under $30.

This sweater does run a bit big, so I would recommend sizing down as well.

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