2016 Reader Survey

2016 Reader Survey

I want to hear from you!

I’m a strong believer in giving the people what they want.  I want to know what it is that you want to see on my blog and YouTube Channel in 2016.  To help me figure that out, I created a quick little survey for you to tell me what I’ve been doing right in 2015 and what you don’t really care about.  I’ve never actually done a survey with my followers before, but have consistently asked for feedback via social media and the blog over the past three years.  I figured a survey will help me streamline your answers.

I feel like I personally know so many of my followers from conversing with you over social media and YouTube or blog comments, and I want to be sure I’m putting my time and attention into creating content this year that you really want to see.  I love that each one of you takes time from your busy lives to visit Hello Gorgeous and make a point to leave me comments.  I read every single comment I receive, and I try my best to respond to as many comments as possible.  You are the reason I created Hello Gorgeous and I just want to give a sincere thank you to each and every one of you!

Please take a couple minutes out of your day to leave your feedback by taking this survey here.

As a little thank you for your time as well as following along with Hello Gorgeous, I’ve teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics and I’m giving away this awesome Get Your Party On! Contouring Kit.  If you have spent any time at all on Hello Gorgeous, then you know how much I love highlighting and contouring, so this is the perfect first giveaway to kick off the new year!

Benefit Giveaway

This kit from Benefit Cosmetics includes my very favorite matte bronzer, Hoola Benefit Bronzer.  If you are new to the contour game, this bronzer is amazing.  It helps you appear tan all year long.

Also included, is the They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara, High Beam Face Highlighter and Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel.  I just recently started using the Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel, and I really love it.  I’ve been using clear eyebrow gel (really just clear mascara) since junior high school, to tame my uber long eyebrows, so I was hesitant since I have never found a tinted brow gel that worked for me.  I think it’s the mini wand that really does the trick plus the smooth formula.

Enter to win this giveaway!  All you need to do is take this survey, comment below in Rafflecopter once complete, “done”.  Thenn comment on this blog post letting me know that you took the survey, mark complete in the checklist below.  Lastly, “Like” the Hello Gorgeous Facebook page and comment “done” in the checklist below.  Then you’re all entered!  This giveaway is open to international followers!

**Giveaway is CLOSED!

Congratulations to the winner: Carolina Fernández!

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1612 1108 Angela Lanter
  • I recently started following you on Instagram and finally decided to stop by your blog! I’ve clicked through a few posts and look forward to having your blog on my daily rotation!

    • Angela Lanter

      Yay!! I’m so happy to have you! Welcome to the Gorgeous Fam! xoxo

      • lovely of you to do a giveaway been reading your blog for 2 months now and I love it ps my snapchat is eviemaherxx

      • Lindsay Zombek

        Finished the survey and liked your Facebook page (trust me I would have “loved” your Facebook page if I could! 🙂 absolutely in love with your blog and everything about your lifestyle and fashion! Can’t wait for much more fabulousness in 2016!

      • Liliana kash

        i recently followed you on Instagram and I love watching your hair tutorials and makeup tutorials. vist your blog all the time now and happy new year:)

      • Hey!!! Completed the survey And about to enter the contest, thank you so much for This!!
        Part of the snapchat fam 😉
        All the love for the New YEAR <3

      • Done! Btw SNAPCHAT FAM!????????

      • Emily Burke

        My mom introduced me to you a over a year ago and ever since I’ve been hooked! I love your videos and snapchats , and it is so lovely for you to do this giveaway for us ! Thank you !

      • Hiba Ahmed

        Done!! I’ve been obsessed with your for two years now! I love all of your content! Hope you have a wonderful New Year, and I can’t wait to see all the new content you come up with! Snachat fam (:

  • Olivia Taylor

    I completed the survey 🙂 Hope the feedback helps and I can’t wait to what you’ve got for 2016! I’ve been part of the Gorgeous Fam for 2 years now and you never disappoint, please keep doing what you are doing, you’re such an inspiration xoxo

  • Jessica J

    Done:) happy new year!!

  • Love your blog. Can’t wait to see all the new content this year !

  • Ria Shah

    I’m so excited for your new posts! You’re style is amazing, and I totally feel your struggle about dark undereye circles 🙁 Anyways, Happy New Year and thank you for doing this giveaway

  • Ana Wolak

    I love watching your videos and coming here to see your fashion posts! I follow you on IG and your pics are always an inspiration! Love you!

  • Elizabeth


    I recently used one of your hair tutorials for Christmas and have used a different one almost every day since. So simple, so gorgeous! Thank you, Angela!

  • Benefit is my absolute favourite brand of makeup, I’m so pleased to hear you love to use it too!! Fingers crossed for the giveaway ????

  • Hey! I completed your survey! I really like your blog, Instagram and Youtube channel! Looking forward to what’s in store for 2016!

  • Rachel B

    I really love your channel and blog, only thing I would love to see is some makeup tips for mixed race skin because I have like no idea what shades to use, how to contour or basically anything about makeup 🙁 please help!!!

  • Susan Bledsoe

    I think I did all the other steps to enter. 🙂 I have recently gone back to teaching full time, am expecting another little one in July (I have 7 year old twin boys) and am looking at buying a house so I don’t get as much time to look at your blogs and tutorials as I would like, but still enjoy them and use many of the products and techniques I’ve seen from you! Thanks for all you do!

