My Latest Amazon Favorites

My Latest Amazon Favorites

My Latest Amazon Favorites

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In this video, I’m wearing the Madewell knot-front top in an XS.  My initial necklace is from Mel Spivak.

My decal for the Thieves Cleaner is from SowOily.  Decals on my roller balls are from Abundant Seas.

If you’re interested in Young Living Essential oils, learn more here.  Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram with any oil questions you may have.

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  • Johanna Kotisaari

    Just have to comment on the headlamp 😀 you might look like a doofus however, ain’t you supposed to wear it when it’s dark, so no one can really see you while you have it on. ? Also where I’m from during winter we have like 3-4h of daylight (around noon when most ppl are at work) is useful to have a headlamp let’s say in a car when you need to check the oil, change lights.. I’m new here but love watching your videos!! And I’ve learned so much about applying make up! I am however a bit overwhelmed with how many brushes I need.. although I use the beauty blender and love it. A suggestion for a video tutorial: what is the “bare minimum” on brushes and applicators everyone should have.. ive used my fingers mostly before so this is new to me.. thanks!! ??

    • Angela Lanter

      HAHA! That’s so true, Johanna!! Matt will use it when he’s out jogging after dark, so it makes sense for that too. 🙂
      I’m planning a makeup brush for beginner’s video in my beauty for beginner’s series I’m filming. Honestly, I could easily use only a beautyblender for my entire face, then only use brushes for eyeshadows and brows. In fact, a lot of days I do!

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Love this! I got a $50 Amazon gift card for Christmas from work and have some great ideas now!

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