Unique Gifts that He will LOVE! Men’s Gift Guide 2020

Unique Gifts that He will LOVE! Men’s Gift Guide 2020

Unique Gifts that He will LOVE! Men’s Gift Guide 2020



Men are the hardest to buy for in my opinion.  In case you missed it, I posted a gift guide for your dad and father-in-law last week here.

Instead of your typical guide with gloves and sunglasses (yawn) I found some truly unique gift ideas for your man.

A few items that Matt has and loves:

Le Labo cologne.  He loves this fresh scent and wears it daily.

Anti Monkey Butt.  I bought this powder as a funny stocking stuffer last year for Matt.  Turns out he really loves it, lol.  If your man is athletic, this is a great staple for his gym bag.

Bug zapper rackets.  These provide hours of fun.  Seriously.  He has turned killing house flies into an olympic sport.

Muk Luks slippers.  Matt just got these slippers and they’re so great for winter.  Amazing quality and I love the neutral color.

TENS unit.  We both suffer from neck and back pain, so our TENS machine is a favorite.  This one has sooooo many great reviews on Amazon.

Tile.  Your man misplace everything?  We’re looking for Matt’s keys or wallets at least once a week.  Tiles have made our life so much easier.  No more losing the small stuff.

Smart scale.  We have this scale and love it.  It connects to your iPhone and give you so many insights into your weight and body in general.

Oral-B electric toothbrush.  I don’t think I can ever go back to a regular toothbrush.  This electric toothbrush leaves my teeth feeling so clean that it’s as if I just left the dentist office!

Braun shaver.  Matt got this shaver a year or two ago and loves it.  I’ve since gotten one for my dad and my uncle!


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  • Men really are hard to buy for! They are the most difficult! Thanks for the gift guides ?

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