My Biggest Lesson in Motherhood

My Biggest Lesson in Motherhood

Today is my second Mother’s Day that I get to be celebrated as a mama.  I grew up celebrating this day and all the special women in my life.  Moms are the hardest working people on the planet.  Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a full-time working mom, you bust your hind-end to serve those littles and your spouse, leaving very little time for yourself.  Today is the day that you should feel honored and get served, instead of doing the serving.

My Biggest Lesson in Motherhood My Biggest Lesson in Motherhood My Biggest Lesson in Motherhood My Biggest Lesson in Motherhood My Biggest Lesson in Motherhood

These past few months have been the hardest I’ve ever walked through.  I’m now on the other side and can hopefully be a beacon of hope for any mamas that experience any form of postpartum depression and/or anxiety.  My prayer is that God uses my story to help other women from around the world, by letting them know that they are not alone in what they’re feeling and there is hope.  That you WILL be yourself again.  You will feel like yourself again.  This is my story, and I know so many others story as well.

Through the past almost year and a half of motherhood, there have been so many lessons.  So many times when I thought to myself, my mom was right about that or Mawmaw was right about this.  You grow up listening to your mom and grandmas saying things that you think will never apply to you, then all of a sudden, you’re getting smacked in the face with that very truth you rolled your eyes at as a kid.

Some lessons that little Miss MacKenlee has taught me…

  • Patience, but to a whole new level.  And I know this is only the beginning, lol.
  • Love, unlike any love I’ve ever felt before.  I look in that little face of hers and my heart wants to explode with love for those big blue eyes staring back at me.
  • Creativity.  Learning ways to keep her entertained, happy or even eating when what always works, isn’t working anymore.
  • Compassion.  I’ve always been a caregiver.  It’s my very nature.  There is no worse feeling in the world than seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything about it.
  • Pride.  I’ve been proud of the work I’ve accomplished, of my husband and so much more in my life.  But nothing compares to the pride you feel when your baby has a milestone moment.  Those first steps?  Holy proud mama, right here!

There is so much more than just these few lessons I’ve learned, but there’s one lesson in particular that I’ve had to learn.  And boy, I learned it the hard way.  That lesson?  It’s grace.  Grace for myself.  Learning that it’s not possible to do it all, or even everything I used to do before baby…  And that’s ok.  It’s okay to mess up.  It’s okay to say no.  It’s okay to not get everything on my to-do list done.  It’s OKAY to do my best and my best IS good enough.


Congratulations Tina Culver!


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  • Amy Jerome

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to choose your battles wisely! Especially with your kiddos.

    • Alyssa Aiello

      I have learned so much from my mother but the biggest take away i have is to appreciate the good in life and not to agonize over the bad, especially the little things.

  • Oh my gosh those photos of MacKenlee ? she’s the perfect mix of you and Matt!!
    I think one of the biggest lessons I’ve leaarned in Motherhood is flexibility with a whole lot of patience.
    I used to like things just so, I liked having a plan and knowing what was going to happen next.
    That clearly isn’t how parenthood works! My son has shown me that it’s okay if things don’t go exactly as planned, that I can go with the flow and things will still turn out! I’ve had to learn to have so much patience. My son and I are so similar, we butt heads a lot. I’m working on myself every day to be the best mama I can be!

  • My lesson I’ve learned is to always be kind to myself. I grew up with a very toxic Mom who I tried to please my entire life. That resulted in me going overboard with my kids to make sure they always had what they needed and wanted and I beat myself up when I couldn’t do it all. I’m slowly learning to be kind to myself and know that I am a great Mom, and to take a step back and be kind to myself.

  • I learned that family is always number 1. I have the most amazing mother who has raised myself and my three older sisters, who which are all mothers now too. She’s selfless, kind, and loving. And she’s taught me that family and being a mom is the biggest blessing you will receive in this world.

  • Grace…becoming a mother has taught me grace in a way I have Never known! Everyday is a gift and I’m thankful each and every day.

  • Taylor Polito

    My mom raised me as a single parent. She always supported me and made me believe I could do anything. She is a true warrior

  • I’ve learned a true, unconditional love since becoming a mother. Something that truly points to God.

  • Whitney Eiland

    I got pregnant on my honeymoon after my first year of law school. I thought my world was ending because I wasn’t going to be able to give law school everything I had being pregnant. The second that sweet baby girl came into this world I knew law school and literally nothing else mattered as much as being her mama. I think the thing I’ve learned from being a mama is that it is the greater job in the entire world. No amount of money could replace it. And as much as I wanted to be a lawyer, now that I’ve graduated law school – I know that nothing will ever bring me more joy than being a mama!

  • Patience! And trust your gut. You can only do so much and you have to take care of yourself first before taking care of your baby. ?

  • I’m a momma to be and the biggest thing I have learned from my mom is servanthood. How your whole purpose in life changes once you become a mom, that it’s no longer about you but about the little one God has blessed you with to raise.

  • Love your posts and nordis!!

  • Sidney Rasher

    Since being a mom I’ve learned that it’s okay to not be perfect! All I need to do is try my best. Some days I can do more, give more, and be better and other days I can’t do it all. And that’s okay!

  • Morgan Thomas

    The Biggest lesson I have learned is that PPD doesn’t discriminate, you can be the happiest person, best momma and it can still creep up on you. But as mothers we are strong and will do whatever it takes to take care of our babies. I am so thankful that you use your platform to talk about these things because like you had said there is such a stigma around it all and no one really talks about it so everyone that goes through it is ashamed and feels alone when they really shouldn’t.

    Love hearing about how you are overcoming it all!

  • The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that motherhood is made up of a lifetime of daily, unseen sacrifices. It never “gets easier”. Each phase of parenthood brings something beautiful and challenging! Thankful for God’s grace to keep me *somewhat* sane ?

  • Jamie Hilton

    My biggest lesson learned in motherhood is not to get overwhelmed by the small things. Let everything work itself out and try your best. I tend to worry about everything but it just leads to more stress. So I’ve been trying my best to just go with the flow and be the best mother I can be!

  • Roll with the punches and be flexible.

  • Katrina Groves

    That mama was right and somedays I’ll be danged if I know how she made it through my childhood with her sanity. My first was a calm, laid-back little dude, and his sister is anything but. Lol She keeps me on my toes but she brings so much joy to this house and to listen to both of them sing so sweetly while they’re doing things is the sweetest sounds in the world. ❤️
    So thankful for a mama that reminds me not to try and do it all, to stop and take in these little moments because as the saying goes, “the days are long but the years are short.”

