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Before the Christmas shopping gets fully underway, I thought it would be fun to indulge ourselves.  Christmas is when we shop for everyone and their brother.  Quite literally.  But what about us?  We have shopping needs too!  So, for Shopping Saturday, go ahead and treat yo self!

Below, I rounded up some of my very favorite finds from Amazon and they’re all under $100.  Actually, the majority of these finds are under $30!  I personally own 13 out of the 15 items listed and they’re all AA- Angela Approved.  Cheesy, I know.  It’s who I am people.  It’s who I am!

Treat Yo Self Amazon Gift Guide angela lanter hello gorgeous


treat yo self


  1. This hair brush dryer is great because you get a salon quality blow out with only one tool.  I get so much volume when I dry my hair with it.
  2. I often suffer from neck pain and headaches from working on my laptop all day.  This neck wrap is not only adorable, but smells divine.  Just pop it into your microwave for a minute and you’ve got this soft, cozy, lavender scented experience.
  3. A new phone case is a fun way to spoil yourself.  I’m currently rocking this leopard print case and I love it.
  4.  There is nothing I hate more than being cold.  These bootie slippers are a must have for winter.  They keep my tootsies so warm and cozy, I don’t take them off at home.
  5. I wore this leopard beanie this week and got so many compliments.
  6. A cozy robe is where I live my best life.  I don’t own this robe, but it’s rat3ed very well on Amazon.  It’ll probably be the next robe I purchase.
  7. These sheets are the best sheets you can possibly purchase under $30.  They are so soft and are amazing quality.
  8. Pillows are incredibly important for a good night’s sleep.  This Claritin pillow is the best pillow I’ve ever slept on.  I’m a side sleeper and it helps tremendously with my neck pain.
  9. Matt bought me a neck massager from Brookstone a couple years ago for Christmas and!  My Brookstone neck massager is no longer available, but this one is basically identical.  This massager has over 4,000 reviews and a 5 star rating, which I’ve never seen that my reviews and a rating that good!
  10. My favorite part of my trip to the hair salon is the hair washing.  I love having my scalp scrubbed by someone else.  It’s seriously a treat for me.  SO relaxing!  This $5 scalp massager turns my shower time into spa time.  Just add your shampoo directly to the massager and use it to massage the shampoo into your scalp.  It’s so relaxing that you begin to forget that you’re the one doing the scrubbing since it’s not your fingers doing all the scrub work!
  11. While we’re on the topic of scrubs, let’s talk exfoliation.  For years, this black sugar mask has been my favorite way to exfoliate my skin.  It’s not meant for daily use, it’s more of a weekly treatment.  I love it because you can scrub your face then leave it on to use as a mask treatment.  It makes your skin glow!
  12. Something every woman needs: a great pair of quality leggings.  When I think quality leggings, my mind immediately goes to my Lululemon leggings.  I decided to test out a pair of leggings from Amazon, these are rated the #1 best seller in yoga leggings.  They arrived the day before yesterday and they blew my mind!  The fabric is thick, the quality is incredible and they fit amazing.  I ordered the blue leopard print and LOVE them!  Such a steal at $30!
  13. Leopard + super soft + oversized cardigan = my sweater dreams.  This pink leopard cardigan is everything.  Only $30 and trust me, you’ll wear it over and over and OVER again.
  14. I love my Gucci belt, but it’s not a realistic purchase for everyone.  This inspired belt is super cute and on sale for $10.  I ordered it and was so impressed by the quality.  Great to wear over a large sweater or shirt dress to give a more tailored look.  It’s on sale for only $10!
  15. Who doesn’t love a good blanket scarf?  This girl sure does!  My favorite blanket scarf is marked down to only $10!


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  1. Sabreen
    / 5:43 AM

    You are so cool Angela and sweet! I would love to meet you and your cute little family Matt and Mackenlee (Kenny) in your hometown because you’re so sweet and kind. Youre so lucky to have a cool cosy house in Nashville and nice wardrobe to hang your shoes/clothes.

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