  • Courtney

    I found your blog through my Instagram and am so thankful I did! Excited for the posts to come this year!
    Survey completed.

  • Danielle Kember

    Done!! I’ve been obsessed with everything you for at least two years!! My go to looms you created ❤️❤️

  • Done! Thanks, love your content!

  • Kaylee Yarrington

    Yay for easy surveys and yay for you! Love Hello Gorgeous. Praying the Lord blesses you immensely in 2016 pretty!

    I did all 3. 🙂

  • Liz James

    Took the survey , heard about it from
    Snap chat 🙂

  • I love following you on all social media sites. it’s like getting a little peek inside your world and I love feeling like I can be a part of it. your make up tutorials have helped me so much. in less than a year my make up glam game has gotten so strong and I own so much of that to you. so thank you for everything. you’re the best <3!

    • ps I posted this before I saw your snap, so I’m posting again cause snapchat sent me!

  • Stumbled on to you on IG and love all your content! Took the survey to say so- keep it up!

  • Isabella

    Love your blog!

  • Done! Happy new year 🙂

  • Hey! I really like your blog and YouTube channel. I just subscribed and it has been very helpful and fun <3

  • Hello Angela,
    I’m one of your fans all the way from Belgium! Yes, that tiny, little country in Europe! I just love your tutorials, your snaps, your posts on facebook, and of course your blog!
    Hope I have a tiny little chance to win this giveaway, now that I have completed your survey.

    Lots of love,

  • Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! ????????

  • Done! Love all your content 🙂

  • Love your blog and can’t wait to see if I win this kit! It looks amazing! Love you and your videos/blog/Instagram/snapchats from the Uk! Xox

  • Samantha

    I completed the survey!!! I’m very excited for what you have coming in 2016!!! Can’t wait!! Super excited!!

  • I love your blog!! “Done” 🙂

  • Done! What a great idea with the survey! Also, snapchat fam! :-*

  • Done!! Thanks so much for everything, Angela! I’ve learned so, so much! I’m part of your snapchat fam!! :)) xoxo

  • Christina McElheney

    Yay!!! I hope I win! Thank u for the giveaway and Happy New Year!!


  • Kelly Williams

    Done! Thanks! ????

  • Done! Looking forward to what you share in 2016! #snapchatfam

  • Paulina Sengsouriya

    As a hobbiest photographer I’m in such awe at how beautiful you and your shots are! I know the hubby shoots for you often so much applause, the bf caputres some awesome shots for me but they’re not always the original shots I was looking for 😉 I’ve completed the survey! Have a very gorgeous day 🙂

  • Done gorgeous! Love you!

  • I love looking at your blog ❤️ Completed the survey!

  • I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for quite a while, so im glad i finally checked out your blod!(:

  • Excited for what 2016 has to offer for all of us..!!

    Done..!! SnapChatFam..????

  • I’ve completed the survey, and I already followed you on facebook. Enormously excited! I hope the feedback would help, thanks in advance for this❤️

  • Isabelle Perreault

    I simply love your blog, I love the content that you put in it, we can see the efforts that you do, to deliver us the best posts (:
    Your blog is an addiction xxx ‘Done’ ( :

  • Hello!!

    I never win anything but it’s fun trying and supporting you and all that you do! I’m a big fan of yours, I follow you just about everywhere (on social media lol. Not in a creepy way) anyways I’m from #snapchatfam ???? Good luck everyone!!

  • Done!!:) I love your blog and can’t wait to see all the new stuff!!

  • Batsheva

    Done!! Love your blog and instagram account and looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings!

  • Valarie Barnes

    Done! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • Done:)
    Your blog and YouTube videos have been such a blessing & confidence boosting tool in my life. I’ve tried other tutorials & I’m constantly going back to yours for their in depth, truth and heartfelt advice that you provide. Thank you so much! I don’t have a Facebook anymore, but still wanted to try and enter & give feedback. Best of Luck!

  • Heyy! So I completed the survey. I love both your youtube channel and your blog and its amazing how you some up with such ideas. I have been following you for a while on even on snapchat and you’ve been amazing and I am looking forward to your videos and blogs in 2k16…
    Love you so much xo

  • Andrea Myrom

    You had me at “Hello”????

  • Katherine Cagle

    I love this. I liked commented and took the surgery. Ps snap chat sent me. 🙂 much love

  • Elodie MV

    Just done ! 😀

    Don’t change your blog Angela, all is perfect ! <3

    Elodie, your French fan 😉

  • Marisa Fernandes

    This ia awesome. Done!! Thks♡

  • Vanessa Jauregui

    Done! Snapchat sent me 🙂 xoxo

  • Elsy Ramos

    Love your blog and youtube channel!!!! From Snapchat Fam!!! 😀

    • Elsy Ramos

      Done!! I hope i win i always enter giveaways and never win 🙁

  • Samantha Hernandez

    Done!!! I have been a religious Hello Gorgeous watcher for two years! Never miss a new video or Blog post! #snapchatFam Your videos are amazing Angela!!!

