Girl Talk Tuesday: I’m Not the Best Blogger to Follow

Hard truth:  I’m not the best blogger.  I’m not the best anything.

Girl Talk Tuesday: How to Spend "Me" Time angela lanter hello gorgeous Girl Talk Tuesday: How to Spend "Me" Time angela lanter hello gorgeous Girl Talk Tuesday: How to Spend "Me" Time angela lanter hello gorgeous Girl Talk Tuesday: How to Spend "Me" Time angela lanter hello gorgeous Girl Talk Tuesday: How to Spend "Me" Time angela lanter hello gorgeous Girl Talk Tuesday: How to Spend "Me" Time angela lanter hello gorgeous

I really wanted to kick off Girl Talk Tuesday for 2020 talking about resolutions.  Here’s the thing…  I’m not ready to.  I haven’t chosen my word of the year yet.  I haven’t received my new planner.  I’m behind on 2020.  And you know what?  That’s okay. 

If I sit here and compare myself and my plans for the year ahead to my peers, it will end in me drowning my sorrows in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.  Why?  Because I can’t keep up with Joneses of the social media world.

This past weekend, on my Instagram Stories I was in a very flustered state and asked y’all what the heck am I doing wrong?  It was 6pm, and I was just getting around to getting dressed and ready to film for the day.  You see, I had spent my day running after a toddler, cleaning and trying to get some work done in between the mess.  I see my fellow content creators in full glam at 7am with kids fully dressed and out the door with a fully scheduled day ahead.

At 7am, I’m usually in my REM stage of sleep (thanks Fitbit, lol!).  I see other bloggers virtually running circles around me daily.  I’m just sitting here with a spinning head trying to figure out whether I’m coming or going.

It’s so easy for me to preach about comparison to my GGs.  It’s another thing entirely for me to practice what I preach.  I’m regularly reminding y’all that Instagram is just a highlight reel, that we’re only seeing the good stuff.  I think because I share the good, the bad and the ugly, I forget that I’m not the Instagram norm.  The Instagram norm is sharing the good, the pretty and even prettier.  That’s just not reality for me right now.

I enjoy sharing the real life moments and being relatable…  and being vulnerable too apparently.  So, in all transparency, here’s what you’re not going to see from me in 2020: Perfect anything.

I’m not the perfect blogger with the perfect home, clothes, makeup, diet, child, marriage, ANYTHING.  I’m just a normal wife, mom and entrepreneur sharing the things and the life that I love with you daily.  I’m just a girl from Ohio who loves to connect with other real women through this amazing platform I’ve been blessed with.  Yes, sometimes I’ll get down on myself and forget to do the very things I remind you to do, but that’s just one of my many flaws that makes me, *gasp* human.

So I hope you’ll join me this New Year ahead and try to not get down on yourself when you feel like you’re not doing enough, being enough or looking good enough.  Together, let’s remove the things (like accounts we follow) that make us feel not enough and replace them with things that make our hearts feel full.


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  1. Nikki
    / 1:53 PM

    Great post! I’m right there with no. I’m not perfect and I never will be.

    • Crystal
      / 2:40 PM

      Your one of my favorites because I wonder what I’m doing wrong as a stay at home mom of 3 and 6 year old. The world has made us believe we should be doing something 24/7. My word of the year is Grace. And just enjoy the small moments of life.

  2. Ashley
    / 2:02 PM

    So, I am not a mom or self employed as you are but I do still keep up with the free info and classes from The Society of Business Witchery.

    Anyway, like a week ago they were talking about something that made a huge change in their business productivity.

    Making a work schedule. I don’t work for myself so I am given structure from the company and haven’t actually had to put this into action; however they were talking about taking the time to give yourself structure when self employed. So you have work hours scheduled and approximate time for certain duties. Their example was customer service time. They went from feeling like they were answering emails all day to giving it like an hour a day. Even doing that they’ve had tons of compliments on quick response time.

    Anywho, just thought I would share incase it sounded like something helpful to try.

    • / 6:42 PM

      Love that advice so much! I’m such an organized person in all areas of my life EXCEPT time management!

  3. / 2:21 PM

    So much yesss! Running after my 4year old and almost 1year old is exhausting. Seeing all the “super moms” on social media who work out at 5:00am and create perfect schedules just makes me depressed. Sometimes I asked myself what I’ve accomplished in a day as a SAHM. From the outside a lot of people might think that as a SAHM I just relax all day but I work hard taking care of the kids. I make meals, cook, clean, play, go grocery shopping, take the kids to doctors appointment. It’s such a short period of time in their lives where they need all of me. I’m ok with not meeting social media expectation of what a “super mom” looks like. I don’t feel mom guilt about it. It took a long way to get here but I know my kids will look back and know that I tried my best taking care of them and showered them with all my love along the way.

    • / 6:43 PM

      Who has the energy to do these 5am workouts? Insanity!!