  • Andrea Lamont

    Happy, happy mother’s day! Know your daughter is super blessed to have you as her mama. To her, you are everything. You are amazing and doing great!! We will get past our PPD.  “Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones who never give up, despite the struggles.”

  • kolea paleka

    all mommas deserve the world ! i think the most valuable lesson i’ve learned from my own mother, is the importance of kindness; having a giving heart. i am so fortunate to have the mother i have. i grew up watching her give the last of what she had to other people, because she wholeheartedly believed that she would be blessed with more than what she gave. she has such a beautiful soul inside and out !!

    thanks for this opportunity, angela. you are amazing!

  • Hi Angela!

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my mama is just how important it is to be your daughter’s friend as well as her mother. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that my mom truly is my best friend; she’s been there for me through every single thing in my life, the good and the bad. It is so important that we spend time together doing the things we both love, and that we appreciate each other’s friendship as well as mother/daughter relationship. I respect her as a mom, a friend, and a person. I can’t wait to be the best mom/friend to my own daughter one day.

    Thank you for all of your realness and beautiful pictures and posts of your family. I love following you and seeing MacKenlee grow up. 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  • Chasity Johnson

    Letting go. My son is 15 and as a happy healthy teenager he is never home! I miss him! Letting go is hard but i’m A proud mama watching him become a good hearted young man. ❤️

  • One thing I learnt from my mom is to eat dinner together with the whole family. This keeps family together. No TV no phones nothing.

  • Happy Mother’s Day!!! This is my first mother’s day and I feel truly blessed god choose me to by my sons mother! Motherhood is the hardest and the most rewarding. It ain’t easy but it’s so worth it esp when your child smiles at you, or laughs, and cuddles you, it’s hard when they get into mischief or when they won’t sleep but being able to teach my child to love the way my mom did is the best reward of all!

  • One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to cherish every moment with have with our mom. One day we won’t have those moments anymore, but memories. It’s bittersweet to have a mother’s day without that special mother here on earth anymore.

  • tasleem mohamed

    what i have learned from my mom is that patience is key, me and mom have been through so much but she has always been patient and calm.

  • Chelsea Ball

    I’ve learned from my mother is to be kind to others. To help them when they need it. To be kind and be a friend. She’s taught me to be brave, speak my mind and to love.

  • Caitlin baillie

    My biggest lesson after becoming a mom was not to sweat the small stuff. In the bigger picture your children will only remember the good things. Not if they had the perfect party or the best toy. But that we are present and love them! ?

    • Merriann Hiett

      The biggest lesson I have learned is patience.

  • Melanie Steel

    The biggest lesson I learned in motherhood is that sometimes you have to take a time-out to take some time to yourself to relax and breathe. You need to take care of yourself in order to be able to be a good mom. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes.

  • Tara nilges

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my 15 years of motherhood is forgiveness…forgive yourself for not being perfect in every thing you try to accomplish. Forgive your kids for not being perfect either, you aren’t the Jones’ and you will have your own trials and tribulations to overcome. Forgive your spouse for not being able to read your mind and know exactly what to say or do in every occasion.
    Life is to be lived, we grow every day in some way.
    And most of of all, enjoy those babies, they really do grow up way to fast!

  • Shayla May

    Beautifully written Angela <3
    The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my mom is self acceptance. She always tells me and my sisters to accept ourselves as we are and to embrace our insecurities. When she was young she said she had a lot of insecurities and no self confidence. & she looks back at her younger self now and realizes how dumb she was to feel that way. She wishes she could go back and relive it all as the type of women she is today! Strong, confident and bold. That’s why she always encourages us to be confident and proud of who God made us to be! So thankful for her!!

  • Tracy Meldrum

    Happy Mothers Day Angela! Beautiful photos of MacKenlee!… I wonder how long those took to take?? LOL! I especially love the one of her standing by the purple flowers.

    One of the great lessons I learned and continue to learn from my mother is the importance of friendships. We always devote so much time to our family and significant others and sometimes we do not have enough time to share with out friends. My mother has always stressed the importance of independence and friendships, and I have definitely embraced that lesson more than any other lesson she has taught me. Some things and conversations you just need your girlfriends for and noone can replace that role 🙂

  • Laura-Lynn LaCour

    I am not married, I do not have children, but I do dream of having a family such as yours in my future. The past year I’ve learned heartaches lead you to prosperity and abundance in the things we desire most once the lessons have been learned. Listening to your podcasts with Matt and following your stories somehow has offered me hope. I see the love you share and the compatibility which invokes in me a sense of relief.. leaves me feeling I too shall find a soulmate! My point is, you make a difference even for those of us gorgeous souls who can not quite take the marriage/baby advice yet but you are an idol for me nonetheless. Thank you!

  • The biggest lesson I’ve learned since becoming a momma 5 years ago is that our children are learning and growing as people just as much as I am learning and growing as a mom. Patience and grace with them and myself will get us through the ups and downs!

  • Unconditional love. These are the first words that come to mind today.
    A mother is the first one that gets to show this to her child and the first one that helps us develop the lense that we see love through.
    Even though I am not a mother yet, I am forever grateful that my mother helped me develop a lense that sees love as something freely given.
    Because of the unconditional love shown by my mother, I can see with ease the same love shown to me by my Heavenly Father and it is such a beautiful and special thing♥️

  • The biggest lesson my mother taught me is to pick my battles wisely, love fiercely and to remember to breath. The biggest lesson motherhood has taught me is to stop comparing myself/family and be happy for what I have (though I don’t always follow this I’m MUCH better at it) My struggles are real, but not the end of the world and my family may not be picture perfect I’m happy and that’s what matters!

  • My mom is the priceless gem in mine and my sister’s lives. I am so humbled by my mom. The way she sacrifices for her family. The way she pursues to love everyone so selflessly. The way she motivates and supports me with my dreams. The way she has grown as a person. The way she has raised my sisters and I to the people we are today. I love my mom. She deserves the world and more. 🙂
    I think the biggest lesson she’s ever tought my sister’s and I, is to love other’s in our everyday as Jesus does. No matter if it’s just a smile, paying for someone’s coffee, or whatever it might be, that we show other’s Jesus in everything we do.