  • Done! Saw via Snapchat. 🙂

  • Samantha

    So I commented and did everything before then watched my snaps.. Lol.. Oops.. So here is my second comment. I have been watching and follow g you for the past year. I recently started getting into make up and now it has turned into an obsession ???? Thank you so much for taking time in creating the videos and blogs!! Truly appreciated!! #snapchatfam ????

  • Hina Champaneri

    Hi Angela!! I completed the survey ???? I’m only 14 years old but I have been following Hello Gorgeous for almost a year and a half now. I love fashion and putting together outfits and your blog has really helpedl. I also love your makeup tutorials especially the Halloween ones and 2 years ago I did the vampire one. Thank you for doing this giveaway and I can’t wait to see what’s going to come in 2016!!! Also Happy New Year!

  • i’ve completed all of the above:) Happy new year and hope u have an amazing year! Best regards! My sc: nnnaannccyyyy

  • Amanda Andersen

    Survey is done!

    I spend hours watching your YouTube channel, and I love when you talk about your favorites. I usually end up trying out a lot of the products. I can’t wait to see what this new year brings ????

  • I am so excited to see what you have in store for 2016! Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you as well if you come to NYC! ❤️

  • Victoria

    Hello gorgeous ????
    all done x

  • Survey complete! Thanks for taking time to ask when everyone wants to see. Absolutely LOVE Hello Gorgeous! So excited for another year of new videos/posts/pictures! Love your Snapchat btw! ????

  • Done! Cant wait to see what Hello Gorgeous has in store for the new year love your videos & blogs????

  • Nikki Bennett

    Done! I love your blog and videos! Snapchat fam ☺️

  • I love your blog it’s amazing
    Thankyou so much!
    Done X

  • done! happy new year! xxx

  • Christina

    Done! Completed your survey 🙂 Also, #SnapchatFam

  • Alin anaya

    Doneeee !!! Been part of the hello gorgeous fan for over a year now and I love it so much!! You are such an inspiration and can’t wait for the new year content! You’re amazing ! Snapchat fam ❤️

  • Jasmine Vazquez

    Completed the survey and I had already liked your fb page. Looking forward to what you have for us this year! snapchat fam ❤

  • Bratislava

    All done! Happy New Year and keep up the good work, I’m loving everything ????

    PS: snapchat fam over here!

  • Ciara Stucki

    Did the survey! I follow you on instagram and I see a ton of fashion posts, which I love! I would like to see more makeup tutorials and reviews in 2016. I love watching your videos, and I check everyday to see if new ones have been posted!

  • Chloe Reid

    I completed the survey! Can’t wait for more Hello Gorgeous in 2016! FYI, snapchat fam here!! ????

  • Rylee Shain

    I took the survey! I love your youtube channel sooo much. The makeup tutorials are always so gorgeous, and I’ve learned so much about how to do great makeup from watching. I love your product recommendations, I’ve found some of my favorite products this way. I’d love to see more lifestyle, because I love just seeing the little lifestyle videos you film on snapchat! You’re killing it!

  • Done!! I am following you all the way from The netherlands! Really like it when you open the packages you get on snapchat ! Such a shame that we do not sell benefit cosmetics in Holland! Good luck this year! X

  • Catarina

    I just too the surgem 🙂 started following you on instagram 🙂

  • Sarah H.

    I follow your posts almost daily and love everything you do! I’ve purchased and used so many amazing clothes and products from your posts that my friends have seen, and in turn they have become fans of you as well! Thank you for your inspiration!

  • I took the survey, so excited for the videos to come on your channel as the dedication and effort you put on everything you do really shows.
    Lots of love from, Uruguay.
    Dani 😀 (#snapchatfam)

  • DONE! Love your blog posts and youtube videos – much appreciated as someone who is new to this realm of beauty bloggers and youtubers – glad you’re a part of it Angela 🙂

  • Alexandra

    Done! Happy New Year!

  • Ghita Sefrioui

    Hiii Angela(????????????)!!! I really like your videos i’m actually a huge fan hahahaha I wish you could make more videos with Matt they are a lot fun I really enjoy watching those hihihi???????????? you are soo GORGEOUS together ???????? kisses ????????????

  • I completed the survey! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016!

  • Johanna Alvarez

    I completed the survey!! I really love what you do in your Youtube channel and in your blog, I found you because of your husband and I’m so happy for that. Thanks to you I’ve learned so many things about make up. I hope to see many beauty tutorials in this 2016. Snapchat fam here!! xoxo.

  • yasmin cody

    i took the survey , also i am sooo excited to see loads more make up and hair tutorials to come this year.
    i also want to say that i love your blog i have notifications to tell me when you have posted and i read them
    straight away .
    i would also like to say i am a huuuggggeeee fan of your snapchat and a big fan of your husbands shows especially
    90210 thts my favourite .
    from Yasmin

  • Snapchat brought me here! Hope to see more makeup tutorials, I love your style and you’re one of my favorite vloggers!

  • I took the survey and I’m a part of your snapchat fam thanks for the giveaway!

  • Done! Those are some of my most wanted products ever! Love Benefit so much!!

  • Done! Love your site. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while and always look forward to your tutorials!

