DIY Gallery Wall | How To Style A Photo Ledge Shelf

DIY Gallery Wall | How To Style A Photo Ledge Shelf

At our last house in LA, one of my most complimented areas was the upstairs landing because of this DIY gallery wall I styled.



I also styled a small gallery wall at our townhouse in Ohio…



We brought our photo ledges with us to Nashville, but the wall we were hanging them on was much too large for them.  So we bought another set of matching photo ledges and doubled the length. 

We have these photo ledges from Pottery Barn in “Seadrift” in the 5′ length.  They are on sale this weekend for up to 25% off with promo code: SAVEMORE.  These ledges are pricey but the quality is fantastic.

I found these driftwood gray ledges from Target for a fraction of the price if you’re on a budget.  I don’t know how the quality is, but that price is fab.

These ledges in white from Walmart are rated well and cost only $80 for a set of two.

As for photo frames, I purchased the majority of my frames in LA from Homegoods. 

Since I needed an array of sizes, I decided to DIY some thrifted frames and shared the process with you in today’s video.



Watch the video below to find out where I’ve found the best place to print your photos CHEAP and get a gorgeous luster finish. 

I’m also showing how I styled my shelves.



Didn’t my new DIY gallery wall turn out amazing?  I love that it’s double the size but doesn’t feel like it’s overpowering the space.


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1125 1596 Angela Lanter
  • Still can’t get over how good it looks!
    I need this in my apartment

  • Mindy Diegel

    So beautiful! I’m trying to create a gallery wall of canvas prints in my studio apartment. So far only have 2 prints up of the 2 places that had the biggest impact on my adult life(my study abroad in college and my mission trip to Asia last summer that literally changed my life) I can not wait to expand it with travel photos as well as pictures of family and friends.

    • Angela Lanter

      That’ll be so beautiful when you get it done!

  • heather_silver_

    DIY projects are the best ! It makes your house feel so much more homey and customized !

  • Nadya Voytovich

    I love this so much and your video was great! My creative juices are flowing now. Thank you so much for sharing this little piece of beauty with us.

  • Lindsey Clayton

    It looks so good! I love creating wall collages with different textures and sizes! My family and I are moving overseas in a few months and I can’t wait to style new wall spaces there!

  • Love the photo wall art!! Great diy job!! I want to try something like this with pictures of my son!

  • I love this look! It’s better than making a lot of holes in the wall, especially for a renter, like me. It’s a much cleaner look, plus it looks easier to style than arranging frames on the wall.

    • Angela Lanter

      Such a great idea for renters! Thanks for watching!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE. Great way to display photos. super easy, you can still see all of them and doesnt take up that much wall space 🙂

  • I saw the video on how you made these last night and I really love this idea the white frames are perfect and the photos are beautiful!!! amazing work!! really inspired me!

  • It looks great! I love how it turned out! Such a great idea!

  • I saw the video when it was uploaded and I love this idea and the white frames make the photos really pop!! amazing work!

  • Britian Schaefer

    Love the look of this!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • I love how crafty you are!

  • Brandi McGovney

    When I was a little girl, I wanted a “picture room.” Just wall to wall shelves with pictures. Of course as an adult I’ve realized most don’t have space for an entire room devoted to pictures. This is a nice way to have an area for special pictures but not take an entire room!! Thank you!! Also, hope your head is doing better!

  • This is so beautiful and simple. I love it ❤️ we are redecorating our house right now and I’m looking for all sorts of ideas. I love this

  • Brittany Blackburn

    Looks so good!! Love all your projects!

  • Olivia Grant

    I’m inspired! It looks so polished and modern while maintaining a cozy feel! LOVE.

  • Monica Chriistine Lanter

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  • Michelle

    I’m interested in knowing how far the bottom shelf is from the floor.

    • Angela Lanter

      I’d say it’s about 3 1/2 – 4 ft off the ground.

  • Michelle

    Can you tell me how far from the floor the 1st shelf measure?

    • Angela Lanter

      That just depends on your wall. Put it up high enough where you won’t bump into it.

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