  • Connie Henry

    Your words and vulnerability continue to bless me. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Thank you for always sharing your life with us Angela! The good and the bad. My mom passed away a couple years ago and I just had my first baby this past fall. She was a very devout Christian woman and always set such a wonderful example for me. I was trying to get pregnant before she passed, but it wasn’t God’s timing for me. The day she died I could tell she was fading and I cried telling her you can’t go yet bc you need to meet your grandchildren. It was hard for her to speak, but she told me don’t worry about that I’ll always be watching and protecting them from heaven. I believe she kept her promise. My pregnancy ended up being high risk with a diagnosis of complete placenta previa and accreta. The expectation was when I delivered my son at 36 weeks, if we made it that far without hemorraghing, I would need a hysterectomy. We made it to our scheduled C-section date without a single bleed. They also discovered I did not have an accreta and I was able to keep my uterus. My son endured a 2 week NICU stay, but is now healthy and thriving at 8 months. My mother taught me to have faith through even the darkest times and trials. I can now use my story to show others miracles do happen. That has been her greatest lesson to me ?

  • Charleen McKeon

    I’ve learned that not all of my children are related by blood.

  • Amber Stuart

    I’ve learned that this is all a season. My first was a difficult baby and now an awesome toddler. My second (close in age to Kenny girl) is even more difficult. It’s a season. It’ll pass.

  • So beautiful and such an inspiration ♥️

  • Amanda Jones

    Just discovered your blog but I’m excited to follow along!!! Thanks for sharing!! ❤️

  • To never take yourself too seriously and to always laugh at yourself. Those words have guided me through life.

  • Crystal Smith

    Happy Mother’s Day!! One of the greatest lessons I have learned is to unplug, be in the moment, and be present. We are building little humans who will one day be in control of this country and also raising other tiny humans.

    We are the raising the future!

  • Andrea Rose

    My mum would always say to me ‘when I count my blessings, I always count you twice’ and to always treat people how you want to be treated, and that couldn’t be more true. My mum helped me grow into a positive, happy, kind hearted person that finds the good in everybody. Everyone always says to me that I am too nice and I think everyone has positive things about them, but I see that as a good thing? Without my mummas positive outlook on life and teaching me the importance of family, friends and being kind, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I moved to the US two years ago leaving my family behind in England and being without them has really taught me how important it is to have family around and have a family that love you. I really do believe if you treat people the way you want to be treated, you will receive kindness back. When I count my blessings, I will forever count my family twice. Happy Mother’s Day Angela !!

  • Caroline Groce

    I’ve learned from my mom to follow God. Not only will he guide you but will give you the desire of your hearts. And to love people with your heart.

  • Rana sprencel

    OMG she is gorgeous!! Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  • Nicole Peterson

    Happy Mother’s day! The biggest lesson I’ve learned was Grace. My mom didn’t always treat us with Grace, she couldn’t remember we were children not trying to intentionally hurt her. Unfortunately, kids do just that, hurt us unintentionally. I’ve learned to treat my children with Grace when I feel hurt by their words and actions. My kids are 15yrs, 11yrs and 2.5yrs,lol, so it happens often. I try to teach them to be mindful of the impact of their words and actions. Not sure the lesson always sticks, but one day it hopefully will.

  • To always go with your gut in decision making, no matter what anyone says. Also to make time for yourself especially during those first couple of years, even if it’s just a a couple laps around Target or a walk with just you and the dog.

    I know you have been going through a rough time and whether you know it or not just sharing your experience is going to help so many other moms who are struggling. Thanks for being a voice for other moms who are struggling in silence. I hope your light returns soon and it shines brighter than it ever did before. Happy Mother’s Day

  • I feel the biggest lesson I have learned with my son is trying to be more patient. He still tries my patience all the time but I feel it’s making me a more patient person. The biggest lesson I learned from my mom is not to worry about things until they happen. She had to live her life this way having cancer on and off for the last 14 years of her life. I still try to remember her lessons. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  • Elizabeth Vita

    The greatest lesson I’ve learned is unconditional love and just a tiny glimpse of how Jesus must feel for us. Nothing in the entire universe rocked my world more than being a Mama, in the best way possible. I learned for the first time to TRULY put someone else ahead of myself for every second of everyday. I couldn’t imagine loving anything more and know that is just a tiny glimpse of how Jesus feels for all of us. Also feel His love more than ever for making me her Mama. ❤️

  • Kateryna

    My mom has taught me to say “no” sometimes. May it be to play dates or parties or just being away from home. I get anxious when things aren’t done at home, and I am a much better mom to my babies when our house is more or less in order. It can be really hard to say no to taking the kids to the park but if that trip to the park ruins your whole day maybe it’s not worth it.

  • Brittney Lamb

    How inspiring, being a mom sure isn’t an easy job but we make it through by seeing those cute little smiles and those precious hugs. ?

  • Tamra pedro

    I’ve learned to care less about what others think about your parenting. What works for you and your family, will not work for everyone. The less you care about others opinions on your parenting, the less you feel bad about or second guess your family decisions. I hope you’re having an awesome mothers day!

  • My mom has always taught me that I need to believe in my self and go for the big dreams and I should never have to worry about falling because she will always be there to catch me. She’s my number one support and I don’t think I could do life without her ? happy morthers day! ??

  • Ashley Knox

    Patience on a whole new level. The truest feeling of giving grace to myself. And a love that is encompassing, enveloping and truly indescribable.

  • Ashley Winkler

    As I have watched my mom as well as other mom friends of mine I have learned that it is important to look at others knowing that there is more to the story then when I’d publicized outwardly or on social media. I have also learned the importance of handling situation with truth through the lens of grace.

  • Autumn Crain

    My mom has taught me how to love everyone unconditionally and care for people! My mom has the biggest heart and loves helping people. I’m glad that my mom taught me that.❤️❤️

  • One lesson I’ve learned (and am still trying to figure out) is how to balance being a mama and still finding time for the person I was before I was a mama. Don’t get me wrong, parenthood has been the biggest gift of life! But I need to find a good balance for self care 🙂 any tips welcome lol! I totally agree on the creativity one!!!!

  • First you are both so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Angela. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my motherhood journey is that no rules or advice are better than my instinct. I thought that all books I could read or tips I could get would be vital to me… I realized quickly that my natural instinct as a mother is the best thing to trust. So far, it served me for the best and my sweetheart is giving me all the love and smiles in return.

  • Take care of yourself— You can’t be super mom all day everyday if you neglect yourself! And love on your babies every chance you get ?