  • Done!

    I used your new years eve tutorial for my night out! Love your blog and Snap Chat.

  • I love your blog so much! Ps my snapchat is nora_04

  • Allie Bohnstengel

    Snapchat sent me! I’ve been following along for almost a year now and sincerely appreciate your passion for sharing your fashion/beauty skills with us all! I think I can speak for everyone by saying you make everyone who follows Hello Gorgeous feel like they are one of your best friends! Your passion and drive has driven me to start a blog myself because I hope to empower women just as you have! I hope you have a great new year! 🙂

  • Okay I’m going to be honest here. I came across your YouTube channel while watching some video of the 90210 cast (so basically stalking your husband, sorry). I watched the “my husband does my makeup challenge” and was hooked since! I love your practical makeup tips and also love your sweet spirit that is on full display in every video. It’s so sincere and I can tell you live your life with a bigger purpose in mind. Excited to see what you have in store for us in 2016.

    P.S. Snapchat fam here! Xoxo

  • Nathalie Gibbons

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 goodies are a sweet surprise

  • Raha Haghani

    I finished your survey and came from snapchat! my username is raha7! Thanks so much for asking our input and I hope to see more recipe and makeup tutorials!

  • Sarah Peden

    I took your survey!! Thanks for doing all your videos, blog posts, instagrams and snapchats! I just love them and I think you are amazing! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  • Daniela Moore

    Done! I’m excited to see everything you have in store for us in 2016 🙂

  • Hi Angela,
    I just started following you recently but I have already fallen in love with Hello Gorgeous. I have never really done a lot with makeup because I didn’t know how but you have inspired me! Your tutorials are so easy to follow and I can’t wait to try some of them out. Your fashion style is amazing and I love seeing the outfits you create. Thank you!!! Happy New Year and God Bless!

  • Done on all! 🙂

  • Edna Avila

    Hello! 🙂
    Really love how you do your makeup it’s so gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you bring us for 2016! I did the survey and I am in your Snapchat Fam! Love you! Wish you nothing but the best 🙂

  • Reading your blogs and watching your videos are the best parts of my days! I love being apart of the gorgeous family & I love you so much!

  • Done! And snapchat fam 🙂

  • Yay for survey’s and giveaway’s! Love your videos, can’t wait for new content this year!

  • i’ve been loving your blog for a long time, and i’m constantly checking out your posts on liketoknow !! whenever i’ve commented on anything, insta or twitter, you’ve always commented and been super lovely so props go you m’love. i’ve taken the survey + i hope you have a brilliant 2016!!

  • Done! Love the blog!

  • Done! Snapchat fam, I hope my input on the survey helped you I love all your tutorials maybe you can do more book recommendations this year. I am trying to read more this year.

  • I’ve done the survey and am keen to see your new videos and blogposts for the new year! xx

  • Truly, you are the top blogs I come back to DAILY! 😀 Love what you post!

  • Jasmine Nejati

    Done! So excited! I lovveeee your blog and all of your videos and posts! Thanks!! I don’t have a Facebook so I am not able to like your page but hopefully I can still be a candidate in the giveaway!

  • Elizabete

    Love your blog, Angela! Thank you for all the amazing posts and videos.

  • Done 🙂 Great blog! Happy new year xxx

  • Keira Northrup

    I am looking forward to seeing all your new content in 2016! Congratulations on this being your 3rd year doing blogging! All bloggers really inspire me to want to create my on blog someday, especially yours! Thank you for sharing all of your content & skills! Happy New Year!

    • Keira Northrup

      Done as well!! And snapchat, facebook, and instagram family haha 🙂

  • Carly Jennings

    Survey completed! Snapchat fam here girl ????

  • done 🙂 i can’t wait to see what kind of stuff you post for 2016! I check your blog at least once, usually twice a day!

  • Allison Murphy

    Done! I am a part of the snapchat family and I am excited for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Hi Angela!

    I took the survey! I love your blog and the wide range of content you post. Much love from Australia !

  • I have been stalking Benefit’s website for a month hoping this would come back in stock. I gave up after Christmas thinking they wouldn’t even bother anymore. Thanks for this gorgeous. Snapchat family rules! Good luck everyone! Have a happy & healthy New Year too!

  • Watching your makeup tutorials is always a bright spot in my busy day! God bless 🙂

  • Kaeli Reed

    I took the survey! You are just a delight. I have enjoyed your posts and tutorials so much. Keep it up! I look forward to your posts this year. I found out about the survey on Snapchat! Which is so fun!! Thank you for the fun giveaway. Happy New Year! May it be the best one yet! Xoxo

  • Happy New Year, Angela! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Hello Gorgeous followers in 2016! I completed your survey and I’m part of the snapchat fam. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Part of the snapchat fam! I love your videos and blogs and am big fan of you ! Can’t wait to continue watching you in 2016 and see what it has in store 🙂

  • Yay love this! And no better fam than the Snapchat fam, Snapchat brought me here!

