Winnie the Pooh Drive By 3rd Birthday Party

Winnie the Pooh Drive By 3rd Birthday Party

Two weeks ago we celebrated our Kenny girl’s third birthday with the sweetest Winnie the Pooh themed party.  I’m so excited to finally be sharing all of the photos and details with y’all because I’m positive you’re going to love it!

I love our party name: Kenny the Pooh is no longer TWO.

Since we’re in the midst of a pandemic, we opted to only have a small family gathering since our family was already in town for the holidays.  We chose to also host a drive-by celebration for her little friends.  It turned out to be such a fun day for our girl and us too!

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the table decor



the dessert bar


The desserts were just way too cute.  My mom made “Tigger Tails” by dipping pretzel sticks into melted orange chocolate.  She drizzled chocolate to create the stripes.



Mom also dipped fresh strawberries into the orange chocolate to create carrots for Rabbit.  For dirt she simply smashed one package of Oreos.



She also made the cutest Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet cupcakes.  Unfortunately, I dropped the entire container of cupcakes before the party so they smashed against the lid.  I felt so terrible, she worked so hard to make them. #momfail



We used the kitchen island as our dessert table and it turned out adorable.  The little touches of greenery made it feel so much like the 100 Acre Wood. 🙂 



The awesome girls at CalPay also put together this fun little banner for Ken’s high chair.  She LOVED it!



the drive-by party


I’ve already seen questions come in about how we hosted a drive-by because it’s such a weird, unknown thing.

I sent out an evite with a 2 hour window to drop by and safely wish Kenny a Happy Birthday.  I also asked to not worry about bringing gifts, I didn’t want parents to have one more thing to think about in that weird week between Christmas and New Years.  And then a prayyyyyyyyed like crazy for good weather.

God heard my prayers, lol.  We had a sunny days in the 60’s.  The wind however did not get my prayer request.  It was one of the windiest days we’ve had in Nashville yet.  

The guests all showed up at different points, which was so nice to spread everyone out.  They drove up and we gave the little ones sidewalk chalk to get out and write a special birthday message to Kenny on the driveway.  Such a fun, interactive way to make them feel like they’re actually at a party!

We handed out cookies, cupcakes and favors to our guests and safely chatted from a distance.  Here is how the drive-by party turned out…



Could you die over the amazing sign from Alpha-Lit Nashville and gorgeous balloons from Carrie Me Up and Away?  They both knocked it out of the park!

The drive-by table was meant to be set up outside, next to the Kenny is three sign, but due to the high winds, we had to improvise.  The table was set up inside the messy garage (ignore the background please!) which wasn’t what we had planned but it still turned out so darling.

For party favors, we filled these cute little honeybee boxes with Winnie the Pooh stickers and mini Playdoh containers.



the birthday girl


I scoured Pinterest for a ready to wear Pooh bear outfit for Kenny, but there wasn’t anything that really stood out to me.  So again, I improvised.  I pulled this little look together with the help of Amazon and Walmart.



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Local Vendors Used

Decor: CalPay Picnic

Birthday Sign: Alpha-Lit Nashville

Balloons: Carrie Me Up and Away

Birthday Cake: Copper Whisk Cakes

Cookies: Radiant Sugar by Emily


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  • Amy Snyder

    Oh my goodness! What a cute birthday party! She’s the cutest Pooh Bear ever! I love all the attention to every little detail! Everything is adorable!

  • Kristina huff

    I cant get over the dessert bar and the big light up sign ‘Kenny is three’!!!! So cute and adorable. That cake is fantastic! ???????

  • CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! All around adorable. That cake and those cookies!! omg!!! those look awesome!!!

  • Nadya Voytovich

    The details are just to die for! Wow. Your mama is awesome for making those cute detailed pretzel sticks, cupcakes and “carrots”. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leah Davis

    Wow! How do we pick just one part as our favorite!? Everything is so cute!! Kenny girl is one lucky girl to have such an awesome mama. I loved all the desserts! Those cookies?.

  • What a clever name and fun theme! I would have never thought of it. The cookies looked amazing!! Kenny is lucky she has such great parents to throw her a great party!

  • Jessica Armstrong

    Everything is just beautiful!! I absolutely love the table settings!!! My son will be turning one in April, from your picks I think I’ll do a party like this with grandparents and aunts, love how special you were able to make it with our limitations we have right now ?

