Full Face using ONLY Walmart Makeup

Full Face using ONLY Walmart Makeup

Who else is missing Target and Walmart right now?

To be honest, I shop online most of the time, even before Covid, but knowing that I can’t just go and spend however much time I want strolling the beauty aisles makes this girl SAD.

I wanted to put together a pretty Spring makeup look using only products you can buy at Walmart.  Many of these products are brand new to me and I’m giving you my first impression.


Full Face using ONLY Walmart Makeup Full Face using ONLY Walmart Makeup


I love the way this look turned out.  It’s such pretty, sunset-inspired shades that make the perfect romantic look.



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1440 1920 Angela Lanter
  • I miss strolling stores too! Strolling Target on the weekend before Covid was my normal! ? I love all the good buys you find! You look stunning as usual! ❤️

  • I totally miss taking my time down the aisle at target or walmart. That was the best. Amazon is not the same 🙁 Love the make up

    • Angela Lanter

      I know! But I do find that a lot of the time, the sales are better on makeup products online at Target and Walmart than in store for whatever reason.

  • The sun kissed glow that you got going on with these products just screams spring and summer. Love it! You are just the best!

  • Lindsey Clayton

    So beautiful! I miss shopping so much!!! I just want to take a long stroll through Target and TJ Maxx or Marshalls! ☺️

  • This was such a great video and blog post! It was so helpful! I basically only buy my makeup from Walmart because I’m so cheap, so this was so helpful!

  • Love all the makeup items and how affordable they are!! NYX, Elf, and Neutrogena are my fav drugstore beauty prods to buy! I like Covergirl too!

    • Angela Lanter

      They’ve really upped their game! Thanks for watching!

  • Shannon G

    Elf is such a great affordable brand! Could you imagine if Benefit cosmetics were as affordable as Elf ?

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Love this sunset-y makeup look!

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