  • Riki Zucker

    The biggest lesson I have learned in motherhood is to appreciate every minute even the biggest struggles with our child/ren. Cause being able to raise them is the biggest gift of all. We are so hard on ourselves as it is and we need to learn to just let those struggles be “teachable moments” to ourselves and our children. We do NOT need to be perfect, we can’t be! That is OKAY. More than okay. I’ve always been one to feel so lucky to have my first born daughter. I never realized what kind of lesson I had in store for me until 7 months ago when I went to deliver our second child-another girl only to be told after a full pregnancy that “there’s no heartbeat” we will never get to know our second child. Everything I knew about being grateful and appreciation and being present was thrown out the window. My heart shattered into a million pieces and in my grief since then I have not been a “perfect” mom but I try to give myself a break and say I truly know what a gift it is to be a mother. In any way shape or form, we are superheroes. We need to lift each other up and remember that! Happy Mother’s Day, Angela!

  • I’ve learned not to take our children for granted. They’re tiny people with thoughts, feelings, and potential of their own and we’re here with the grace of God to guide them.

    Thank you for sharing your journey, Angela ♡

  • Kristen Kochenderfer

    Happy Mother’s Day Angela!! There’s not one, but a TRILLION lessons I’ve learned through motherhood. One major thing I learned: No matter how hard you try, you’ll end up sounding like your mother ? The biggest piece of advice my mother gave me is if you make them mad, chances are you’re doing something right. We aren’t meant to be their friend growing up, and it’s definitely hard not to be.

    You’re going to be a great mom, and you have a village to help along the way as she grows up ?

  • Michelle Deemer

    My biggest thing I have learned is patience. Oh my goodness, patience. They will test you at every turn if you let them and you’ve gotta just breathe.

  • Katrina Garcia

    My girls have taught me to live in a happy messy household. I used to stress about cleanliness and being organized. They are still teaching me to be patient. It’s a work in progress within myself.

    Thank you for always being honest and being you. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  • Loved this!

  • Melissa Mejia

    I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is something that you said. I can’t do everything. As much as I want to be supermom, it’s impossible. I’ve also learned that it’s ok to ask for help. It’s important for us moms to take a few minutes/hours every week to ourselves, for our mental sake.

  • Elizabeth Bettisworth

    Happy mother’s day!! I’ve learned that there really isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for your children. That putting them before me is the most natural thing in the world. I’ve also learned that no matter how hard the day has been, when I kiss the cheeks of my sleeping cherubs, the love and grace and patience are renewed to face whatever the next day holds. Just like Jesus – His mercies are new every morning and His grace is sufficient.

  • Esther Deneau

    You are such a beautiful lady and you are raising an adorable little girl to do right. ❤ I love how real you are.

  • Nancy Henning

    My mom taught me to always find light in the darkness… a smile can go a long way and I try to teach it to my 2 boys everyday. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Let your children make mistakes and then be there to hug them, to love them, and to listen and provide guidance if asked for it. It’s so hard to watch your children experience pain and failure, but it truly prepares them for life and helps build character and strength. My daughter is one of the strongest, independent, young woman I know.

  • Karen Campbell

    The hardest and most valuable lesson I have learned in my nearly 44 years of motherhood is that time means nothing to God. He works in His own time and I have no other choice than to accept that. Patience!!!

  • Sawina Hollings

    The biggest lesson learned from my mom is to always be honest and to love. Love everyone – those who criticize you, those who prosecute you, and even those who hate you. If you show them God’s love and grace; then you will be blessed and be at peace.

  • Katie Parks

    I guess one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that you have to be willing to let your plans go. You have to be more in the moment. That moment may find you at the hospital with a child being given a life-altering diagnosis rather than at the school’s holiday program. But you realize life goes on and there will be plenty more school programs for that child and the children who follow. The good moments accumulate over time and outweigh the bad. And they can’t be planned.

  • The biggest and hardest lesson I’ve learned from being a Mom is that it’s ok things don’t go as planned! I have always been someone who plans things out and schedules everything. Having a baby who’s now almost 2 has changed that completely. Things and accidents happen constantly and I’ve learned that that’s ok and just to enjoy the moments good and bad because one day I will look back and miss those bitter sweet memories I’ve made with my daughter.

  • Susan Cox

    The biggest thing my Mom taught me is faith. I saw her go through so much but she always picked herself up and pressed on. She went to nursing school in her mid forties and earned her RN degree. She was so strong and determined to not give up and her faith in God carried her through. If I can be one tenth of that kind of person/ mother then I would be happy. I am a very blessed daughter.

  • Tabatha Camden

    I have to agree with you that grace has been the biggest lesson thus far as a first time mama. I’ve always been my own worst critic, but as my faith and relationship with God deepens along with this motherhood journey I’m on, I’m learning to be easier on myself. I want to be able to reflect even an ounce of the grace God gives to us to myself so that my daughter will learn how important it is to have grace for herself as she journeys through this world. Thank you for being such a positive light and Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Jennifer

    Biggest lesson I learned?? I learned children are just little humans who don’t have any life experience yet and it’s my job to escort them through adulthood. They have a voice and opinions that count. Even very little kids should be allowed to contribute to the family unit.
    This philosophy has helped me raise a woke young woman who is independent, smart, compassionate and loving. My young man is still in the works but so far I find him interesting to raise and super funny. (He used to refer to himself as the Laugh Master.) He’s passionate about history, video games and sweets.
    Got off track, sorry. Oh yes, and I always can count on 3rd grade science projects being done the night before it’s due.

  • She’s so cute?

  • My biggest lesson learned is that patience is a practiced skill. It’s something you have to continue to work at each and every day!

  • Stacey W.

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to STOP stressing myself out so much, that she will do everything exactly in her own time. Milestones, cutting teeth, moving on from “baby” things – all things I stressed too much about that I look back and wish I wouldn’t have!

  • First I wanna say Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for being you and being an encouragement. I think the biggest lesson I have learned would have to be grace. Walking through postpartum you have to just have grace. Let yourself rest. Let yourself say it’s okay tomorrow is a new day. I praise the Lord that He renews us and gives us a new day!

  • Andrea Morgan

    Unconditional love, sacrifice, selflessness, and so many more things I have learned when I became a mother almost one year ago. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most fulfilling and rewarding. I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I’m so lucky to be my sweet little girl’s mama!

