Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Man, I love this series.  I love any chance to talk about my favorite favorite topic, makeup.  If you missed my first video, you can watch my Beginner’s Guide to Foundation here.

In today’s video, I’m covering the makeup brushes you need to create a face full of makeup.  I explain the basic brushes you need, what each brush does and which brands I like for each type of brush.  I also explain beautyblenders and what all they can do.  If you want a refresher on what all you can do with a beautyblender sponge, watch this video.

Brush Details

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  • Hi Angela,

    Loving your videos. I’ve been purchasing some of the products you recommend and learning from your techniques. Since I’ve incorporated them in my makeup application, I’m getting tons of compliments on my makeup! I especially loved the Get Glam Fast | Talk Through Makeup Tutorial + Hacks video. I am often rushing and this was perfect. You used a fan brush in that tutorial for your bronzer, I’d love to buy one. Could you please let me know what brush it is and where I can purchase it.

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