7 Thin and/or Fine Hair Hacks | Girl Talk Tuesday

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You know me…  I love attacking issues that others don’t really talk about.  Today, that issue is thin and/or fine hair.  If you read my birth control Girl Talk Tuesday post, then you’ll remember that I specifically talked about hair loss.  I’ve always had fine hair, but a lot of it, as my hairdressers would always tell me.  But after coming off birth control, my hair loss was a real problem.  My hair is visibly thinner around my face.  Every time I wash my hair, I lose handfuls of it.  It can be not only frustrating but embarrassing.

thin fine hair hacks angela lanter hello gorgeous

thin fine hair hacks angela lanter hello gorgeous

thin fine hair hacks angela lanter hello gorgeous

Wearing: Lush Cross Front Blouse and AG Legging Jeans

In true Angela form, I’m not going to just sit here and take it.  I’ve decided to try different hacks for hair loss and fine hair in general over the years, so I wanted to share a few of the hacks that have worked for me.

Hacks for Thin and/or Fine Hair:

  1. Include Biotin in your daily supplements.  When I was in high school, my eyelashes fell out on one eye.  Talk about cute senior photos…  I was so mortified, but there was nothing I could do, except apply false lashes daily.  After visiting the doctor, he determined that a stressful family situation was the culprit, and then suggested Biotin.  I’ve been taking this beauty B vitamin ever since.
  2. Add volume with layers.  If you have thin hair, volume can be hard to come by.  Adding layers into your haircut can create the appearance of fuller hair.
  3. Take the NIOXIN 30 Day Challenge.  I’m currently taking the NIOXIN 30 Day Challenge and sharing the results on my YouTube Channel.  I posted my first video showing the before of my hair and after 30 days of use I will be posting another video to show my results.  If you’re not familiar with NIOXIN, watch my video to learn more! You can also get a prepaid reward, with a qualifying NIOXIN purchase, here: www.NIOXINRewards.com.  Visit here to take the online consultation to find out which system is best for your hair needs.

  4. Don’t apply too many hair products.  The more products you use, the heavier your hair becomes.  The heavier your hair is, the more limp and lifeless your hair will looks.  Heavy hair will not equate voluminous looking hair.  Be smart in choosing the right types of products for your hair.

  5. Don’t be afraid to tease.  I’ve always been a teaser.  I love backcombing to add a little oomph to my hairdo.  In order to prevent damage to your hair, only backcomb in one direction and use a light hand.
  6. Invest in clip-in extensions.  If you’re in a situation where you need a quick fix (like a wedding or special event) a couple tracks of hair extensions can make a huge difference.  I don’t wear mine every day, but when I have a special event that I want my hair to look extra voluminous for, clip-in’s do the trick in a pinch.
  7. Keep your hair healthy.  If your hair already looks a little limp, then dry, brittle ends aren’t going to help the situation.  Keep up on your maintenance hair trims to keep your ends looking healthy.

What are some of your thin or fine hair hacks?  Leave a comment below and let me know!  Also, let me know if you’re taking the NIOXIN 30 Day Challenge with me!

Photography by Kara Coleen.

Thank you to NIOXIN for partnering with me to create this blog post.

4 Lessons from 4 Years of Marriage

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If you know me, I’ll use any excuse to talk about marriage and relationships.  Perfect example: Girl Talk Tuesday Love Series.  I love being able to pour into other’s lives, especially about things I’m passionate about…  And I’m passionate about marriage.

In honor of celebrating four years of wedded bliss with Matt this week, I thought why not share four lessons I’ve personally learned in those four years of marriage.  I partnered with Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry to bring you this post today.

4 Lessons from 4 Years of Marriage angela lanter hello gorgeous

4 Lessons from 4 Years of Marriage angela lanter hello gorgeous

4 Lessons from 4 Years of Marriage angela lanter hello gorgeous

4 Lessons from 4 Years of Marriage angela lanter hello gorgeous

4 Lessons from 4 Years of Marriage angela lanter hello gorgeous

Let’s take a look at each lesson I learned in each year of marriage.  That way if you’re a newlywed, maybe you can relate based on where you’re at in your marriage.