  4. Rachelle Clary
    / 3:35 PM

    This is the reason I follow you. You’re relatable. So much so that I feel like you’re my best friend I’ve never met. Thanks for being vulnerable so that girls like me know that it’s ok to not be perfect.
    Literally a couple of days ago I was in my robe until 4:30. Normally my brain would start attacking myself but instead I just thought “it’s ok, Angela does this all the time.” Haha!
    And girl you can start resolutions anytime! I just came up with mine on Sunday. And you better believe I have already failed. But I’m trying and that’s what matters!

    • / 6:44 PM

      Love that so much, Rachelle! I’m proud of myself… I got dressed at 5pm today instead of 6:30 LOL!

  5. Kristi Campbell
    / 6:30 PM

    Great post! Real, honest, and encouraging to the everyday woman.

  6. Cheryl
    / 7:10 PM

    Yes!!! This is exactly who I follow you. I’m trying so hard to not get caught up in the insta story because I want the real story. We all deserve it and we all deserve to give ourselves Grace!!! Blessings and kudos to you!!!!😍😍😍

  7. Cheryl
    / 8:17 PM

    I appreciate that you show reality, you’re human and all of it combined is what makes you one of my favorite bloggers! Thank you!

  8. Nicole Peterson
    / 8:24 PM

    I love this! I’m not a perfect mom. And the pressure of thinking I need to be sent me into therapy for anxiety. Thanks for being relatable.

  9. Judi Orsini
    / 5:22 AM

    And that is why are are the best blogger!!!


  10. Sasha
    / 5:22 AM

    Hell woman you’re the ONLY blogger I follow because you’re REAL. Yes I still think you’ve got the perfect life because I’m not living it – I see a beautiful woman with a gorgeous husband and I see financial security and an adorable little girl with doting parents, but I also listened to your podcasts and read your posts about how life just IS and I love that. You talk about the REAL sex you have, the real medical issues you have, the real issues you may face in your marriage and it is all so genuine. I don’t follow you because of your perfect make up or gorgeous hair (although both of these things are great) – I follow you because I know if we lived 5 minutes apart we’d be friends.

    FYI you’re killin’ it.

    • / 1:10 PM

      Sasha!! Your words just blessed me more than you’ll ever know!!!

  11. Ria Read
    / 6:10 AM

    This, right here, is why I follow you! Always keeping it real and staying relatable to your audience, that is what a good blogger does.
    Also, I have followed you for YEARS and in that time, yes you have changed and your blogging style has evolved but so has your life, you are now a mama and that changes everything! You still inspire me just the same!

    You continue to be my favourite girl I have never met! Keep doing you 🙂

    Ria x

    • / 1:13 PM

      Ria! Thank you so much! Such amazing compliments and really cool to hear from you how you’ve seen changes in me. 🙂

  12. Heather Dyke
    / 6:26 AM

    Honestly I think what you’re experiencing is 100% normal and it hurt my heart the other day on stories to see you judging yourself. You have so much going on in your life. A toddler (!!!), a new house, a business, relationships, etc. Comparison is the thief of joy…don’t let it (or Satan) steal yours. It doesn’t matter if you’re full glam at 6:30 am or 6:30 pm or not glam at all. I’ve been trying to work on removing the comparisons in my brain and simply focus on thankfulness. It’s hard but I’m trying. I’m thankful for this post and for you. You (and Kenny) bring so much joy to me and my little girls. I appreciate your vulnerability far more than your style and glam. Those are fun but YOU and your heart are why I come back.

    • / 1:19 PM

      Thank you SO MUCH, Heather! Your kind words mean so much to me!

  13. Erin Dockery
    / 6:30 AM

    That was literally amazing! You have a gift. God is using you to speak to these precious souls. Keep being real. 💗💗💗

  14. Susan
    / 6:31 AM

    This is why I love you! Admittedly I catch myself thinking y’all are perfect bc you are talented and beautiful and live a different life than me, but then I remind myself that you are real and share that real ness.
    I am a middle school special ed and theatre teacher. I also have 11 year old twin boys with learning difficulties and a 3 year old energetic little boy.
    My husband also went into business for himself this year so to say it’s been years of transitions is an understatement.
    I don’t really do resolutions, but my proudest accomplishment for January is I started a bible recap plan to read the Bible in a year on Jan 1 and I haven’t missed a day.

    Sorry to be long winded. Keep being you and thanks for your authenticity in a world full of artifice (our word of the day in my class) LOL

    • / 1:22 PM

      Thank you, Susan! I hope your husband’s new business is so successful!!

  15. Elaine
    / 6:35 AM

    I love this post, Angela!!! This is the very reason why I feel like you are the “perfect” blogger in my eyes! You show us your vulnerability and that you are just one of us! I really needed to read this today! Thank you so much for all you do for us GGs and for staying real and truthful! I really enjoy being a part of your community! XoXo

  16. Vanessa
    / 6:41 AM

    I love following you because you are REAL. Someone to relate to in this crazy world of life. You are not the typical blogger 👋 you give such great tutorials, style (most at reasonable $) for the average housewife. Great recipes, great decorating tips and renovations on all sizes of homes I could go on and on you see you cover everything that women love ❤️ Don’t change you are an incredible source to us all!

    • / 1:23 PM

      Thank you, Vanessa! Such awesome compliments and they mean so much to me!!

