SPRING AMAZON Try on Haul | Clothing UNDER $30

Who doesn’t love a good fashion find for under $30?  This girl SURE DOES.

I’ve put together 10 different looks with the pieces I found on Amazon Prime.  I purchased each piece for under $30.


SPRING AMAZON Try on Haul | Clothing UNDER $30SPRING AMAZON Try on Haul | Clothing UNDER $30 SPRING AMAZON Try on Haul | Clothing UNDER $30


I didn’t realize how dirty my mirror was until I took this last photo.😳

Check out each outfit in action in the below video.  Some pieces I love so much, I will probably order them in different color!  Others, I’m already searching for a new home for, lol.



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  1. Leonie
    / 12:47 PM

    I thought the last outfits was a speckled pattern!
    Would be pretty if it were! 😉

    Soooo many good outfits! Love the leopard, as usual

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:44 AM

      HAHA! I should have cleaned that mirror first. 😉

  2. Marissa
    / 1:00 PM

    I bought the tie die 🙂 and I got The Women in The Window! 🙂

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:45 AM

      YAY! You’re going to love them both!

  3. Kelley
    / 1:37 PM

    Such cute outfits for great prices! Thanks for sharing!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:45 AM

      I’m so glad you liked them!

  4. Amber jacobson
    / 6:54 PM

    I’m starting to become obsessed with all things Leppard print 😍 I’m blaming you 😂❤️

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:45 AM

      Blame me all you want! I take full responsibility!

  5. Ashley Arnold
    / 6:56 PM

    Loved all of these! So cute

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:46 AM

      Thank you so much!

  6. Danyel brooker
    / 7:14 PM

    Adorable out fits. I have gotten me a couple

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:46 AM

      YAY! Which ones did you end up getting?

  7. Tiffany Bailey
    / 7:56 PM

    You always find the best animal print clothes on amazon! This stuff is so cute!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:46 AM

      I’m naturally attracted to it! I love it so much!

  8. Samantha Beachy
    / 8:03 PM

    Love these❤️❤️❤️

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:46 AM

      Thank you so much!

  9. Mercedes Krause
    / 10:56 PM

    Love when you do try on’s 🥰

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:47 AM

      Thank you! I’m always open to suggestions if there’s something you’d like me to try!

  10. Melissa
    / 12:42 AM

    Cute outfits

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:47 AM

      Thank you so much!

  11. Brittany Langston
    / 5:26 AM

    I love all the leopard! Going to check out the demon jeans now!

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:48 AM

      Thanks babe!!

  12. Shannon Gil
    / 7:11 AM

    I have so many sweatshirts, and I never have enough! They are the best because you can dress them up or down 😊

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:48 AM

      Totally! I wear them all year long.

  13. Shannon Gil
    / 7:13 AM

    Omg you should do a super challenge of amazon clothing finds under $10 😍

    • Angela Lanter
      / 8:48 AM

      Love that idea!! Thank you!!

  14. Victoria
    / 11:03 AM

    Loved them all especially the black jump suit 😍 The second dress you tried on (The mini one) would look cute paired with a belt to bring in the waist line to make it more form fitting 😍❤️

  15. Sydni Alexandra
    / 5:07 PM

    I love these Amazon finds! They’re perfect for when you want something new but you’re stuck at your house. You always find something cute and trendy!! Just love! Also, totally your Poshmark being updated. Just love you, Angela!

  16. Brittany Blackburn
    / 1:25 PM

    Love the leopard dress, yoga pants and cardigan! And thanks for letting us know the last leopard sweatshirt is a little itchy! Really cute tucked in! I would never have thought to do that!

  17. / 12:49 AM

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