5 Of The Worst Hair Decisions You Can Make

5 Of The Worst Hair Decisions You Can Make

Hair has always been one of my favorite topics.  I’ve had long strands most of my life, but I’ve made some pretty questionable choices in the past.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve become the most comfortable with my hair.  I know exactly what cut and color (ombre) looks best for my skin tone.

5 Of My Worst Hair Decisions Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Knowing what your best hair is can be a game changer.  It depends entirely on your skin tone, face shape and personal preferences.  I think that’s why I love chatting tresses so much, because it’s an entirely subjective topic.  Every woman, and the way we view ourselves, is so wonderfully different.

5 Of My Worst Hair Decisions Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

It was a long road getting to this point of hairstyle satisfaction and believe me,  I’ve been through many hair mishaps.  Let me break down a few of my worst decisions to date, that just didn’t work for ME.

5 of my worst hair decisions. Angela Lanter, Hello Gorgeous #haircare #hairstyle #hair

5 Of My Worst Hair Decisions Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

My 5 Worst Hair Decisions:

  1. Bob Haircuts.  I’ve had long hair my entire life…  Well, except for two times when I decided a bob would be a great idea.  WRONG.  I envy the girl who has the face shape to pull off a gorgeous stacked cut.  This girl just can’t do it.  It’s no secret that I have high cheekbones and a wide face.  A bob made me look like a blockhead.  When I look back at my bob in fourth grade and again in 11th grade, I know now why my mom pleaded with me not to cut my hair.  It looks stunning on other girls, just not on me.  I’ve come to terms with my blockhead status and understand that I have to have length around my face to balance out my large head.
  2. Perms.  Oh girl, I’ve had many a perm in my day.  I’ve has spiral, crimped, wave and foil perms.  You always want what you don’t have, right?  Right.  I have stick straight hair and all I ever wanted was curls, so perms it was!  My last perm was my senior year of high school…  And I’ll be leaving that hair trend for my high school glory days.
  3. Black Strands.  Not just black hair, but jet black, but actually sorta blue hair.  This period will be referred to as my “Elvis Days.”  Listen, just because you’re born with black hair (like I was) doesn’t mean it’s a great idea to go back to it.  In order to balance how harsh my hair color was, I had to stay tan. Really, really tan.  When Matt met me, I resembled an Ohio version of Snooki.
  4. Streaked and Striped.  I’m not talking about highlights or lowlights here.  I’m talking about zebra stripes in my hair.  My strands were straight-up striped.  What was I thinking?
  5. Extensions.  Y’all know I love my clip-ins.  I wear them all. the. time.  I’m referring to sewn-in extensions here.  They were a bad decision for me for several reasons:  they’re not easy to up keep, those darned things itched my head like woah and they damaged my hair.  None of this is worth it when you can easily clip-in hair extensions when you want to and get the exact same effect.

5 Of My Worst Hair Decisions Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Throughout all of these hair memories, I can remember the products I used at different stages in my life.  As a teenager, I used Herbal Essences shampoo, conditioner and styling products.  I saw their tv commercials with the girls in the shower going crazy over the scent and thought…  I gotta get me some of that!  I would regularly buy the yellow shampoo and conditioner, which was for moisture control, because the scent was incredible.  I’ve said it a hundred times, there’s nothing better than great smelling hair.  I’ve grown up.  So has Herbal Essences.  They have a fresh, new look and brand new scents.  Don’t worry, the delicious scents haven’t gone anywhere, but they have an even bigger selection for us to choose from now.

We change and grow as individuals as we get older, so I love a brand that changes and grows with us.  Herbal Essences isn’t just for the teenage girl anymore…  It’s for all of us.  Don’t believe me?  Give it a try!  Pick up Herbal Essences and let me know what you think.

Leave a comment below and let me know, what was your worst hair decision through the years?