  • Tamara Stephany

    Thank you Angela for inspiring me to do better in life and thank you for making me a better person. I listen to you and Matt everyday at work on the podcast. My kids are much bigger than MacKenlee, but I still enjoy listening. I’ve learned some things too. My kids are 20, 14, and 11. I appreciate the two of you for making the time and opening your lives to all of us. I love all your Hello Gorgeous stuff and videos. I just found the Facebook group for the GG too. I really enjoy that for the positivity. This world is so negative and when bad days happen or when the people at work wanna be negative Nancy’s I can go there and just overall feel better. You guys are such a fresh breath of air. I appreciate you!!! I Love the banter between you and Matt and love how strong your relationship is. My husband and I have been married for 15 years. We as well have done counseling. Thanks for telling people counseling doesn’t mean there is “trouble.”It’s a weird assumption people have when they think marriage counseling. Thanks again for everything you guys do.
    XO Tamara from Colorado

  • The biggest lesson I’ve learned, and am still learning is patience.

  • 1chefmommy

    To be present, and to cherish the fleeting time we have together.

  • Tabitha Volochenko

    Happy Mothers Day ….

  • The biggest thing I’ve learned along the journey of motherhood is to treasure each moment, whether it’s good or bad… the bad ones will soon be gone, and the good ones bring more joy to your life than can ever be expressed! I too struggled HARD with postpartum after my first child and did not actually enjoy him until he was almost a year old. It breaks my heart to think about it, but I have to give myself GRACE too because there were so many factors out of my control. I learned how to deal better for when my other two were born. Thank you for sharing. Everything you have written is so spot on! Love to you and your family and Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Unconditional love is the greatest thing I have learned. I think the way in which we love our babies is how Christ loves us… unconditionally. No matter what we do.

  • Sadly the lesson I learned from my mother is what not to do. I’m not a parent, but should I be someday, I will always tell my child how beautiful they are. Sadly I heard the opposite my entire life.

  • My biggest lesson that I have learned is to cherish each and every moment. My daughter is 14 months old and I have never seen time fly as quickly as it has this last year. I feel like I can barely remember what she was like as a freshy. I just want to enjoy each and every day with her.

  • Ashley Tan

    The best lesson I’ve learned is that it’s okay to not be perfect. The house doesn’t HAVE to be spotless. The laundry can be a little backed up. There can be dishes in the sink.

    Your baby won’t remember any of that. They’ll remember your TIME. The fact that you watched movies with them. Read to them. Played hide and seek.

    As a mama of 2 with slight OCD, this lesson is a tough one yet rewarding.

  • Shannon Hollis

    My mama has taught me about what it means to have strength under control – to be strong, confident, and passionate while having self-control, being considerate, and having boundaries. She also has taught me what it looks like to believe in someone and love them no matter what, challenges, doubts, and all! Happy Mother’s Day Angela!

  • Tara Tillman

    We all have heard that saying “The days are long, but the years are short” and now that my baby is about to turn 12 there is nothing more that I want than to reverse time and make each day more special for him. Read one more bedtime story instead of saying no, sing one more song together and play hide-and-seek one more time. Take one more picture and record one more silly moment. Write one more memory in his babybook, bc there are so many things I have forgotten bc I decided to “do it tomorrow when I have more time” that turned into forgotten yesterdays. I’m pregnant again with my second child now, and this time I will focus less on keeping up appearances and more time savoring the sweet, beautiful moments that are already happening, bc they never last long enough in the long run.

  • I’ve learned that not everything is going to be perfect and that’s ok. Being a perfectionist is something I’ve struggled with since I was very young, and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Something that would have made me melt into a puddle of despair now just makes me shrug my shoulders and say “oh well.”

  • The biggest lesson I have learned that you can only control your own actions Ana behaviors and to focus on that instead of letting others control you!

  • Probably patience.. also she is so cute!

  • Sheena Referente

    Patience. I learned how to be patient w myself and being a mom. It’s the hardest job I’ll ever love and I’ll choose over and over again

  • My McKinley just turned one! One of the many lessons I’ve learned as a mother this first year is no matter how badly you want your child to do something, they are their very own person and to embrace that! She’s not walking yet although I want her to so badly but I’m learning to embrace and savor the non-walking moments while they last!

  • Jamie Mumaugh

    A lesson that I have learned as a mother has been to take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt. There isn’t a right way to parent or be a wife. It’s been hard having to hear what others have to say about you as a woman, wife, mother and daughter in law. I’ve decided to focus on me what I can accomplish with who I am.

  • It’s been a joy to be following your journey through motherhood, Angela… even through the tough times. I had deep postpartum depression with my kids… and being on the other side of that, 8 years later, I have hope for so many mamas who are struggling daily. We all love our kiddos, but the guilt sometimes can be way too real.

  • The biggest lesson I learned is patience and gained a whole new appreciation for my own mother. I can’t believe she graduated college with 3 young kids, had a full time night job and still managed to show up for everything. My patience is continuously tested but I’m starting to get better. All 3 of my kids as so different.

  • The biggest lesson I’ve learned being a mama of 5 With my oldest being 14 and my youngest 10 months….is to spend a LOT of time with your kids!!!!! Kids love your time more than anything you could buy them. ♥️

  • Motherhood is the most rewarding job. I have learned that you are not alone , every mom goes through what you have gone through. We need to keep talking on the struggles ? Just like you are doing. My mom has taught me to be all listening, have patience. Love ❤️ will conquer all

  • Lindsey Mitlyng

    You’re so inspiring and I have loved following you and listening to Hello Baby ? I hope you have an amazing mother’s day!


  • Livia Moodie

    I love this!!!!

  • Rachelle Clary

    Definitely patience. Patience with my little ones and with myself. My mom is the epitome of patience and I strive everyday so be more like her.

  • Emilie minio

    My mother always told me, don’t overthink things. You’ll know what to do when your baby is here! And she was right!! It’s still nice to ask for advice or help, but deep down, a mama knows what’s best for her child!

  • Yurece Gonzalez

    I’ve learnes SO much from my mom. Beyond thankful for her! Most importantly my mom has shown me what a woman is worth. Growing up, while married to my dad at such a young age I had to witness SO much that a young girl shouldn’t have to see. Later my mom remarried a Christian man about 7 years ago & through her marriages I’ve been able to see what I’m worth & what I should/ shouldn’t expect out of my marriage one day. As hard as it must’ve been to go through all she went through it’s taught me so much & I love her unconditionally for it ❤️ Happy Mother’s day to all those strong mamma’s!

  • Angela Baumann

    Lesson: Improving, cheishing the time I had/have with them and learning the art of letting go.

    I am a mom of 2 teenage boys (16/13). Just when I think I have a handle one things; it switches and I am back at square one. I watch them growing up (inches) in leaps and bounds before my eyes; looking and sounding like the wonderful men they are going to be and I know that my time with them is short. Soon there’ll be mo more practices to run them too, no more tripping over their shoes, clothes and sports gear, (my fridge will stay stocked longer than a few days) and I will have to let them go.