  17. Rachel Hauck
    / 8:44 AM

    Gulp! I really needed this today. Was just sitting here beating myself up for not being a good enough author. And “Why do I think “I’m all that great,” when I’m clearly being surpassed by so many.” ;p

    But that’s totally WRONG thinking. I was wrestling with it for a while then realized “Hey, dummy, start declaring God’s truth over yourself!” Then I found this post and while you’re almost 30 years younger than me, some things are quintessential to life, to being human. I thought by now I’d be over my insecurities, especially after being so blessed and having success, but the devil and our emotions don’t play fair.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Angela. I follow you because you are real and honest and down to earth. I don’t follow many bloggers but you’re one worth my time.


    • / 1:27 PM

      They definitely don’t play fair! Loved reading this so much, Rachel. Your writing has blessed me and women all over the world, never forget that. 🙂

  18. Jenna Conant
    / 9:17 AM

    As stated by others, this is exactly why I joined your community. I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with social media because of all the toxic and idealized content that circulates nowadays. Perfection does not exist in any earthly capacity. It’s unrealistic to think otherwise (and I say this as a longtime sufferer of perfectionism… I have to tell myself this constantly!). We are all different and unique and that’s a beautiful thing. All we can do is our best, and some days our best efforts might not appear as well off as others – and that’s ok. That’s when self care and family/friend/community support comes in handy BIGTIME.

    I’m reiterating what you’ve so eloquently stated in your blog post at this point, but I just wanted to express my support and appreciation for your honesty and real talk with us. It’s why I, like so many, find you so relatable as a fellow human, and why the community you’ve created is so positive and fun to be a part of. Thank you! <3

  19. Julie McCarter
    / 9:40 AM

    I love this post so much Angela!! It’s so easy to get caught up in the Instagram world… all these bloggers seem to have the perfect lives. I know it’s not actually true but dang how do they do it all?!? I’m in disbelief and awe all at the same time! I love how real and honest you are about life!! My word for this year is acceptance. Acceptance of where I am in life. Acceptance of my body as a mom of three. Acceptance that it is ok to not be perfect and just enjoy the smaller things and little moments! It’s so great being able to connect with you on this platform!
    Keep doing you because you are doing a great job and you’re an inspiration to so many!! xoxo Julie

    • / 1:29 PM

      Julie! I love “Acceptance”! What an awesome word for an awesome mama. 🙂

  20. Nicole
    / 12:47 PM

    We love you sweet Angela!

  21. Cynthia van Henten
    / 12:55 PM

    You are good enough! I enjoy your real life and not the fake/perfect things i see on so many other blogs. Just be you. That is good enough and something i need to remind myself of weekly! Have a good 2020 and lets take good care of ourselfs and each other!

  22. Diane
    / 1:21 PM

    You’re an amazing mom to a sweet little girl, yes you will have bad days, and it is ok to show us those bad days. We are your GG’s we love you, because you are this raw, honest, dont hold back kind of person. No one is expecting perfection, if they do, that says more about them then you. You have a schedule will work for you, but you can’t stop Kenny- girl from being a kid. Maybe that will change over time, who knows, certainly not anyone on earth. <3

  23. Erin
    / 3:01 PM

    I love your blog and youtube channel. It is so easy to compare ourselves to others. I do it more often than I like to admit. Comparison is the thief of joy. I appreciate your realness always like we are all friends just chatting.

    • / 1:31 PM

      Thank, Erin! That’s because we are all friends. 🙂

  24. Karina
    / 5:45 PM

    This is so refreshing! I just started a new job (5 months ago) and have recently fallen prey to unhealthy self talk that essentially added up to me not feeling like I was not measuring up to my peers in the office or peers I know in the field. I felt that any time I was frustrated at work because I needed help, or did not have a clue what I was doing, or even getting feedback, that I was a failure. Even though I am a fresh grad student and only in my mid-twenties. I was not giving myself room to grow and nor was I being fair to myself. Luckily my boss recognized where my head was and has been patient and kind with me all week and has talked with me about my value to her and the company to remedy this negative thinking that is absolutely untrue, while still including lessons for me to grab ahold of and use later when I find myself in similar mindsets in the future. Thank you for calling out what has been on my mind so much this past week.

    • / 1:36 PM

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Karina. You are enough, GG!

  25. Brittany Blackburn
    / 9:00 PM

    I love this. And you. And my word for this year is change.

  26. Kelsie
    / 9:28 PM

    I love this. I am trying to remind myself of this daily. I envy those that have great hair and the perfect outfit everyday in the drop off line, but then I think that they probably went through the morning chaos like I did. I’m trying not to compare myself this year. It’s so hard nowadays. Thanks for the reminder and I love following you because you share the good, bad and the ugly. So thank you for that. We appreciate it.

    • / 1:37 PM

      Thanks for sticking with me through all the bad and ugly too. 🙂

  27. Natalie
    / 9:10 AM

    You are my favourite blogger, your topics are always unique, interesting and fun and I love girl talk Tuesday! Thank you for being relatable and so down to earth. Love your content! I always look forward to seeing what’s next! Your blogs, YouTube and Instagram are the best. Love from England, Natalie ☺️

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