$18 Top You NEED in Your Closet

$18 Top You NEED in Your Closet

cutest top under $20 for Fall

cutest top under $20 for Fall cutest top under $20 for Fall cutest top under $20 for Fall cutest top under $20 for Fallcutest top under $20 for Fall

After baby, I wasn’t really sure what my style would be.  I had so. many. QUESTIONS.  Would I still fit into my favorite jeans?  Would my taste be the same or would I feel like I needed to change the way I dressed?  What about my post-baby body, would it be the same?  I had no clue what to expect.

Turns out, my body is mostly the same post-baby as it was before.  Mostly, being the key word here.  I actually weigh a few pounds less now than I did when I got pregnant.  The biggest body difference, other than the crazy amount of hair I’ve lost (can you hear me crying through your computer screen?!) is my weight is now distributed differently.  I’m carrying more weight in my hips, butt and thighs.

So, yes, I can still wear my favorite jeans after all.  They just fit a little differently.  And my taste is still the same.

Speaking of taste, you may recognize this top from this haul video I posted on my YouTube Channel.  I love mixing highs and lows.  It’s my favorite way to keep variety in my wardrobe without breaking the bank.  This top is under $20 and it’s adorable for Fall.

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Shein Top| Madewell Jeans | Lulu’s Heels | Gucci Handbag |Photos by Kara Coleen |


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