Why I Love November

Why I Love November

Ahh, November.  The month of love.  What?  You thought February was the month of love because of Valentine’s Day?  Okay, I can see where you’d think that.  Valentine’s Day isn’t really a special day for a lot people unless it’s their anniversary or birthday.  February 14th doesn’t mean anything especially special to me.  It’s just a fun day that we get to exchange gifts and have a date night, if we’re lucky.

Now, November 2nd.  Ahhh, now that’s a day I like to remember.  It’s the day I first laid eyes on my happily ever after.  That was the day that Matt and I first met, and life was never the same again.

It’s very trendy to love Fall right now.  Every blogger is posting about this season with a Starbucks in their hand and a plaid scarf around their neck.  Am I hating on these bloggers?  A little bit.  But I’m allowed to because I’m just as basic as they are.  I love Fall, but my love for the season runs deep.

I met Matt on a chilly Sunday afternoon in Ohio.  It wasn’t snowing yet, but it was cool enough to know that it would be soon.  Matt was at his parents house, yes…  I met both him and his parents at the same time.  Talk about being nerved up.  Okay, back to the story now.  He was watching a football game with his stepdad and I sat awkwardly in the living room being totally unsure of what to say or how to act or what to think or ALL THE THINGS that us girls freak out about when he meet a smokin’ hot man…

Our romance began in the Fall and this time of year brings back all those amazing feelings I had.  The butterflies, the nerves and every other emotion that you go through when you meet someone new.  Matt and I share our love story in depth on the podcast, so check it out if you haven’t listened to it yet.  It’s fun to hear his perspective about those early days together.

Eleven years later, I’m writing this blog post from our home in Ohio.  Never would I ever have thought that this would now be my life.  I let God write my love story and it turns out, when you give God the pen, He does a whole lot better dreaming up your life than you ever could yourself.  The things that I used to never even notice about Fall are now the very things that remind me of the season I fell in love for the very last time.  Fall is the season that stirs my heart and excites my memory.  When I see vibrant trees and falling leaves, I think of my love and how our story began.

Why I Love November angela lanter matt lanter hello gorgeousWhy I Love November angela lanter matt lanter hello gorgeousWhy I Love November angela lanter matt lanter hello gorgeous

These photos obviously don’t go at all with this time of year, but I just found them on a memory card and was so excited.  They inspired me to write this post.


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  • Brittany Blackburn

    So good, Angela! I love y’alls love story!

  • Awwwww so sweet!! I started dating my hubby on Nov 1st, 10 years ago! November truly is a magical month ??


  • Awww that’s so beautiful and sweet❤ I love all the things you sharing with us…
    You been such a beautiful couple and Family??‍?‍?

    My hubby and i been together since 11 years since 18th October 2008. I was nearly 19 years old by that time and he was 30 years old, but i already met him when i was 17.. We been nearly married for 3 years… he is also the best dad for our little girl Mina and to the twins we’re expecting??

    • Angela Lanter

      Thank you, Nadine! Congrats, mama!! So exciting!

  • November 7th, 2014 here! Officially started dating December 7th. And! Get this…his mom was college roommates with my mother back in the early 70’s. My mom graduated and moved out and my aunt moved in. They became best friends and are still best friends today. My husband and I had both been previously married. Me – 10 years and him – 5 years. Lived in different cities. We both ended up divorced and during those difficult moments in both our lives our families where praying for us. Little did they know the plan God had in store. Because his mom knew my situation, she also had been praying for me. When the time was right, she encouraged her son to reach out to me. The last time I had seen him was when he was 16 years old and I was up visiting his mom with my aunt during the summer. According to our facebook chats he doesn’t remember that all, lol! (men….)So he reached out. 2 years later we were married in the same church that his mom and dad were married in and the same church that my aunt has worked at for the past 27 years. Best friends became family and I found my soulmate. (I have the cutest picture at my wedding of my mom, aunt and his mom all high-fiving each other, lol!) A truly God orchestrated marriage. When we gave Him the pen, amazing things happened and are still happening.
    We LOVE Fall! lol Thank you for your posts, Angela!

  • These are such gorgeous pictures and your story is just as beautiful! So happy for you both! The beach looks like the area I live in and was born and raised, the Emerald Coast!

  • Paige Roberts

    Loved reading your story! This year, on August 4, we celebrated 30 years from our first date. Our love story is detailed here: http://robertspartyof9.blogspot.com/2011/02/memories.html
    God ordained stories are the very best. Treasure yours!

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