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  • Rachel M

    I’m naturally a medium ashy blonde, and I’ve gotten highlights in my hair my whole life. Sometimes a lot and sometimes more ombré. It’s always worked for me and is low maintenance bc I don’t mind my roots showing. However, I’ve went dark twice – once by the salon and luckily my hair wasn’t too damaged going back to blonde within a few months. But the other time, when I was 20, I went from very light to DARK brown with boxed dye. Ugh. I immediately hated it, and tried dying it back to blonde with boxed dye. I was Pamela Anderson/Marilyn Monroe blonde and my hair was fried. I was mortified, I remember I had big plans that weekend and I stayed at home with my husband (then boyfriend) and sobbed. It was awful! I always crave change, but I always come back to the same color/style. It just works!

    • Angela Lanter

      Ugh, girl I’ve been there!! I wanted a BIG change and my hair paid for it big time, lol!!

  • Laura Bradley

    I have wanted to try hair extensions but not sure what kind Is there a certain brand of hair clip in you like and do you get the real hair clip ins? My worst hair was perm/with a bob haircut. Never never again. Love all your advice. Thank you

    • Angela Lanter

      I use a set from the Hair Shoppe that I bought for our wedding almost 5 years ago, I think they’re the Hair Shoppe brand. I also really like Laced Hair Extensions because the quality is great!

  • What’s hilarious to me is that we both did the bob thing…twice. My first time was also 4th grade, and then again in the summer between 8th and 9th. I finally realized that I hated short hair on my tall thin body type and square head (lol, I had a similar problem with the “blockhead” effect), and that the a-lines are best left to people that were not me. I’m glad I’m not alone, haha! At the very least, I’m glad I was able to donte my hair both times. XO

    • Angela Lanter

      That’s so cool that you were able to donate your hair! I was never able to because my hair was chemically treated (perm or color) but I always wanted to!

  • I wish you would’ve included pictures of your bad hair decisions. I’m curious what the “zebra stripes” look like

    • Angela Lanter

      Haha I don’t even know if I have photos because those styles never lasted long! 🙂

  • I wish pictures of you bad hair decisions were shown in this post! 😉
    I think the worst decision I’ve made as far as my hairstyle goes was getting a bob when I was younger. I don’t have the face for a bob either!

    • Angela Lanter

      Haha I don’t think I kept much photographic evidence, lol! I think every girl goes through the bob stage!! 🙂

  • Brittany Blackburn

    I commented on your Instagram about my 6th/7th grade hair gel days. Oh boy!

    • Angela Lanter

      I went through a “scrunchy” hair phase where I used gel and mouse to get the biggest perm-like hair you’ve ever seen! lol

      • Brittany Blackburn

        I think I went through that phase too! ? I made your crockpot chicken & DM’ed you a picture on Instagram! (Not sure if it exactly worked so I also tagged you in my post!) It was delicious! Yesterday, I cooked minestrone soup from a recipe I found on Pinterest!

        • Angela Lanter

          Oh good! I’m so glad you liked it! Unfortunately I’m REALLY behind on my Instagram DMs right now.

          • Brittany Blackburn

            Okay. Just glad to know you probably received it! ?

  • Michelle Johnson

    Oh girl! I can relate on so many levels! So first-some background-I was born with medium brown hair that is stick straight…and is straight as ever! Like you, I wanted curly hair (still do) and got a few perms when I was young. Guess what! They didn’t hold and were a waste of money. I was told to wait until I got older because my hair would change. Soooo around 20 yrs old, I got another one and yep–still didn’t hold. My hair was short at the time (will get into that soon) and they tried to cut like another inch off to see if that would help curl it more. The salon felt bad so they didn’t even charge me for the perm-just for a hair cut. And it totaly ruined my hair for a long time. So never again have I or will I perm this hair again. I’ll just have to stick to a curling wand! Also like you, I always had long hair. After I graduated high school, I cut it shoulder length and then went even shorter a year later. Ugghhh never again! So I am happy to say that my hair has stayed long ever since. I definitely have experienced so many colors in the blond and brown family. I dyed my hair blonde in high school (age 34 now for reference) and I look at pictures and can’t believe it’s me! I then went back to my natural color (which has lighted up to light ashy brown in the last 10 years-not flattering) and left it alone for a while so that it could grow. Then I did the ombre in which the blonde ruined my ends and I had to cut 3 inches off! Never again! And finally for the last 3 years I have done a single process (don’t know the exact color) and a colored glaze resulting in a beautiful red/auburn like color. Everyone that knows me has said it looks the best on me. I get compliments from strangers all the time saying they love my color and actually think it’s natural (I am fair skinned with green/hazel eyes). So I will definitely be staying with this color for awhile! I could literally go on for another page about all my hair episodes, but I will leave it there! Ha!