    Learning to look forward to the extended calls of how their day went, their umpteenth question about ‘how do you make that (whatever is their favorite dish of the week) again’, and advise seeking of whatever other adulting crisis they have and hearing that fated statement of ‘you were right, Mom. Thank you.’ We are never truly thankful of our parents until we are old enough to realize everything to did for us, sacrificed for us, strived to teach us. That is what my boys are teaching me.

  • Love these photos!

  • Candie Kira Stevens

    The biggest lesson I have learned by being a mother and having a mother is … Being a parent hurts your feelings….. Having to say “NO” to my kids when I want to say “yes” hurts my feeling . Haveing my kids get mad at me , hurts my feeling . Other parents or people hurt your feelings. Second guessing your parenting choices hurts your own feelings. No one talked about those parts of being a parent . No one tells you that when you discipline your children how it hurts your feeling so much . I had to learn that those “Hurt Feelings ” is what makes me a caring parent , a good mom , and an even better listener when my kid need to talk . They know that even if they hurt my feeling I will be there for them always and nothing can make me stop loving them . I am a proud Mom of 6 . 3 girls 3 boys from 16 yrs old down to 7 years old . I would not change my hurt , happy , stressed , proud feelings for anything .

  • Lexy Mata


    Thank you for opening your heart and what real struggles as us mom face daily. You are such a wonderful & Godly example of a wonderful mom and a gorgeous girl to others.
    I am so blessed I found your blog and pages through Social.

    Goodness all your points that you have learned are spot on what I have learned.
    Patience, love, creativity, compassion and pride are all things I have truly learned and experienced these past 2 years with my little boy. It’s amazing how God designed us women to be moms to our littles. So many emotions wrapped into one.

    One thing I have learned from my momma life is life is too short and we should cherish every moment.
    I remember growing up and my mom always telling me, “slow down cherish these moments because they will be gone before but you know it.” I remember being young and saying ok mom, and roll my eyes lol or dreaming to be here or do this. It was until I became a mom and just how fast and precious life is. I feel like one moment my baby is so small being handed to me the day he was born to then the next running so fast full of laughter.

    I have learned and how my lens of life have changed so much since becoming a mom. I see how hard my mom sacrificed daily for us and always shared Gods loved and joy.
    I say to any new momma, to always remember we can’t do this mom thing on our own. God didn’t intend for us to face life alone. He is always there arms wide open to holds us and always pick us up and guide us trough this journey called life and motherhood.

    Thank you Angela again for being such a great example of Gods love.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!


  • One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my 6.5 months of motherhood has been that no matter how many expectations I set for myself and my son, none of it goes as I planned. Despite all the challenges and surprised, motherhood is beautiful and so rewarding!

  • My biggest lesson from my mom is to take nothing for granted, always say I love you, and take the time for that extra hug and a kiss when you say goodbye. You never know when it’ll be your last. I wish I had more time with her.

  • I’ve learned to spend at least 5 minutes of undivided attention with my kids each day. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until reading bedtime stories.

  • My biggest lesson learned since becoming a mother has definitely been patience. This may seem like an obvious choice but it’s my daily mantra. My baby is my biggest blessing but being a mom is the hardest job of all. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there! We are fighters, and hero’s!! Xoxo

  • Angela Lobova

    Biggest lesson I have been learning since becoming a mother.. is definitely trusting God completely. Trusting that he is for my baby and for me. Being able to let go of my fears of motherhood and trust that God knows what’s best.

  • Alanna Tumblin

    Happy Mother’s Day Angela!! My mom always tells me don’t ever settle for less. She always says to pray and and ask God for his guidance. I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day!!

  • Lexi Julius

    My mom has taught me how to be kind and compassionate to everyone I come in contact with. She’s always seeing the best in others and creates a healthy environment around her with amazing friendships.

  • I have learned to have patience and enjoy every moment

  • Bethany Simmons

    Hi Angela!

    First of all, Happy Mother’s Day! You have a beautiful daughter and should be so proud of how great of a Mother you are to her. Thank you for being so transparent and honest about your postpartum journey. I struggle with some postpartum issues as well, so it’s nice to see someone with a platform use it to bring more awareness to this issue lots of Moms deal with.

    Secondly, the greatest lesson I’ve learned being a Mom to two boys ages 2 years old and 7 weeks old is to remember self care! When I don’t take care of myself, I can feel it when I try to be a great parent. By not taking care of myself, I’m not being a good example of someone who loves themself, which, in turn, will teach my children that it’s okay to not take care of themselves. I feel like the best way to parent is by example, so I want to take care of myself the best I can so they can know that I love myself and then know what self love looks like.

    Thirdly, keep up the incredible work! You’re making a big difference in people’s lives and creating a ripple effect from your transparency and it’s truly wonderful. Thank you for everything you do.

    Bethany Simmons

  • Mary Perdue

    The biggest lesson I have learned is to be a good listener, not to judge, and to be there for my son! His father died when when our son was only four. He’s 17 now and it is been such an amazing and challenging journey for the two of us!

  • The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my mom is that prayer changes things you think you can’t change. I now pray for my three children every day just like my mom prayed for me.

  • Jennifer modica

    The lesson I learned from my mom would be patience and I have some would say too much patience. I have 3 children 25, 21, and 19 none of them live at home anymore and the empty nest syndrome is real and heartbreaking! I’ve had the most patience with my youngest who has been going through an extremely rebellious stage, and throughout all the name calling, the shoving and pushing, the breaking things, stealing, jail time(2nights) and the depression and threats of suicide it’s been beyond anything I could have ever imagined my child would do. He has two loving parents, that both work really hard and have been married for 25 years! He had a great childhood and I wasn’t prepared for all that he threw at me, and through my fears and pain I have had the most patience with him because In my heart and soul I know he is good and this too will pass! I believe in him and days are getting better. So I guess another lesson would be never give up on yourself as a mother and always always have patience for another day!

  • Kelcey Yoder Guth

    I have only been a mother for the past 10 weeks. My first Mother’s Day and has been one of the most special days. The biggest lesson i’ve learned from my own mother that I feel is the most important is that it’s not our job to know why God does what He does, but it’s our responsibility to make the best out of it. Someday we will understand His plan, but for now, always try and make someone else smile and take the time to laugh and enjoy the moment with those you love. Life will always be hard, but remembering God’s love for us, we can make it a little easier.