  • Brooke Nielsen

    I love this blog and all your style and beauty tips 🙂 also did survey and am apart of the snapchat family

  • Carolina Fernández

    Hello Angela! I just started to look for some Makeup tutorials on youtube and didnt found one really like it until I found yours! I really like your style for makeups, hairstyles, I can’t wait to see your next video each time….now also I am blogging more to see your posts!! Greetings from Perú 🙂

  • Hello! I hate having to spend lots of time on my hair and make up, so I was looking for ideas for simple and quick hair and beauty ideas. I found your YouTube videos and thought they are fantastic! So, I started following you on your other social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat, and now subscribed to your blog. I am looking forward to future tutorials from you! Thank you so much for taking your time to help other people have a superstar look, without having the superstar make up artist!

    • Just in case I should have put this specifically, I will follow up with it.. SnapChat Fam here! 🙂

  • Saw this on snapchat and had to do it. I took the survey. You are gorgeous and I love your tutorials. I hope to see more hairstyles and makeup tutorials. I found out about you from your husbands social media. Big fan of both of you.

  • Snapchat fam ????✌???? survey completed! Very exciting xx

  • All done!
    Happy New Year from Brazil!

  • Great idea! Looking forward to what you have planned for us in 2016! ❤️❤️

  • Ghyanka Mendoza

    I Love You so much Angela all of the videos u post are fantastic honestly you are the reason I have gotten into beauty no bave completely fallen in love with it. I now know I want to keep doing this and it’s all thanks to you. I also finally got my beauty blender and ur right it the bomb! Anyway love u sooooo much and can’t wait for 2016!

  • Thank u so much for all the amazing tutorials and blog posts, all my inspiration comes from u. I’m a part of your Snapchat fam. Also thank u for asking us what we want to see and for doing this giveaway.

  • Mubasshira

    Done the survey!! 😀

  • Ghyanka Mendoza

    Snapchat fam btw!!!!

  • Ghyanka Mendoza

    Snapchat: ghyankguis
    Please pick me!!! I love ur contour and can’t wait to learn more from u!!!! Sorry some typos on my other comment ????

  • took the survey and im partt of your snapchat fam 😉 cant get enough of your videos.
    love you


  • I am new to your blog and you tube videos but I loveeee them. You have great energy and this giveaway is great. I did all three things on the checklist. Can’t wait to continue to see more in 2016!

  • Nikki Oertel

    Snapchat sent me! (Took the survey.) I’ve been following you for all three of those year and absolutely adore you! Here’s to 2016, hope it brings you many blessings. ????

  • Laura Bradley

    Love your blogs. I took the survey and am a follower on snapchat. Love reading everything you post.

  • Snapchat Fam!! Happy New Year!!

  • Beatriz Luis

    im done… thank you for everything and i love you for being you and helping me find a passion for make up.

  • Hi!
    I don’t think that I did it right but I log on as soon as I saw your videos on snapchat 😉
    Looking forward to watch your videos this year again!

    Lot’s of love from Luxembourg <3

  • Kyla Jones

    I started following your youtube channel a year or two ago and loved your tutorials!! I learned about your blog through Instagram. Thank you for all you do!

  • Done 🙂 I took the survey and hope it helps. you are my absolute favorite blogger and I’m obsessed with your YouTube videos I swear I’ve watched them all TWICE ????

  • Snapchat sent me

  • Took the survey! Snapchat fam 🙂

    Love your blog and videos!

  • Sophie Sherry

    Hi Angela! I love your youtube tutorial videos so much. I was looking for makeup tutorials on day and just happened to find the one of Matt doing your makeup (Love 90210) and I have been hooked ever since. I also love reading your blog to get fashion tips for the season. I get so much fashion and makeup inspiration/advice from you and I love it. Keep up the great work you are doing and I wish you and Matt the best in 2016. Also, I am a part of the snapchat fam: sasherry. Thank you for everything you do 🙂

  • Sian Bannigan

    Hello Gorgeous!! SNAPCHAT FAM❤️ I hope the survey helps and will look forward to another year of YouTube videos and blog posts!! X

  • Done! Happy 2016

  • I’m done with the survey! I enjoy your blog and videos! What lead me to your blog was I think I first looked up your husband because I know his mom. ( I go to Faith Family and Dr. Brandau) then I looked you up and saw you had a blog.

  • Nada fawzy

    The survey is all done???????? I loveeeee your YouTube channel and hope u could upload moreee on there ????????
    Snap fam all the way????????

  • Amanda Walker

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway! I’m from the snapchat fam and I love following you! Happy New Year, gorgeous!

  • I took the survey! 🙂 & I’m part of your snap chat fam & that’s what brought me here! You & Matt are adorable together & I think you should make more videos with him! Happy New Year Gorgeous! 🙂

  • Michelle Leadbetter

    Completed the survey. I have watched your YouTube videos for a while now but only recently seen your blog from snapchat fam! Love to see all your make up looks etc. And I’m from the uk.☺️

  • I entered! I love your videos and snaps and have missed you this month!! Looking forward to 2016!

  • Sarah Peden

    Snapchat Sent Me!! Love your videos, blog, snapchat, and Instagram! You do such an amazing job and can’t wait to see what you do this year! God Bless!!

  • Nikoletta

    done! kisses from Greece! 😉

  • Diane ivy

    Done. love your blog and tutorial videos! Thanks for the giveaway. ????

