Happy New Year! What a year it was… Let’s ring in the New Year with my top sellers of 2023.

2023 was FULL of ups and downs for us, just like 2022… So, I’m hoping for a more peaceful 2024. Because, oh man, these past few weeks about wiped us out with all this sickness!

I wanted to kick off this new year on a fun note with what y’all loved.

top sellers of 2023 by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter


Year after year, these oversized storage baskets behind my sofas are a MEGA favorite among my blog readers.

We’ve had them for 4 years this year and they are in fabulous condition. They’re pricey, but worth every penny because they have held up so well with the crazy use they get since they store and hide Kenny’s toys in our living room.

top sellers of 2023 by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

Blog post about these baskets can be read here. I linked the exact baskets as well as save options for you to shop.

My top seller across all platforms was, drumroll please…


top sellers of 2023 by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

These sheets are a HIT as my top seller for 2023. Hundreds of you bought them and I have yet to hear a single negative comment about them.

I love that they are great quality at a super affordable price.

We can’t forget my favorite throw blankets from Barefoot Dreams. This Barefoot Dreams throw blanket is on sale for 59% off!


This $10 belt bag from Walmart is a fabulous lookalike for the oh-so-popular Lululemon belt bag every one has (including me!)

This Walmart tote bag is a great lookalike for my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag for only 1% of the price!

top sellers of 2023 by lifestyle blogger Angela Lanter

This robe from Target is a top seller again this year. It’s basically identical to my super soft Barefoot Dreams robe but only costs a fraction of the price.

A few top sellers from Amazon…

This mini dress onesie which looks just like Free People!

This oversized, comfy cardigan sweater that’s perfect for the cold months ahead.

These boy short shapewear undies give my Spanx a run for their money. I think every woman should have this set of shapewear shorties in their closet.


Hands down, my best seller across all categories was my favorite mascara. This review went viral on TikTok and sold more tubes than I can even believe!

You can either buy Lash Next Door on Amazon here.

Or you can buy directly on the Lash Next Door website and use my code: LANTER for 20% off.

There were many other best sellers that I couldn’t list here because they were sold out, so this is just a small recap of what my Gorgeous Girls shopped and loved most in 2023. ?

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