5 Fall Trends for 2020 that You’ll Love

5 Fall Trends for 2020 that You’ll Love



1. White Boots.  I’m seeing white ankle booties everywhere.  Here are some cute options that are so on trend this season:



2. Statement Sleeves.  Just a few days ago, I compiled this list of adorable Fall sweaters with fun statement sleeves.  Statement sleeves has always been a feature I love, so I’m really excited for this trend.  Here are a few of my budget-friendly favorites:



3. Fringe.  This one seems to make it’s way back to us every year.  And I’m not mad at it.



4. Lace.  I’m seeing lace on the new arrivals page of every website I visit.  Lace is timeless, so I get why it’s so in this season.



5. Babydoll Tops and Dresses.  Babydoll style tops and dresses are very popular right now, especially on Amazon.  I have a love/hate relationship with this style, only because if it’s not done right, it just looks like maternity to me.  Here are a few pieces I actually really love…


  1. Rachelle Clary
    / 9:33 AM

    Yeah I’m definitely going to rock my maternity clothes this fall. Yay for babies!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:42 AM

      YAY!! I’m sure you’ll look ADORABLE!

    • Megan Brewer
      / 8:23 AM

      I agree with like 4 out of the 5 looks. I have never really been a fan of fringe, but I am all about the rest of the looks.

      • Angela Lanter
        / 9:30 AM

        Thank you so much!

  2. Mindy Diegel
    / 9:53 AM

    I’m loving the baby doll tops. I still need to order that one of yours from Amazon but I can not decide on the size to order. The statement sleves I am on the fence about.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:42 AM

      You need it! It’s so great!

  3. Lori Leung
    / 10:32 AM

    I like the baby doll tops. Here in Florida I don’t have a lot of use for sweaters or a lot of booties. I do own a few booties, but I might wear them a hand full of times before I’m going back into my sandals, LOL. I have a few jackets for cold days when I walk out the door and it’s 35, but by noon it is 65 and it comes off and I have my plaid shirt on from American Eagle you had recommended to me last year.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:43 AM

      Isn’t that shirt the best? I can’t wait to wear it again this year!

  4. Peerli Reynolds
    / 10:52 AM

    I just bought like 4 of the same type of babydoll dresses on Amazon and I’m glad I saved my lacy tops

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:43 AM


  5. Mallary
    / 2:24 PM

    I love lace! It’s so easy to dress up or down and and just super cute! I also love w good pair of booties, so we’ll see if o try some white ones!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:45 AM

      Totally agree about the lace!! Hope you find come cute white booties!

  6. Katie
    / 4:47 PM

    I love lace and white booties!!!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:45 AM

      So cute, right?!

  7. Katrina Garcia
    / 5:24 AM

    I’m loving the lace and statement sleeve tops. I saved some of the Amazon ones to my list so I can go back and find them :). Thanks for these tips and ideas.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:46 AM

      So glad you liked them!

  8. Robin Harvey
    / 6:02 AM

    Love love love. Any good ideas to style them when you are a little fluffier than the normal?

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:48 AM

      Style which piece?

  9. Lauren
    / 4:06 AM

    ah!! I love fall clothes and even though its spring here they also work well here I LOVE baby doll tops I do agree about the “maternity look I’ve had to be careful with that but I can’t resist them. I was watching Gilmore girls the other day and Lorelai had a gorgeous baby doll top I wanted!! but I love this!
    side note I’m also watching your fall fashion video right now

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:50 AM

      Thanks, Lauren!!

  10. Leonie
    / 7:59 AM

    Yess!!! especially white boots when they looks like Dr. Martens…. and the fringe. Who doesn’t love something with fringe

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:30 AM


  11. Erin Core
    / 12:37 PM

    Those boots and tops/blouses are super cute!! It has finally started to get cooler in Texas and can wear my fall clothing now. I love wearing my brown booties and cardigans!! My fav go to fall staple pieces!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:35 AM

      YAY!! I’m so excited for you!

  12. Britney
    / 3:01 PM

    I wanna pick up a couple cute baby doll tops for the fall with a sweater!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:35 AM

      You need to!

  13. Khristin
    / 3:07 PM

    White booties!!!! I can’t wait to get a pair!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:18 AM

      Let me know what kind you get!

  14. Sydni Alexandra
    / 6:38 PM

    I love that fleece so much!! I need it!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:35 AM

      It’s so good!!

  15. Rachel Sparks
    / 11:14 AM

    I’ve seen the white boots start to become a trend and in the beginning I wasn’t really liking them but after seeing them so much, I’m starting to really dig them! Might have to get a pair 😍

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:31 AM

      Right?! I was the same way!

  16. Tiffany Warner
    / 8:40 AM

    Love your style! You find the cutest stuff!!! 😍😍😍

    • Angela Lanter
      / 9:31 AM

      Thank you so much!

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