  • Beatriz Luis

    i love you and thank you for helping me finding my passion for make up, i’m a snapchat fan..

  • Nathalie Gibbons

    I already commented but I forgot to say snapchat sent me. BTW I love your P.o. box opening 🙂

  • Angela, I’ve been subscribed to you on YouTube for over a year now and you have taught me so much! You are by far my favourite beauty/fashion guru. Always so genuine and sweet, we can see that you love what you do. It’s lovely to see someone so passionate about something and sharing it with others on your blog or social media. All the love. Ps- I’m from your Snapchat fam 🙂

  • I took the survey and liked the Facebook page! I hope that the feedback helps! I love your blog and Instagram posts. I can’t wait to see more hair and makeup tutorials

  • Jessica M. C

    Completed the survey (:

  • Done! Looking forward to everything coming up in 2016! #snapchatfam

  • Teresa Bonifácio

    Thank you!! :DDD #snapchatfam!

  • Took the survey, liked on FB & I’m part of the snapchat fam! I LOVE your hair and makeup tutorials, and they have helped me so much!!

  • hey! completed the survey(: can’t wait to see what you post in this year 😀 Have a good 2016(: xx (snapchat:eeeniimsaj)

  • Jessica Hicks

    I completed the survey and just wanted to tell you that I’m from your snapchat fam! I’ve been following Hello Gorgeous for almost two years now and have been watching your snap videos for quite a while as well! I love your style and how easy your makeup looks are to follow! Keep doing what you do and I hope 2016 brings you even further success! 🙂

  • Done 🙂 I am part of snapchat fam

  • Completed the survey!
    and ofcourse….Snapchat sent me!

  • Survey Complete! Thanks for a fab 2015 🙂

    P.s. Snapchat fam. Xo

  • Hi Angela! I completed the survey!! I’m also a huge fan of both your blog and YouTube channel and I am excited to see what 2016 brings. I’m in love with Benifit and love the tutorials you do using some of these products, it really gives me inspiration. Keeping my fingers crossed for the give away:) Happy New year, xoxo!

  • Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store you Hello Gorgeous!!

  • Richelle

    Done! Love this blog!

  • Embarrassing confession for you. I actually discovered your blog while Google stalking your husband. The show Starcrossed had just come out and I (like everyone else lol) thought he was very good looking. I then saw he was married and found you and your blog and have been following you ever since!
    Thank you for all you do for us! It’s so nice to have a humble, down to earth, Christian woman as an inspiration! I love that your clothes that you post are affordable (not $1000 a top like some blogs!) as well as classy yet chic and modern.

    I personally would love to see some fitness tips, home decor and recipes!


  • Priscilla

    I love how you combine so many outfits together and you make up is awesome…I can’t wait what else you have for us in 2016. Also my username for snapchat is pperez23.

  • I took the survey. Love your blog, can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for you!

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    I forgot to mention in my previous post that I completed the survey, hope to win! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

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    Hi Angela, I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do, I enjoy your videos so much! I’ve been following you on your Instagram, Snapchat, and your YouTube channel, and so far i’m a happy fan. I discovered you on Instagram from @vegas_nay and decided to follow you on Instagram, and I discovered later on you had YouTube and Snapchat. So now here I am! I also discovered your husband Matt Lanter is on my favorite movie Star Crossed! I’m such a big fan of you both and I’ll be staying as long as I can following you!
    -Rachel xoxo

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  • Gloria C

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  • danielle

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  • I consider myself one of your OG followers from the very beginning 3 years ago! In my eyes you can do no wrong on this blog! Love everything you post girl! Cheers to a wonderful 2016!!!

    P.S. – snapchat fam!!!!


  • Vanessa Oberski

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  • I have been following you on YouTube for a while. Love to see your unboxing that you do on snapchat. Would love to see more on these via YouTube with first impressions, etc.

  • Lynsey Morgan

    Happy new year and thank for the great site!!!!

  • Charlotte

    Snapchat sent me ????
    love your blog, especially the videos!! Have a Happy New Year! I also took the survey!

  • Vivianne Machado

    Hi Angela! I was trying to do the survey and accidentally clicked on the check list and marked me as having taken the survey when I actually didn’t 🙁 is there a way I could redo it? I love your blog and would love to answer your questions! Thanks!

  • I found your blog through your YouTube channel, and have come to really enjoy looking at your posts and I love your style and beauty posts!

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  • Dulimafer

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    Woooohooo! So excited to see your blog post and videos this year!! I love your lifestyle videos especially when you do routine videos and I would love to see more of that! Thank you for inspiring us all year long, my best wishes this year!


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  • I took the survey and lots of love from Canada and I love your snapchat stories 🙂

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    Love your blog and videos Angela !

  • Hi! I’m a teenager and just now really getting into the world of fashion and beauty. What I love most about your blog is your affordable clothes. It helps that you find stuff that I can afford. Thank you so much for that!!

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  • Stephanie

    Liked. Commented. Surveyed. Thanks for doing this for your snapchat fam!

  • done!!!! completed everything needed and entered the giveaway, also I love your snap chats they are the reason I go on snapchat! I’m deffs part of your snapchat fam!!! Thank you thank you

  • Done. Happy New Year, gorgeous gal! I love that you work not only beautifies you, but you help others to feel confident in their own beauty, inside and out.

