Best of Amazon Prime Day 2018

Best of Amazon Prime Day 2018

We are BIG Amazon Prime shoppers here at the Lanter house.  We typically get 3-5 deliveries from Prime every week.  Amazon just makes it so easy to get what you need fast, without running all over tarnation.  No store runs, no lines, no parking lot fiascos (if you live in LA, you get what I mean)…  Just the click of a button and you get what you need delivered to your doorstep.  The “Buy Now with 1-Click”is dangerous for us!

I love watching Amazon Favorites videos on YouTube because I find out about new items other people love.  In case you like to nose around in other people’s shopping carts like me, you can check out my Amazon Favorites video here and a blog post I wrote last year with my favorite things to buy.

If you’re not a Prime member, you’re seriously missing out.  Membership is $119 annually, which we save way more than that in shipping costs alone.  Here are the reasons why being a member rocks:

  • FREE two-day shipping, same-day shipping or one-day delivery.
  • Access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Twitch, Prime Photos, Prime Wardrobe and Prime Reading.
  • Prime at Whole Foods!
  • AmazonFresh grocery delivery and Prime Pantry.

One a year, Prime Day rolls around.  This year, the sale will last a day and a half.  Rounded up below are my picks from this year’s big sale.  We’re in the market for a new tv for our downstairs guest room, which we are converting into a shared playroom.  Just a head’s up…  You can’t shop Prime Day unless you’re a Prime member.  But you can enroll to get a 30 free membership here.

Best of Amazon Prime Day 2018

  1. Oil Diffuser:  This diffuser has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and is rated almost 5 stars.  It’s on sale for $14 and it’s great if you’re into essential oils like we are.  Feel free to email me if you want more info about the essential oils we use.
  2. Clarisonic:  This is my favorite skincare tool, hands down.  My skin looks brighter and healthier when I’m cleansing regularly with my Clarisonic brush.  Save $50 today!!
  3. Skiphop Activity Gym:  MacKenlee has loved this playmat since she was probably 8 weeks old and still uses it every day.  She loves the music and lights.  I would highly recommend this for new moms, or even better, as a baby gift!  Get an additional 30% off today at checkout.
  4. Instant Pot:  I’m addicted to my crock pot, so the idea of an instant pot was intriguing at first.  Last Prime Day, I snagged on, and I never looked back.  I love using this magical one dish pot for all sorts of things, but especially for rotisserie chicken.
  5. Curling Wand:  I love a great curling wand and this one seems like it would be amazing.  It heats up to 380 degrees and is 30% off at checkout.
  6. Steve Madden Slides:  I bought these adorable slides in rose gold for myself, loved them, so then I ordered a pair for my cousin’s birthday.  They go with everything!  They’re 30% off today.
  7. Humidifier:  We live our lives humidified, lol.  We live in a very dry climate, so we run a humidifier every. single. NIGHT.  One in our bedroom and one in the nursery.  We’re actually buying this for our guest room.  With over 9000 reviews and a 4 star rating, I’m expecting to love it.  Save $50 on it today!
  8. Glass Containers:  Now that I’m making my own baby food, more glass storage containers are a must.  This is another item currently in my shopping cart.
  9. Ring Doorbell:  A homeowner’s best friend.  This handy little gadget is 30% off and helps you answer your doorbell, even when you’re not home.

A few more must-haves…

This is our bottle warmer that we use daily.

I organize my produce in the refrigerator and my breastmilk in the freezer using these plastic storage bins.

MacKenlee loved this swing so much that we have two of them.

We layered our nursery curtains with these blackout drapes to get the nursery extra dark on these longer summer days.

When a pimple pops up, this is our go-to drying lotion for overnight treatment.

My favorite lash serum is on sale!  I would give anything to be able to use this while nursing!

What are you buying today?  Leave a comment below and let me know if I missed any good items…  Share the love!!  🙂

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  • Does the eyelash serum actual work? Thanks! (Love your blog, channel, and podcast!)

    • Angela Lanter

      YES! I used it before my wedding and on and off for several years after. I wish I could use it now!

  • Bought the Corsori pot similar to instant pot with good reviews. I tried to get the Instant Pot but Amazon was overloaded with customers. Also bought my iron pills, soldering iron for my son and I’m watching other items

    • Angela Lanter

      I hope you like it! I’ve never heard of the Corsori pot. 🙂

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