    • Angela Lanter

      Haha your hair journey sounds like mine, all over the place! LOL

  • Stephany

    Do you have a favorite brand of hair extensions? Your hair always looks so beautiful! Xoxo

    • Angela Lanter

      I use a set from my wedding that I bought locally from The Hair Shoppe. I also love my extensions from Laced Hair!

  • What type of clips in do you get? As in length wise, # of pieces? I have been wanting to try clip in extensions to get more volume in my hair, but I am unsure on which ones to get.

    PS: thank you for sharing your beauty tips & lifestyle with us girls, I love it! Congrats on the baby girl, you’re gonna be such a great mom!

    • Angela Lanter

      Hi! Honestly I don’t remember the length because I take them to my hairdresser and have them cut with my hair for a perfect match. I typically only wear 1-2 tracks when I do wear them, which is not every day. I only wear them for events usually. I bought mine locally at The Hair Shoppe almost 5 years ago but I also have a set from Laced Hair that are amazing!

  • Just gonna say chunky blond highlights. You can imagine on curly hair that is mostly brown, and looks like Sherly Temple curls, it was bad. Like very bad. The guy that did it did my junior prom look, and yeah..chunky highlights with an actual beehive for a bun. Wish there wasnt any photos of it, but there is.

  • Gemma Louise

    In my younger teen years I got so many highlights that I was a weird multi-blonde shade which was not a good look for me! I cut my hair into a bob straight after my wedding, I’d been talking about doing it for MONTHS. Now, almost a hear on, I’m growing it out again to see if I like that better ?

  • Thanks for sharing, I understand completely as I’ve had some questionable hairstyles back in the day as well. When I was like 12 my mum took me took me to the hairdressers to get my hair cut like Agent Scully’s from the X files which wasn’t a good look for me as I have a round face lol so safe to say I absolutely hated it but of course my mum won and I was left with this horrible hair cut but then years later I obviously didn’t learn from that past mistake as I cut off my hair again when I was 21 by my own free will this time I might add and yes it was just as bad as the first time lol ?
    Another time I dyed my hair black which didn’t compliment me at all just made me look very pail and washed out and getting that out was a complete nightmare I bleached it numerous times and used several hair colour removals on it to get it back to my natural colour which is blonde (Big mistake) my hair snapped off was very dry and weak and turned this horrible colour it’s only now in the last few years that my hair has began to become healthy again. Safe to say I’ll be keeping my long blonde hair for a while. I also now now what product work in my hair so that helps a lot
    But as Albert Einstein once said ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.’ ❤️

  • I had blond hair in high school thanks to Sun-in AND decided to dye my hair red ??‍♀️??‍♀️ My hair turned magenta and my mom was so mad. We had to strip my hair and then go get it cut to try and keep it healthy. I learned never again to go from blond to red

  • Catherine M. Shively

    You have GORG hair. What clip in extensions do you use?
    I’d love to try some for when I want my hair EXTRA long as it’s almost booty length now and super thick.

  • Megan Brewer

    I definitely went through my Sun-in addition when I was in middle school and high school, and the copy the popular girl hair cut despite what my hairdresser said. When I got to college, I stopped using box dye after a couple two many incidents of not getting dye in junks of hair…being a California girl, its always been about having that perfect sun kissed look but having dark brown hair can make it a challenge.

    I finally found a hairdresser who can work wonders with my hair (a natural sun-kissed look in the summer and shade of dark chocolate that looks natural), and I have thankfully realized that I look really good with long hair. Finding a hairdresser that understands you, your look, and will be honest when you have a not so great hair idea is key. My husband thinks that the amounts I spend on my hair to have it look natural is crazy, but he loves me and my long hair.

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