Our Favorite Things to Buy from Amazon

Matt and I have been members of Amazon Prime for years now.  

I’ve become totally dependent on my membership and use it for multiple things around my house and in my life on the regular.  

In honor of Amazon Prime Day tomorrow, I thought I’d create a really fun post about the things we Lanters regularly depend on Amazon for.

First up, beauty.  

As you all know (maybe all too well) I’m a huge fan of Korean skincare.  Unfortunately, Korean skincare products aren’t readily available at your local drugstore here in LA.  

When I take my annual trek to Koreatown for a beauty raid, I stand in the aisles for what seems like hours trying to decipher what each product is and what it does.  Shopping these products online may not be as fun (hello, you can smell or test them!) but there are reviews for most products in English.  That’s actually how I first discovered and tried Laneige, and y’all know what a fan of that brand I am!

Amazon Beauty Faves:


Matt uses Amazon to purchase mostly electronics and camera gear for our home and business.  His big purchases, such as lenses, typically come from B&H Photo.  

Day-to-day type product, such as clips, paper backgrounds, memory cards and various other accessories all typically come from Prime.  Electronics are to Matt what makeup is to me.  Needless to say, we have a lot of electronics and accessories in our house.

Another normal purchase for us is our coffee.  We both prefer low acid coffee due to heartburn, so lately we have been using Tieman’s Fusion Coffee.  We both are happy to report no heartburn since we’ve been drinking this coffee!

When I have a particular fashion piece I’m looking for, I find that I often have good luck shopping on Amazon.  I’ve been in the market for a pair of pink Nikes and found this awesome pair recently.

I buy most of our vitamins also from Prime.  I hate standing in the vitamin aisle at Whole Foods staring blankly at hundreds of bottles not knowing which one to pick.  Again, I prefer shopping online for supplements because I can read reviews before pulling the trigger.

Travel products are another must buy on Prime for me.  

I recently purchased a few travel organizer products to help me travel more efficiently.  I ordered this compression system to help to keep my clothes wrinkle free while maximizing my suitcase space.  

I also ordered an undergarments bag, pill travel case and a dirty laundry bag.  I hate traveling home and mixing our dirty clothes with our clean clothes, so I’m hoping our next trip to the beach will be much more organized.


Travel Faves:


What are your favorite products to buy on Amazon?  Leave a comment below and let me know what I’m missing out on!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my picks from Prime Day!



  1. Maura Gripp
    / 7:04 PM

    I am not a member of Amazon Prime but I do love Amazon its so great. I have ordered a bunch of cardigans and other clothes. My most recent purchase was a rain coat.

  2. Erin
    / 7:17 PM

    I love Amazon for various items too! I dont have prime. I am Korean and might have to try Amazon for different Korean beauty products. I saw your instapost about tthe pink nikes and they are gorgeous! I have been wanting some nikes. Might have to try amazon. I am afraid to buy online and then shoe not fit right and all that.

    I look forward to your Nordstrom Anniv Sale videos! I was looking at their website and found some cute dresses online I am interested in.

    • / 2:38 PM

      Oohhh! You’re the person I want to talk to! What are your top Korean beauty products??
      I’ve never had an issue with shoes fitting from Amazon, but I’m also not afraid to return anything that doesn’t fit the way I want it to!

      • Erin
        / 5:12 PM

        I love Laneige and Missha! I usually get them at Target. I might check Amazon too. I like to try Missha’s different skincare masks. I would love to try Tonymoly and know Amazon has their products. I sadly would be afraid to return something to Amazon. I really do like the pink Nike shoes you bought. I might just have to order me some Nikes. ?

        • / 10:00 PM

          I love both of those brands too, but you probably already knew that. 🙂
          I’ve tried a few Tonymoly and have enjoyed them because of the scents. Their hand creams are fantastic!

  3. Anna
    / 9:52 AM

    Thanks for the beauty tips!!

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