    I want to make sure I pass that along to my Grant ?

  • Veronica

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned (and still learning) is that there is always going to be a bit of a mess, I have a tendency to always want my kids toys and clothes tidy and organized. So I’m learning to deal with that. Haha

  • I’ve learned to have lots of patients. Not all my kids are the Same. One is fast paced like her mama and the other. A boy is slow AnD steady wins the race. And I’ve learned to not push. Its so hard to not push him faster

  • Kristin Waddell

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my momma is to always stay curious and passionate. Regardless of what I’m doing she has always said to do it with my whole heart, if my hearts not in it I’m unable to give 100%. When things aren’t going my way stay curious as to why they’re not- she would remind me God has a plan and he plans lessons in every experience so instead of getting mad or upset- stay curious.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there! You’re a true definition of a hero ?

  • Julissa Cardenas

    Always listen to your mom, she knows best

  • Mary-Johna Wein

    Communication is key! everyday is a new learning experience. Likes, dislikes, and temper tantrums all come with a reason even if we don’t understand them at the time. Little ones don’t always have a way to express them self and while we use our words my two year old loves to throw a fit.

  • Lori Leung

    I have learned patience from being a mother. Not all children are alike and boy can they push your buttons.@lillian_ashe_photograpy

  • Stacey D

    I’m a mom of 4 sweet boys and one of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten is: Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child.” I love that because we can’t control the future for our kiddos… but we can pursue their hearts and character, create space for honest conversations, and make sure they know they are valued and belong in our family. As much as we want to shield them from the brokenness of the world, God is thankfully the one in control of their future and we can trust Him to guide their steps!

  • Lori Leung

    I too have learned patience, not all kids are created equal. They know how to push mama’s buttons.

  • My mother always told me to be kind and love your sisters- she lost her a sister when she was younger and emphasized on the importance of sisterhood frequently. When my mother passed, it was difficult for everyone, but our sisterhood prevailed and today we are all best of friends. She left me her memory and my sisters. For that (and much more) I will always be grateful to her.

  • Rachel Showler

    I’m a very new mama (3 months!) and the lesson I’ve learned is how to be flexible. With a baby, I have learned to give up whatever schedule or routine I had planned and to just tune in to what she needs and wants. Since I started putting her needs over my wants, we all became well rested and much, much happier.

  • Emma Root

    The lesson that has been the biggest for me that my mom taught me is to: no trade my goals of tomorrow for the wants of today.

  • Emma Root

    The lesson that has been the biggest for me that my mom taught me is to: not trade my goals of tomorrow for the wants of today.

  • Taylor Demski Cantwell

    Love following your motherhood journey. Thank you for always being so open and honest!

  • Two beautiful souls!

  • Brittany Lagarde

    From birth my daughter was a mystery. She was born unable to breathe on her own. The doctors ran every single test and couldn’t figure it out. I fought them for about two years. I demanded to see every specialist and we ran countless tests. Something just didn’t add up. Her medical records stated “unknown respiratory issues at birth”. We wanted more kids. My doctor cleared me to have more kids as he said it was maybe a lung disorder she had. Turns out, it wasn’t. We saw a geneticist, he took one look at her and knew she had what was called: Sanfilippo Syndrome (childhood Alzheimer’s). It was terminal. The test confirmed it. So, living through that and then getting her into a clinical trial where she was the 6th person in the world to be treated; I learned to advocate like a mother. I learned very quickly that no one was going to be her voice, so I had to. I learned not all doctors are right. They’re human. I respect the hell out of them but I’ve learned a Mother’s “gut”, intuition should be trusted above all else. I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I think and I can overcome far more than I believe. I’ve learned to grieve daily all the while, simultaneously enjoy every single second.

  • Yoli De Avila

    The thing I had to learn the most is letting go and let them be. I am controlling and thought things needed to be my way all the time. So I learned to take it day by day and not sweat the small stuff.

  • Savannah Crouch

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far in motherhood is to never allow myself to believe that I am not worthy enough. It’s easy to feel like a failure as mom and sometimes we do fail but each day is a new day and we can learn how to love relentlessly not just our kids but ourselves and give ourself grace because we are worthy and enough!

  • Samantha Simonds

    I am very grateful to have many mother figures in my life. There is not a single woman in my family that I can not go to for advice or learn things from on a daily basis. Three major things these women have taught me are to forgive and forget. It is okay to be hurt, it’s okay to have feelings, but once you have dealt with it let it go because it will only ruin days to come when someone dwells. I have learned to stand up for what I believe in, even if it is against the crowd. My path is only set by God and His judgment is the only one that matters. Lastly, I have learned how to see beauty in everything, even myself when I least feel it. Where some see a broken tree, I see the beauty of nature. Where some see zits and pale skin, I see my own uniqueness.
    These three things have made me the woman I am today, and I am so thankful for the women in my life who will teach me many more things for years to come.
    Happy Mother’s Day! ?

  • I’m not a mother, but I’ve been a “mom” to my nieces & nephews, since I was 16! as my sister lived so close to us for several years. It taught me a lot at a young age about patience and what comes along with being a parent— swearing I would never want kids ? that’s changed now, as I see them growing up and how close of a bond we all share. It’s something special I cherish, because I don’t think we would’ve been as close had I not been single during their developmental years. So in the midst of being single, it truly was a blessing for me and for them!

  • Happy Mother’s Day!! Thank you for being so open in sharing about your experiences and bringing to light some of the struggles you have gone through. I work in children’s mental health and it is so inspiring to see someone be so open about their own struggles. We need more people like you to help end the stigma 🙂 God Bless!!

  • Brittany Blackburn

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my mama is how to love well. She loves unconditionally and always shows up for her daughters. Her encouragement made us brave, and the woman I am today, is because of her.

  • Kyssara Nunley

    The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to just go with the flow and not worry what you’re “supposed” to be doing! “Let your baby cry it out, don’t nurse them to sleep, don’t coddle them, don’t give them food before they’re 6 months old, breastmilk is better than formula, etc.” I always said I would teach my babies to self soothe, but my gosh, it’s so difficult to just let them cry. More times than not, if she doesn’t fall asleep within 5 minutes, I’m getting her and that’s okay!! It’s also okay when I don’t have time to clean the house or take a shower. I used to not be able to sit down at night until everything was in order. I still love a clean home, but I’m learning to just enjoy every moment with my daughter and deal with the mess later. I’m definitely learning to do what works best for my daughter and I instead of what I should be doing!