  • Hi & ‘Done’!! Love getting lost in the blog, its so pretty! And your contouring videos save my life so thankyou 😉 Happy New Years and shout out to the Snapchat fam! (Im fabulously)

  • I took the survey and I’m snapchat fam! Absolutely LOVE you and your videos, your videos don’t make me feel like I’m clueless with makeup and you’re very thorough with teaching! Thank you for the giveaway. xoxo

  • Abigail V

    Yay! So happy you’re doing another giveaway and I like how you included the survey. I think that is a great and easy way to get feedback! Can’t wait to look more into your blog and I’m ready to see what amazing stuff you have in-store for us in 2016!! (Ps. Snapchat fam!!! <3)

    • Abigail V

      pps. pretty sure it’s obvious but I have completed the survey!

  • Done 🙂 sending lots of snapchat family love!! Happy New Year Gorgeous!!

  • I completed the survey! I’m from the snapchat fam and follow you regularly, love your content!

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  • Angela, one lucky day I somehow came across your snapchat, and then your Instagram, and then your YouTube, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Your blog posts, reviews, and tips are all so wonderful. I’ve shared it with all of my friends and we are all now huge fans. Thanks so much for all that you do.

    xoxo Maeve

  • Ghyanka Mendoza

    Hey Angela! I though i had posted earlier today but i dont see my comment up 🙁 (sorry if im posting twice maybe). Anyway i love you so much! I started watching your youtube channel and then followed you on instagram and then snapchat and finally worked my way to your blog which i LOVE by the way. Anyway you are the reason i have decided to have makeup in my life, i recently purchased my first brushes and blush and eyeshadows and everything i need to follow your steps EXCEPT the contour which makes me really sad because i completely adore what you do with contour and would love to try it because its the bomb duh! Anyway im speaking honestly from my heart when i say that im super grateful to you for getting me into makeup and beauty because i absolutely LOVE all of it and will continue maintaining it in my life forever! Anyway this is a long comment and i really hope you see it cause it would mean the world to me to win this since i dont quite have the money to buy my contour kit right now. Anyway thanks so much for everything you do!
    BTW im snapchat fam! ghyanguis

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  • Del Scott

    Love the blog and social media presents! I was never a girly girl with hair and make up etc but now I’m playing catch up and learning so many great tips to pass along to my little girl Harper! I literally say Hello Gorgeous to that little girl every morning!! So thanks for that lady!

  • Snapchat fam! I love your videos, seeing as I can’t ever seem to get my makeup right I love watching for advice and tips! Also, with no money it makes it hard to obviously buy the good stuff…so this kit would be awesome! Keep being you and keep being gorgeous…happy new year! ❤️

  • I took your survey and also liked hello gorgeous for the past years. I would love to see more casual make up look this year =)

  • Done!thank you for your answer on my Last comment.
    You can stay like that with your videos and your picture i really like it.

  • Kalli Loyd

    I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store! My husband & I just purchased our first home, & I am finally beginning the Star Wars series. You are such an inspiration not only for your beauty & fashion advice & tutorial, but also for the way you live your life for God & aren’t ashamed of it. Thank you for all that you do!

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  • Erika Kuny

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  • Monique Freeman-Wright

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  • Took the survey!!! I love that you took your time to see what we want (even though its perfect as is) **Snapchat fan**

  • Done gorgeous! Excited to see what’s coming this year!

  • snapchat sent me! I absolutely love you and I hope to see more lifestyle videos this year!

  • snapchat sent me! I absolutely love you and I hope to see more lifestyle videos this year! You’re gorgeous and I love how you share everything on snapchat like everything that you get in the mail and stuff it’s very nice to be updated like that!

  • Eunice Rodriguez

    Done (: completed the survey and hopefully did all the steps right lol got to see though I love your blog and your YouTube channel is one of my favorites! Been part of the Hello Gorgeous fam for over a year already (: and also part of the snapchat fam. So excited for this! Love you and happy new year to you and Matt!

  • Magdalena Löcker

    I think that your opinions on make-up match mine most of the time therefor I’m pretty sure that I also will love these products from Benefit! 😀 Thanks for the giveaway and that you make this possible for us 🙂

  • Snapchat sent me! This giveaway is amazing! Hope the feedback helps! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2016! #snapchatfam

  • Radina Mitkova

    Done the survey! Hope it helps .
    Love what you’re doing so much! Keep doing it and keep making us smile! I know you make me smile. Thank you for the great work!
    Snapchat fam here!
    Happy New Year!! ????

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    Done 🙂 Favourite blogger ever :-* Follow you on everything. Keep up your amazing work. Much love.xoxo

  • LOVE you, your blog, and watching your snaps of things! I’m always going to your videos for makeup advice 🙂 and also going into JoAnn fabric stores because they always have the cutest Hello Gorgeous products!!!

  • Can’t wait to see what you have coming for us to see in the future! I’m so excited. Thank you so much for doing these giveaways. It really means a lot that you do this. Not because you have to, but because you want to. You’re too sweet. Anyways Happy New Year ! ???? I love you! #SnapchatFam! ????????