    • Kiana Russey

      The whole party is so sweet. I love love love the dessert bar!! I am so glad Kenny the Pooh had a party.

  • Elena Geyer

    Love this so much. So many clever ideas from the food to the decor to Kenny the Pooh’s outfit! Sorry you had wind to deal with, but it looks like it didn’t get in the way of a successful, fun for all party.❤?

    • Angela Lanter

      The wind was a bummer but we couldn’t have asked for a prettier December day!

  • Chantel Broeker

    I was going to initially say I loveeee the place settings on the dinner table but I think the cookies & the honey pot lanterns are the stinkin cutest!! Her party was adorable!

  • Rachelle Clary

    I’m going to need your mom to come make yummy desserts for my kids birthdays!

  • Loved all the decorations ?What a great idea your mom had for Tigger tails and carrots. Just looking at all the sweets is making me crave sugar. The cake looked amazing and Kenny’s outfit was the best. Mom and dad did a great job ?

  • Dashia Ward

    I love love love the honey sticks on each plate! That is so cute and the ears were adorable too!
    So glad Kenny girl loved her birthday!

  • Wow! This is great…I don’t have children but I was a huge fan of Pooh as a baby/toddler! I loved the uniqueness of the accessories, such as the honey sticks and the Large Electronic Letters… Your party name is adorable, I’ma sucker for a rhyme!
    Also, I love your dinner table decor…. love your small touches/pop of flowers! Congratulations on your Cutie Patootie’s lovely Birthday celebration!

  • Katrina Garcia

    You knocked it out of the park once again. I love everything. All the details were just so pretty. Happy Birthday Kenny ?

  • Jenifer Sears

    Of course Kenny girl in her cute outfit is my fav (does she count as a decoration? Lol.)

    Everything is amazing of course but the sign from Alpha-Lit Nashville is my favorite. It just pushes it over the top.

    Great job mom (and family too!) ?

    • Savannah

      I love it!!❤ kenny is so cute? the food looks good!! and the decorations!!?

    • Angela Lanter

      The cutest decoration of them all!!

  • Paula Daniels

    I loved it ♥️♥️♥️♥️You did an amazing job! Magazine material! ♥️♥️♥️Kenny looks so happy and everything is amazing! Thank you for always sharing with us!

  • Beth Darnell

    Love, love, love the theme! Kenny the Pooh is adorable!! Great job on everything!!

  • I absolutely love the theme! Such attention to detail right down to the tigger tail pretzel sticks and garden carrot strawberries. The tablescape is gorgeous too. Kenny looks so precious in her adorable costume!!

  • Kristin Forster

    For whatever reason, I have never thought to hire someone to do balloons. I love this idea as those are so cute! The whole party is adorable.

    • Angela Lanter

      It took so much pressure off me! Definitely worth it!

  • Linh Nguyen-Mao

    I love it all! Everything is so super cute!!!

  • April Ellenburg

    Cutest idea!! The theme is my favorite part! I’d have to say the Hunny lanterns and Tiger tails are my fave! Truly an amazing party. I bet many will attempt to duplicate such greatness! Happy Birthday Cutie Pie!

  • Elizabeth

    I just love the cute cupcakes your mom made! It’s the little homemade details like that, that really stand out to me! Awesome job!

  • I love this birthday party theme. Everything turned out so cute. I thought the “Tigger pretzels” were very cleaver!

  • This Kenny Is Three sign with all the balloons is my favorite decoration, and the “carrots” were my favorite food decoration. So simple and clever. You guys did an amazing job, and Kenny’s outfit was adorable.

  • I love all the little touches that made it seem like you were walking into Hundred Acre Wood, but I love Kenny’s outfit the best! So cute! Oh! And the balloons, nothing screams birthday like balloons.

  • Sooooo stinkin cute! Everything looked great! Shes the cutest little Pooh bear too ?.you do such a great job with her parties! She’s one lucky little girl! ❤️

  • Natascha Bivens

    Everything looks amazing!! Well done! I love the look of the cake & those cookies look amazing! Kenny girl is such an adorable little girl (even tho she looks like Matt) haha

    Absolutely love everything you posted from Miss Kenny girl’s party!! Much love!!

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