4 Lessons from 4 Years of Marriage

  1. Leave and Cleave.  If you were raised in a Christian home, then you are well familiar with this verse.  If not, then let me explain.  This reference comes from the Old Testament, Genesis 2:24 to be exact, and the verse directs a man to leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife.  This verse isn’t just meant for men, it goes both ways.  At first read, you think, of course I’m leaving my parents, I’m moving in with my husband, duh.  Or maybe you left your parent’s home many years ago.  This direction is not only saying to leave physically, but that you also need to leave emotionally.  I’m not saying that you can’t have an awesome relationship with your parents, but your relationship with your spouse has to trump every other relationship in your life in order to be successful.  You can’t call home and complain to mom about every little thing your husband does.  You can’t run home to mom & dad every fight you have and expect your husband to be okay with that.  Once you commit to marriage, you chose to stick it out and work it out.  Your parents (friends and other family members count here too) can’t easily forget every time your husband hurts you, they can sometimes hold on and begin to resent him.  Because you love him, you’ll forgive him and move on, then your parents begin to have bad feelings towards him.  If you would keep your fights between you two, when you work them out, no one will be left angry.  You can make up and move on with your lives.  But if you bring your parents into every fight, there’s a good chance problems will start after they feel their little girl was hurt one too many times.
  2. Learn each other’s love language.  I’ve talked before about the five love languages and how much I believe in them.  You can easily take a short quiz online to find out your or your significant other’s love language is.  One of my primary love languages is gifts.  I love giving and receiving gifts and Matt knows that about me.  The gorgeous necklace featured is from Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry.  This beautiful cross necklace is so special because of the faith that Matt and I share.  This necklace is a sideways cross design made of diamonds and 10K white gold.  I really enjoy dainty pieces for everyday wear and think this was the perfect gift idea for our wedding anniversary!  Click here to see more necklace options, there are hundreds of fine jewelry options to choose from at all different price points.  You’re sure to find the perfect piece to celebrate any occasion.
  3. Learn when to keep quiet.  This is one of those things I wish I knew before I had gotten married.  Many a fight would have been avoided if I could just have been smart enough to stay quiet.  In the heat of an argument, sometimes words are out of your mouth before you’ve had a chance to even think about them…  And once they’re out there, there’s no taking them back.  After a few years of marriage, I’ve learned to slow down my thoughts and my words when I’m angry.  To just stop and think a minute before I speak.  Sometimes, it’s just better to shut up than to keep throwing gas on the fire.  Walk away, take a breather and think about what it is that you’re really fighting about.  Once you both have cooled down, come together and discuss it like the rational adults you are instead of fighting like toddlers hurling around insults.  Getting down and rolling around in the mud never solves anything.  Instead, a calm conversation when you both have your wits about you will get you to a place of healing so you can move on.
  4. Put your spouse first.  Even over yourself.  I think most married couples understand that your spouse needs to come first, but so many struggle with putting their spouse before themselves.  Let me give you a practical example of what this would look like.  Putting your spouse first means doing something that they want even though that’s not at all what you want.  Maybe it’s something major like a move for a job (Heaven knows I’ve been there!) or maybe it’s something smaller like letting your spouse have the remote.  Each day is a new chance to serve your partner.  Hopefully, your spouse will in turn want to serve you…  But if he doesn’t, unfortunately that’s the thing about love; it’s selfless.  True love doesn’t keep a tally of how many things you do for someone, then expect they do that many things for you.  Instead, it’s dying to yourself daily and looking for ways to show your love in a real way to your husband.  Instead of feeling unappreciated or unloved, take a step back and look at the practical ways your husband shows you he loves you…  Maybe it’s by working hard to provide a paycheck for your family, maybe it’s taking care of the lawn or maybe it’s something as simple as always being sure you have gas in your car.  Don’t let the little things go unnoticed and make you resentful.  Instead, recognize the little things and understand that’s his way of taking care of you.

If you’re also married, please leave a comment below and share some of your wisdom with us.  So many of my gorgeous girls are unmarried and this is a chance to speak to their hearts about ways to work on their future relationships.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry. The opinions and text are all mine.

Hello Home: Patio Furniture Edit

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The home decorating is still underway!  It’s just taking a loooong time.  We’ve been focusing on our outdoor space since summer is here.  Matt & I do a lot of entertaining, so our outdoor space is almost as important as our kitchen and family room.  I’m trying not to rush any decision and I’m just taking my time choosing each piece.  I’d rather go without a certain piece for a while than throw away money buying something I don’t 100% love.  My dear friend, Lo, told me it takes a full year to get your house the way you want it…  I think she’s right!

Hello Home Patio Furniture Edit Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous


Summerton Teak Loverseat with Cushions  //  Indoor/Outdoor Rug  //  Calistoga Dining Table (sold out); similar here  //  Indigo Dining Bench  //  Del Mar Bistro Chairs (Set of 2)  //  Wood Glass Lantern  //  Fire Pit  //  Chaise Lounge Chair

I wanted to share with you the pieces I’ve chosen so far for our outdoor area.  If you’re familiar with LA, then you know that yard space is hard to come by.  We do have a small patch of grass next to our pool, but not a whole lot of space in general to work with.  I wanted to choose pieces that are the most usable and small space friendly.  We have a concrete patio that extends from our house that measures just about 6′, which is the primary area that I’m working with.

Dining Space:

For the dining space, we needed something that sat as many people as possible while still fitting on the concrete patio.  We chose this concrete topped dining table from Pottery Barn and paired it with a bench.  I love bench seating for small spaces because when the table isn’t being used, you can tuck the bench under the table.  I have always wanted bistro chairs since I first saw them in Paris 5 years ago, so I knew I had to work them into our new home in some way.  I chose these chairs from Wayfair and they are awesome quality.  They stack nicely away for storage and they’re so cute in person.

Pool Area:

We went through several sets of chaise lounges at our other house so we knew that we wanted to invest in better quality chairs this time around.  We chose these chaise lounges from Pottery Barn…  And they still haven’t arrived.  We ordered them on 4/21 and the cushions arrived almost immediately, but the chairs keep getting pushed further and further out for delivery.

Fire Pit Area:

We moved our fire pit from our other house and it remains one of our most used pieces of furniture.  It’s four years old now, but this one I linked is a smaller, similar design.  Our fire pit is from Restoration Hardware and is connected to our gas line.  We set it on this neutral outdoor rug from Pottery Barn, which I love.  We bought two teak loveseats for either side of the fire pit (which is rectangle shaped) and hung our tv on the outdoor wall.  We had a heck of a time finding sofas to fit our patio because they could only be a max of 60″ wide.  Because we wanted the sofas to be positioned around the fire pit, that restricted our size even more which meant a sectional was out of the question.  I really wanted Restoration Hardware sofas, but didn’t love any of their pieces that fit within our size guidelines.

Shop These Pieces:

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