Hello Baby Ep 16: Airplane Travel Tips

Hello Baby Ep 16: Airplane Travel Tips

airplane baby travel tips

As a new parent, there are a ton of things that intimidate me.  Top of that intimidation list?  Traveling with baby…  On an airplane.  Hands down, this was stressing me out more than just about everything else I knew I had to experience as a new mom.  Check out today’s podcast episode to hear all about our first flight with MacKenlee.  We’re recapping the whole experience plus giving you a list of the things you simply can’t leave home without.

Check out our list of airplane must-haves below and listen to this week’s Hello Baby podcast episode here:

Airplane Must-Haves:

Honest Hand Sanitizer

Travel Anti-Bacterial Wipes (for plane)

Jujube Diaper Bag

Jujube Breast Pump Bag

Jujube Binky Holder

Gerber Pacifiers


Bolli Baby Teether Toy

Sophie the Giraffe

Nap Cap

Copper Pearl Burp Cloth

Baby Banz Headphones

Thieves Essential Oil

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