Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I Bought for ME!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I Bought for ME!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened up to Insiders this morning, which is my level within the Nordstrom cardholder world.  I hadn’t really shopped the sale before today, because I didn’t want to promote something that I myself couldn’t shop.

Call me a bad blogger, but I’m not going to buy a ton of things just to sell them to you, my readers.  In years past, I have felt super rushed and in way over my head with this sale.  This year, I took a completely different approach and waited to shop till I could (today) and bought only the things I wanted.

I did have one major disappointment…  The one item I really wanted was this awesome pair of Tory Burch slides and they are sold out in my size.  I’m honestly really upset about that.  Also, the Barefoot Dreams pieces were all really picked over. ?



I only bought items I really wanted and planned on wearing.  Some of these pieces I get to pick up in store today, others will arrive next week.

My biggest purchase was the Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots.  I’ve been wanting them for over five years and decided to finally pull the trigger with this sale.  I’ll try them on when they arrive and let y’all know how they compare to my dupe pairs! Stay tuned to my Stories today and I’ll share my first impression of the pieces I’m able to pick up in store!

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1600 1190 Angela Lanter
  • That bp cardigan is super cute! You can’t go wrong with a good cardigan. It’s a fall/winter even spring sometimes staple for me. I love that you don’t overwhelm us and are always so honest and truthful with us ❤️

  • Megan Brewer

    Omg those boots are gorgeous and they are perfect for fall! I love how cozy and comfy the close look.

  • Holly Blakeburn

    Those leopard print heels are adorable. I think everything you picked is super cute!

  • Tracy Meldrum

    Guess what? They are in the middle of building a “Nordstrom rack” down the street from my house ? i don’t know what that means, but i can’t wait to find out!!!
    Can’t wait for your first impressions on stories !

    • Erin Core

      Cute leopard heels and that orange pumpkin colored cardigan! I am waiting for the public sale and even then so I prob won’t buy anything. I did want the Tory Burch Carson Leather Tote but same time I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get it. I just feel like some of these items I can find a dupe version of it at Walmart, Amazon, Target, or wherever. I feel like every year it is the same items on sale or very similar items from previous yrs. Plus some new items but overall the same from previous yrs. I am kind of glad you haven’t discussed the sale much this yr because all of the other bloggers I follow are discussing it nonstop in their stories and posts. At this rate I am just personally over this sale and what the bloggers are buying to show off to their followers.

      So thank you for not really posting much about it. I think many of the sale items are cute but I don’t want to be seeing tons and tons of posts and stories about it everyday until the sale ends. Idk it is just annoying. I’m prob the only one to feel this way and I am ok with that.

      P.S. you aren’t a bad blogger! You’re awesome and one of my absolute favs!! You keep it real and honest! ?

    • Angela Lanter

      YAY!! That’s awesome!!

  • Kristi Campbell

    Love the booties!

  • Christine Jennings-Garant

    Loved your picks!! I wishlisted 22 items and they are all sold out in my size. I understand customers frustrations. Sometimes they restock stuff so I’m not clearing out my wishlist yet! You should check back for your slides before end of the sale but it is quite disheartening to look forward to something that is sold out by people capable of spending more money, just not in my budget. Can’t wait to see a try-on!

    • Angela Lanter

      I totally agree! I hope you are able to snag a few of the pieces you’re looking for though!

  • I love those over the knee boots!!

  • I like your opinion on that! Please stay this authentic! You’re absolutely not a bad blogger, you’re my fav one!!

  • I shopped from home and I went to the store today. I bought mostly bras which I needed. I finally pulled the trigger and bought a barefoot cardigan in a small and than I thought to myself what if it doesn’t fit. So off to Nordstrom I went to see if they still had a small I could try and they did. It fit me, so now I’m just waiting for my UPS man to deliver. When I went I found the T-shirt I wanted that was sold out on-line so happy dance for me. I will probably go back next week and look around. I think I’ve done enough damage on my card.

    • Angela Lanter

      I’m glad you were able to snag those pieces! Those BD cardis are THE BEST!

  • Mindy Diegel

    I love that you only bought what you needed! That is how I shop, practically but for a good deal price wise!

  • Amy Snyder

    Ohh I love what you got! Those cardigans are super cute! Love the boots! Can’t wait to hear what you think of them! I still remember your cute video showing all your goodies when you were pregnant!

  • Kelly Morse

    I have a pair of Stuart Weizman black boots and I absolutely LUV them!!!?

  • OMG! Such good picks! I cannot wait to see the fall looks. Those leopard heels are to die for! And I think the boots will be ?!!!!

    • Angela Lanter

      Fall clothes are so much fun! I’m not ready for summer to be over but man, do I love a good fall look!

  • Love all the fall colored items! Lots of good basics that can be styled so many ways!

    • Angela Lanter

      Absolutely! I love picking pieces that can be worn a lot of ways!

  • Fiorella

    I got a sweater for my self and the rest was for my husband and kids, didn’t spend much this time ?

  • Jessica Armstrong

    Love the cardigans, and very reasonably priced! Looking forward to seeing what you got Kenny 🙂

  • Those knee boots are gorgeous!! Cannot wait to see what you think about them, might be a good investment ?

  • You’re an awesome blogger! I personally am not shopping the sale so going all out about it would not be very helpful for me, lol. I appreciate this blog on its own because it’s not trying to over sell things to me.

    But I must say, those over-the-knee boots are stunning!!! Ugh, I wish I could wear those but my legs would never fit in them, haha. Anyway, I love all these choices! Thank you for sharing!

  • Estelle Dunogier

    Beautiful boots !! Love them so much ! I had in navy blue and it was a dream to wear

  • Natascha

    Love your picks!! They will all look beautiful on you!! Much love!!

  • Melissa Leslie

    Thanks for sharing Angela! All the boots are ? So jealous of that look because here in Florida, we get only a few days we can even think about wearing boots, lol.

  • I’m loving the huge open cardigan you posted! Such a good deal on such a big sweater! Love the round up!

  • Everything is super cute

  • Nadya Voytovich

    Love those leopard heels! Just adore your style. I’m so grateful that you are real with us and not trying to outdo someone else. I just love your content and how real you are. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us and allowing us to be part of it.

  • Love all the boots your bought!

  • Katherine

    Thank you for not overwhelming us and not showing us the EXACT SAME THING that every other blogger is showing us. I’m so tired of seeing the same outfits on 20 girls. Love your realness!!!

  • Love those Oshay pointed toe booties (and love your other choices too)! And really love that you only chose a few things you knew you’d wear. Fewer, better things, right? (Wow love is the theme word in this post ??‍♀️?)

  • Gemma Louise

    I’ve wanted some over-the-knee boots for the longest time. One day I’ll treat myself to a pair!

  • So many pretty items for fall ?

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