Melt in Your Mouth Chicken

Melt in Your Mouth Chicken

Melt in Your Mouth Chicken


My mom used to make this delicious chicken and we were recently reminded of it when the same recipe was sent in a recent Homechef order.


Chicken breast can be tricky to cook.  If you cook it even one minute past it’s “done” point, it can become dry and chewy.  Then it freaks me out that someone will choke on it.  But undercooking it freaks me out too!🤦🏼‍♀️


For years, this finicky cut of meat was my least favorite to prepare, besides pork loin (which I also tend to dry out!).  But this recipe serves up melt in your mouth GOOD chicken every single time.  And it literally could NOT be easier to make.  It never disappoints and every time I serve it to guests, they’re blown away by how juicy and flavorful it is.

Melt in Your Mouth Chicken

Course Main Dish
Cuisine American
Keyword chicken, main dish
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4


  • 4 Chicken Breast Halves
  • Mayonaisse
  • 1 Sleeve Ritz Everything Crackers
  • olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper (to taste)


  • Preheat oven to 400º.
  • Heat 2 tbsp of olive oil in pan over med-high heat.
  • Season chicken breast halves with salt and pepper on both sides.
  • Add chicken to pan and brown both sides.
  • Once evenly browned (not cooked through!) transfer to cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
  • Spread mayo liberally on top side of breast halves.
  • Crush crackers in sleeve and sprinkle over chicken with mayo.
  • Press crackers into mayo to create a crust.
  • Bake for 10 minutes (for smaller breasts) or 15-20 minutes (for larger breasts) until chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165º F.


I used to always use the regular Ritz crackers and they work amazing.  Someone accidentally bought a box of the Ritz Everything crackers in our house, so I gave them a shot and man!  They upped the flavor even more.  They just add the nicest touch of seasoning I didn't know that I needed.
Let's talk about parchment paper.  It's obviously not required, you can just spray your pan with cooking oil...  But that requires some scrubbing to be done.  You could also line your cookie sheet with aluminum foil and spray with cooking oil...  But I try to not use foil whenever possible.  Parchment paper has become this cook's best friend.  It makes my life so much easier and cleaner.  I use this brand from Walmart or Publix, because it's unbleached and it works for every single dish I cook!
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  1. Emily
    / 8:40 PM

    Thanks for the recipe. I’ll have to try it! That sounds really good. I too am a habitual over cooker of chicken breasts and pork loins. They are tricky pieces of meat. Soaking chicken breasts in buttermilk helps😉. My grandma always soaked her chicken in buttermilk even the breast pieces. She always brined her meats too. A pressure cooker was also used for roasts. To this day no one in our family can top her roast recipe. Smart lady and a fantastic cook. My problem is remembering to put meats into brine or put my chicken in the buttermilk. 😂 I get sidetracked then it’s dinner time and I haven’t brined/soaked the meat….mom life!

    • / 8:44 AM

      I soak mine in buttermilk when I fry it! My Mawmaw taught me that 🙂

  2. Mallary
    / 6:43 AM

    Looks delicious! I will have to try it sometime soon!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:56 AM

      Let me know what you think!

  3. Leonie
    / 7:40 AM

    This looks mouthwatering good!!
    Thank you for sharing 😍

    • Angela Lanter
      / 5:59 PM

      Of course, friend!

  4. Gemma Louise
    / 5:19 AM

    It sounds so delicious! We just eat Ritz crackers as a snack here (UK). Never thought to use them in a recipe before! Will have to try it out and see!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 5:58 PM

      Let me know what you think!

  5. Mindy Diegel
    / 5:33 AM

    Sounds yummy!! I’ll have to try it. Not sure I can half the recipe down just for me though, but maybe I can.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 5:57 PM

      Let me know what you think!

  6. Teri Caskey
    / 7:43 AM

    Angela, this recipe sounds amazing! Can’t wait to make it. Always looking for new ideas for dinner time. Also wanted to tell you I love the video of you, Kenny and your mom cooking . I would love to see you make many more videos cooking with them. Cherish the little things in life make lots of memories. You have a beautiful family. Give your mom a hug for me.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 5:56 PM

      You’re so sweet! Thank you! We plan on making more videos together!

  7. Erin Core
    / 10:55 AM

    This looks delicious! I make chicken a lot and always trying to find ways to make it good. Def going to try this recipe. 😊

    • Angela Lanter
      / 5:55 PM

      Let me know how you like it!

  8. Leila
    / 5:14 PM

    This was perfect because I got a no frills brand of Ritz and let’s just say nothing beats the real deal. They came out so good the first night, but upon reheating they were so dry. Any tips on reheating for leftovers? I am not a huge fan of white meat for this reason.

    • Angela Lanter
      / 6:34 AM

      Did you reheat in the oven?

      • Leila
        / 11:54 AM

        Yes I did, and they came out dry. I didn’t heat them that long.

        I actually use mayonnaise and breadcrumbs when I make fish in the pan. I coat the fish in mayonnaise and breadcrumbs and cook in olive oil. Very yummy

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