  • My mama taught me to be patient, to be kind and humble, to persevere through the difficult times and most of all, she taught me to love whole heartedly. Mamas are amazing!

  • Jennifer

    Happy Mother’s Day! The one lesson I’ve learned is to spend as much time with them. Time flies, one minute they are the little baby in your arms, the next minute, they are going into their senior year of high school. Let them sleep in your bed, smother them with kisses until they won’t, read bedtime stories, hug as much as possible. These little people will one day have their own families and probably instill the same values when they have their own kids.

  • I have a 19 month old little boy and I think the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far is to appreciate the moments. It’s not appreciating the moments in the “time goes too quick” kinda way, although I quickly found that to be true. It’s the genuine moments of love where I am making every moment count. As a first time mom I was so fixated on making sure my son was hitting each milestone and comparing him to other children I knew that I was getting so caught up in it at times and not truly being in the moment. I have learned to be intentional with my time and that when he’s older and in school those milestones I made so important, won’t be. What will be important is the kind of child I raised and how he treats others. What will be important is the memories we continue to make and that he knows how loved he is.

  • chuffman

    The biggest lesson I have learned is to be honest not only with others but yourself and ask for help when you need it., No matter how strong you think you are.

  • Happy Mother’s day!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Patience and an overflowing amount of love is key when you have kids. They’re really the best thing to ever happen to us!

  • Brittney Conine

    Full reliance on God! Handing over my worries and concerns about my children; asking for patience when I’ve said the same thing 1,000 times and no one is listening; praying that He would keep my babies safe when they’re away from me; continuing to provide for us and guide us as a family ❤️

  • Skye Shelley

    The biggest lesson that my mom has taught me has to definitely be sacrifice and trusting in the Lord. She is also a very courageous woman. She had a very difficult time getting pregnant after her first pregnancy at 17. She ended up having 4 miscarriages, but she knew that she was supposed to have more children. She trusted in the Lord and continuously prayed for years. She remarried and persevered through hardship. 17 years past and my adoption finally went through and I became my mom and dad’s. My mom continually walks in faith and has constantly sacrificed her time and energy for her family and I’m extremely grateful for her love. ❤️

  • Cherish every moment. Even when your kid jumps into your bed at 4am because they had a bad dream. They grow up way too fast and soon you will miss all those snuggles.

  • Alyssa Bailey

    I’ve learned more recently living with my in-laws before we close on our house. Other people are also going to have to parent (discipline, teach) our children. Daycare, sleepovers, friends houses, school. It does take a village. We have to teach our kids to be their own person and to respect all that guide them!

  • Kayla Beller

    Beautiful Post! Motherhood is hard but the rewards always seem to outweigh that! Being there for my kids is one of the great things I learned from my mom. She seemed to always be there, even when I thought I didnt want her there. Enjoy the moments because they fly away so quickly-even the fussy middle of the night wake ups. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Tiffany Bailey

    I have a beautiful daughter Brooklyn born 1/2/19. The greatest lesson she is teaching me so far is patience. I didn’t realize before she came into my life how impatient I truly was with everything. Now I must patiently struggle through cry sessions trying to figure out what is wrong or patiently nurse her 3 times a night. It has been a struggle but she is truly the greatest blessing of my life and I love her more than I knew was possible!

    Thank you for speaking up about your journey. You’re inspirational. I now have a reference I can use if I ever find myself out of sorts. Motherhood is the journey that connects us all.

  • The biggest lesson I have learned being a mom to three is how selfish I am. Parenting my children has opened my eyes to my own sin nature and how much I need Jesus to get me through each day. It is definitely one of the hardest jobs but I wouldn’t do it differently. They are one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given me.

  • Berenice pulido

    After having children I learned what true unconditional love is. ❤️

  • Michelle Mather

    I’m learning so much now that my son is 20 almost 21. In learning to let go, I’m learning that up to this point anything he does whether or not I agree is on him! He has to learn fine his own mistakes. We’ve natured and loved and hope and pray that he takes the tools of logic with him wherever he goes.

  • I’ve learned to be selfless on a whole new level.

  • The biggest lesson my mom has taught me is that it’s never to late to live your dream. My mom is 55 and getting the Bachelor’s Degree she always wanted. Because of her, I’m switching my career path and going back to school this fall!!

  • I have learned to enjoy and be thankful every single day especially on the very hard days! My toddler will only be this little once and someday I will just miss these special moments.

  • That you will “fail” somewhere in most days. You will have to ask forgiveness more than you ever thought possible (or remember your mom doing, but I guarantee she did, turns out children have awful memories lol). That it would be the hardest-best thing I have ever done. That I would find myself and purpose at the end of myself. That I thought I had a “servant’s heart”, but I had never had to “serve” day in and day out before. It’s such a journey, one I am thankful to be on.

    Kristen (mom to 2 boys that are 8 and 6 and 2 girls who are 4 and almost 2)

  • I am not a mother but i have learned with my mother, and will probably put to use if I become a mother is to pick your battles. You don’t always need to be right or in charge. Let the little things go, the world won’t end

  • What beautiful pictures, and what a doll!! My mom’s biggest lesson was one she didn’t teach, but just did. She was very kind, even though she was crippled for many years, she would bring us to visit elderly from church, and give things to people poorer than we were, with five kids. It was not done to prove anything to anyone, but she cared about others, and I still admire and miss her terribly.

  • Heather Dostart

    The biggest lesson is loving with my whole heart ❤️. You never know the kind of love, or can understand, the love that you have for your child until you have one. The way my heart expanded is indescribable. What a gift.

  • Heather Krisolofsky

    I’m a mom to two little girks (new 7 year old And 4 year old). I used to live life by a schedule and plan and was never late to anything. Well kids change that. I’ve learned that it’s ok if plans change, be sure as we know when you have babies, you put them first. I’ve also learned that people will understand if you’re running late, because it happens. But I would say the biggest thing being s mom has taught me is love. I’ve loved before, but never loved like this before. It’s almost a love you can’t put into words but any momma reading this will completely know what I’m talking about. Happy Mother’s Day, and every day, beautiful ladies!!!

  • The biggest lesson I have learned is that my kids (particularly as they get older) don’t need a perfect mom. They need a mom that has faults, messes up, asks for forgiveness & points to her need for Jesus (and in turn their need for Jesus when they mess up). I wish that I had been better about this.

  • Nicole leo

    One of the lessons that my mother taught me is never regret anything in my life because everything happens for a reason. For example good days gives you happiness and memories and bad days experience and the worst days of your life makes you stronger.

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