10 Tips To Get Your Summer Body Ready – Girl Talk Tuesday

10 Tips To Get Your Summer Body Ready – Girl Talk Tuesday

SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER TIME.  Time to get your body summer ready!




Has there ever been more of a summer anthem than that?  Nope, don’t think so.

I’m in full-on summer prep mode over here and thought this was the perfect topic for Girl Talk Tuesday.



Swimsuit season is already in full swing here in Nashville so I thought I’d share what I’m doing to try to get bikini(ish) ready for summer 2021 and our upcoming beach vacation.

As I look through all of my old swimsuit photos preparing for this post, I’m feeling all sorts of feelings.  I definitely don’t look the same now as I did pre-baby, which who ever does?

But even sadder, I don’t look the same now as I do pre-Covid.  Let’s be honest, we probably all ate our feelings the past year in quarantine.

So unless you were on Team Get-in-Shape through quarantine, chances are you are probably feeling pretty similar to me right about now.



Tips to get your Summer Body Ready – Girl Talk Tuesday 


      1. Give yourself grace.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will a healthy, strong body.


      2. Be realistic.  Don’t expect to meet your goals in an unreasonable amount of time.


      3. Be thankful.  If you have your health, be thankful for the body God gave you and that it’s been serving you well.  Instead of focusing on all of the negatives, focus on the positives.


      4. Make good choices.  Skip the crash diets and make good choices when it comes to food.  Stop seeing it as a reward and shift your focus to food being fuel.


      5. Don’t punish yourself.  Don’t starve yourself or completely deprive yourself of everything your body wants and/or needs.  Find ways to keep your sanity, like a healthy dessert option from time to time.


      6. Drink tons of water.  Often hunger is confused with thirst, so be sure that you’re staying fully hydrated.


      7. Stop the late night snacking.  There’s a reason why intermittent fasting is all the rage right now.  I am personally trying to cut off all snacking after dinner.  There’s no reason why I need to put additional calories into my body to just sit in my stomach at bedtime.


      8. Find a workout buddy.  When you have someone to hold you accountable, it’s harder to skip out on the commitments that you’ve made.


      9. Stay consistent.  Consistency is the bane of my existence.  I’ve never had a “best shape of my life” moment and it’s because I’m not consistent with any commitments I make myself.


      10. Make failure require a payment.  The one way I know that I will absolutely exercise is if I know I’m paying for it and if I miss it, I’m basically throwing money away.  Essentially, money is my motivator.



What is your motivator to get your body moving? 

Health has been something that has become so important to me since having Kenny.  My health since birth hasn’t been stellar and one way I can do my part is moving my body daily.

As I’m working towards my own fitness goals, I’m working on finding swimwear that still makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.  Shop some of my favorite swimsuits below.


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640 640 Angela Lanter
  • This skin tone is really charming, I envy you much!

  • Julie Mc.

    I love this and your tips are so good!! Really love ‘give yourself grace’, it’s so important right!? I just got my ‘Pilates bar kit’ in yesterday from Amazon.. that you recommend. Used it once and I Love It!!! Cheers to getting Summer Ready, Julie 🙂

    • Angela Lanter

      It’s the most important!! I’m so glad you like the pilates kit!

  • Lori Leung

    I got the quarantine body and I have stopped eating snacks after dinner for about a month and have dropped 4 pounds. I also started walking more and gardening keeps me busy. I just planted more tomatoes for my husband and son, since I’m allergic to them. I also planted cilantro for making cilantro lime rice.

    • Angela Lanter

      That’s amazing! I’m sure you’re already feeling better, too!

  • I just had a baby at the beginning of May, so my body is still in recovery and all sorts of craziness! I am just working on trying to be heathy and get back into some of my clothes pre pregnancy- which is frustrating because I am not there yet, but know it takes time.

  • I am 69 years old. I gave up soda, chips, crackers, and basically “junk” food altogether. After a month I feel so energized and feel like walking so much more than before. If I need a cheat I’ll grab a good hamburger. Skip the cheese and no fries. it works wonderful for me. I get what I want and still keep on track. Love your advice. Always fresh and simple and easy.

  • Do you really eat bread and pizza and things like that? You are so thin I can’t imagine that a carb ever went into your body. Is it genetics or is it like a 500 calorie a day lifestyle? I would love to be much much thinner than my current self.

    • Angela Lanter

      HAHA! I love carbs. I do eat them but I just watch my portions everyday!

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