  • Helen McGale

    Hi Angela, your Facebook post brought me here and I have completed the survey!! Over the last few years you have helped me learn a lot about makeup and taught me new life skills and hairstyles, you have also inspired me to start looking into doing a makeup course!! Your tutorials, blog posts and Pinterest boards are easy to follow and are clearly set out!! Love you and keep inspiring people!! xxx

  • Jessica Ancker

    Hey! I just took the survey! Love your videos and blog posts so much, you are such an inspiration for me! #germansnapchatfam

  • Ashley Baxter

    Completed the survey. I enjoy your beauty posts and videos – hair and make up. It sets you apart from the other bloggers out there.

  • Snapchat Family here ???????? I love how you’re putting in your own time and dedication to making this blog better, just really proves how dedicated you are. Love watching your snapchats, and am always watching out for your beauty related posts. Can’t wait to see what you bring this year ???? xoxo

  • Elizabeth Jordan

    So excited for this giveaway! Thank you.
    Your videos are my go to for makeup and hair tutorials!
    ..I’m a snapchat fan too 🙂

  • Clara Sampaio

    Hey!! Thanks for the giveaway! I completed the survey 🙂 Snapchat fam here

  • Done!! Also snapchat fam

  • Done! 🙂
    Much love from Denmark and look forward to seeing more awesome content in 2016 (and maybe more videos such as what’s in my bag, best products of 2015, makeup collection or a quick beauty room tour, etc. At least I’m not greedy….:-P)

  • Michelle

    So looking forward to more blog/video post in 2016..

  • Came from Snapchat! Love your blog and of course your snaps!!

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  • Done!! Happy New year!!

  • Brittany Lee Brewer

    I have been following you on snapchat for almost a year now. I love your daily snaps, your makeup tips, and your little puppy. I love seeing you try new products and reviewing them as well! ????

  • I came across your YouTube Channel and I loved all of your videos, then I visited your blog and I have to say that I love your sense of fashion.
    Can’t wait to see more of your work!

    Thanks for the giveaway and a happy new year!

  • Hiii! I completed the survey! I hope to see more make up videos and hair tutorials and some challenges videos! 😉 Thank you for the giveaway!
    Lot of LOVE :*

  • Michelle

    Love your blog as is. Maybe some more recipes would be the only thing I can think of, although I know the primary is fashion and makeup. Seems like the blog is good as is.

  • Survey done. Happy new year xo

  • I completely the survey and am looking forward to seeing more of you in 2016!! Snapchat fam!!

  • Snapchat sent me here :). I completed the survey! Looking forward to more videos from you in 2016. Please do more dramatic looks!

  • Love
    Your YouTube! All entered! Thank you! Lauren

  • Done. 🙂 Happy new year and thank you for all the posts and videos – they really inspire me 🙂

  • Caroline

    Done! Love you and your blog, YouTube, Instagram and I am Snapchat Fam! Great giveaway…all my favorites. God bless you!

  • Camille Nelson

    Done!! Loved everything from 2015 and I’m looking forward to what 2016 has to hold! P.s. Snapchat fan here! 🙂

  • Yvette Thomas

    I love Benefit Cosmetics, so I’d love to try some new products. I look forward for more tutorials and fashion posts! Have a happy new year!

  • I love your tutorials! I have watched other tutorials on youtube but you’re by far my favorite and you explain so well that I am not afraid to experiment looks with makeup which as before I would usually end up like a clown trying to do other makeup tutorials online. So thank you thank you thank you for the help, lol I no longer look like a clown after I am done putting on make up! Happy New Year!!

  • I love your blog and your channel. Hope you had a great New Year, I just wanted to tell you that I completed the survey. PS. my snap is waxaax
    May god bless you xxx

  • Kim rezkalla

    I follow your Instagram and snapchat. I love the new ideas and looks you show! I like how you provide all different types of style ideas in fun creative ways!

  • Completed the survey! I’ve loved your outfit ideas on your instagram and swear by your makeup tutorials on You Tube…now I’m an official blog fan, I can’t believe it took me this long! 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Sabrina Pardoe

    I took the survey! I bought a pair of free people sunglasses because I found them on your website. They are my absolute favorite sunglasses and I always get compliments on them! My favorite posts are the Instagram ones where you show all of your outfits and have a link to where to get each piece.

  • Harshita Bedi

    Done! SnapchatFam! I can’t beleive it has taken me so long to comment on one of your blogposts! I look to your blog for fashion inspiration all the time! I’m from the UK so can’t always get the items you use/wear but try my best to find dupes! :DD

  • Love your blog and all your posts! Just finished up the survey. 🙂

  • Lauren Hosack

    Thank you for your dedication to such a fun and uplifting blog! As a young lady, it is so neat to come to your blog for ideas and inspiration. Thankful for your heart! Also, shamelessly part of the snapchat fam. Also also, giveaways and surveys are fun. 🙂

  • I have been following you since about September of 2014 and I absolutely adore you. Love your Snapchats, Instagram and facebook posts. Hopefully I win. But either way I would love to see a tutorial for beginners on how to apply false eyelashes. I can never seem to get it right.
    Thanks and can’t wait for more.

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